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  1. Hey, the forum link redirects to a missing page. Just to let you know. EDIT: It's because it links to "http://www.bzpower.com/ www.bzpower.com/board/topic/26654-bionicle-in-three-words/" (i.e. an extra slash and www.bzpower is repeated) instead of just http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/26654-bionicle-in-three-words/
  2. That's a pretty good trailer, but LEGO was smart to disable comments, or they would've gotten a torrent of people complaining about the voice acting on Harley Quinn, me included.
  3. For a second I thought they were both giving me the bird. Good stuff, I love how simplicity works in the design's favor, and I really like the use of the big red dishes on Armstrong.
  4. How did you achieve the bending arms? Is that intentional, or is it as a result of stress to the piece? Is it legal?
  5. #3 most definitely.
  6. I say this to a lot of non-English speakers on the internet, and you'll be one of them: You speak better English than most English-speakers on the Internet. On another note, this is very nice. It reminds me of the monorail stations we have downtown.
  7. ironic: just spotted a LEPIN ad in the sidebar.
  8. Well at least they've gone after one knockoff. I'd like to have seen them go after XINH's BIONLCIE though. God, the PECTROCTR OF FIRE is my favorite set.
  9. Wow, that full fire piece looks really nice. I was wondering what sort of filter Aaron put on the pic to get it that way, but those fires look like actual fires from the game at a distance.
  10. I read Cogsworth as Codsworth and got really confused. Codsworth would be a cool set. Make it happen, LEGO.
  11. Pohatu is fine. New meme 2k16 Anyways, this was amazing, and really reminded me of the original MNOG. I feel like I've seen your work here before, keep going! It's really great! EDIT: Also I really really love the score
  12. I thought Nexo Knights CCBS had been confirmed since last year's leak of the 2016 Bionicle sets. Apparently someone had playtested sets that were "futuristic-looking" and weren't Star Wars nor Bionicle. He mentioned these sets featured a "titanium" color, possibly chromed, as well.
  13. Challenge: Build this IRL. I love this art a lot. I like the shapes (especially those on the lower legs, reminds me of Carapar's armor but in a shape I'd enjoy) and the white outline (as Hidron Nuva said) is really nice, reminds me of a comic book or something. The mask isn't exactly my favorite part, it doesn't feel like any mask from G1 or G2, but I like how it could easily be a piece (this one, to be exact.) Congrats on front page, and very nice work!
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