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  1. Hmm. I never realized it was supposed to be part of a "Toa Suva Questing Oculus." I only remembered it as Onu-Metru artwork from the Metru Nui guidebook back in the day.
  2. Ah. I was wondering about that. Thanks for all the responses! That answers my question.
  3. I noticed on BS01 the other that there was apparently supposed to be a tenth BIONICLE graphic novel released by Papercutz, called Power of the Great Beings. About a third of the way through production, though, the project was scrapped. My question is this: has any of the completed or semi-completed work ever surfaced? Did GregF ever discuss what the content was, or release a summary like with the fifth BIONICLE movie? I'm just really curious about this "lost" graphic novel.
  4. As I recall, it was implied from the very beginning, although it took a few years for the concept to be set in stone. Even in '01, all the Toa were male except for Gali. All the Turaga were male except for Nokama. All the Matoran were male, except for the Ga-Matoran. Similarly, a lot of other stuff was still vague and undefined. Ga-Matoran were established as good swimmers, but that hadn't been fleshed out as part of their elemental affiliation. I mean, at that point, even the abilities of the Toa hadn't been set in stone as create/control/absorb their element.
  5. *Takes a long sip of coffee* This topic is going to be good. Instead of a Death Star, Makuta commissions a moon-sized gigantic robot.
  6. I hadn't thought of building the 2015 Toa. That's a pretty good idea! I'll get around to building them eventually, the way I've been designing. I've tweaked Pohatu's mask a bit; hopefully he looks more like himself. The trans-orange on Tahu's model is supposed to represent lava, while the blue for Gali is water. I'm really glad to see you appreciate them. The "black" on Gali's Kaukau is a side-effect of using trans-blue bricks on top of other trans-blue bricks. I've revised her model to use trans-fluorescent light blue instead. The Toa Canisters were a last-minute addition with my build. I felt that a full-scale canister was overdoing it, so I settled for a mini-build. Currently I'm working on not only revising the Toa Mata, but finishing up the six Turaga and the 2001 Tohunga as well. Hopefully I'll have the final models done over the weekend and posted here next week. As always, thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!
  7. Hmm... You've got a point. I think I've got my scale-size off. I'll need to tinker with that a little bit more.
  8. No, you're right.They really are shorter. In my attempt to replicate the "hunched-over" feature of Onua and Pohatu, I fear I may have miscalculated where to place their heads. On the other hand, my Turaga models look like this:
  9. Greetings, all! I recently decided to build the Toa Mata as LEGO BrickHeadz using LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), and then used Mecabrick's 3D-rendering software to create photo-realistic pictures of them. I've posted these as a project on LEGO Ideas, but I wanted to post them here as well for feedback. Thoughts?
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