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  1. Shadow99


    I would like to advertise a Bionicle Discord channel... Can I do it? If yes, where?
  2. Yeah In 2017, I bet Lego can remaster it with better graphics and no glitches. But... Yeah, we know that this won't happen. XD
  3. Ah yes, however so is yellow (Tahnok Va). I do agree with the turquoise/teal choice. Especially good as it's similar to the Amazon/Jungle Slizer colour scheme (turquoise/teal and green), and I am just as big a fan of Throwbot/Slizers as I am Bionicle. But I have one question. What storyline significance do these differently coloured krana have? I understand the bohrok-va carry extra krana for bohrok that have lost theirs, but what does this mean? Do the va krana change colour when placed in a bohrok? Do the va also communicate with the swarm via krana, and if so, do they become powerless once they hand theirs over? Sorry for the little bit of irrelevance of my question. Main point: I agree with the teal/turquoise, but I suppose what's done is done. It's been 15 years. The krana that the Bohrok Va are carrying are called "dormant" because they aren't in a Bohrok. When they are inserted into them, they change color to the one of the Bohrok's eyes and become "active" (example: Kohrak Va carries a white krana. This one is in the dormant form. When Kohrak uses his krana or needs to change it, Kohrak Va inserts his krana into the Bohrok and this one changes color to Light Blue (Kohrak eyes), becoming active). I hope I explained well.
  4. Uhm... Strange, I don't think I had it in the pack (it was sealed)... Probably I threw it into the piece bin. lol
  5. Ok guys... I have a question for you all. I have the orange Fikou, the polybag one. Ok, that is good. But I wanted to recreate the black one using Onua and Pohatu, and... I'm missing a peice. Is it just me or is a problem also with someone else?
  6. RIP Year 3. I would have liked Elemental Robots similiar to Exo-Toas ;-;
  7. Ty Yeah, Teal is one of the best colors in the whole Bionicle series probably. A teal Krana, with a purple one, would have been REALLY too good. But that is how life works. lol They could've also thought about a scheme: Tahnok Va/Gahlok Va = Yellow and Purple (Tohunga colors) Lehvak Va/Pahrak Va = Dark Grey and Tan (Toa second color) Nuhvok Va/Kohrak Va = Black and White (Toa first color)
  8. To be honest, a teal Krana for me would have been the best choice
  9. Yes. I maybe feel bad for the Bahrag and Makuta too... The first ones were just doing their job (maybe in a premature way) and the second one... After all that time he overcomes Mata Nui and become ruler of the Universe... And then, for a little distraction, he lost everything.
  10. Ooooook, this is really random. You know, guys? I think that Lego could have used another color instead of the dark grey. If you noticed, they have used Krana colors already appeared as masks. So, let's list EVERY mask color: Brown - NOT APPEARED Tan - Pahrak Va Burnt Orange - NOT APPEARED Black - Nuhvok Va Dark Grey - Actual Lehvak Va Purple - Gahlok Va Trans-Blue/Dark Blue - NOT APPEARED Light Blue - Kohrak Blue - Tahnok Red - Lehvak Orange - Gahlok Yellow - Tahnok Va Green - Pahrak Lime - Nuhvok Teal - NOT APPEARED White - Kohrak Va Light Grey - NOT APPEARED Sand Blue - NOT APPEARED Ok, so... Six colors aren't used, seven with the Dark Grey... Dark Grey: Good choice for me, but there was a better one. Burnt Orange/Sand Blue/Light Grey/Brown/Trans-Blue: To be honest, these colors don't really work with the air ambience... Maybe the brown for the logs... So, of course, one color is available... The one that I probably find the best for the set... TEAL. Oh yes, teal. This color already appeared in Matoran Kongu and Tarakava. The could've done a lime Krana bag like Kohrak Va and Nuhvok Va (they have light grey and dark grey Krana bags because their krana were white and black) and used the Teal Krana. I'm already imaging those... THEY COULD HAVE BEEN REALLY COOL! Do you prefer the Dark Grey? Or the teal? Or another color?
  11. Yeah, I mean... Nidhiki and Krekka were executing Turaga Fakuma's Orders, but then they were took and killed by him.
  12. I feel bad for Nidhiki and Krekka... I mean, they were pretty faithful to their leader... Even Sidorak was a bit sad. He wasn't that evil, after all.
  13. I think that he fused himself with Ekimu in order to unleash that Light strike. In fact, Ekimu loses his Toa status and Agil.
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