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    The Emoticon Game

    + + + = Tohu was confused about the bowing kakama in front of him.
  2. Hello, and welcome To BZPower!

  3. I'm on a different computer every weekend, and I won't be able to get back on my other one until Dec. 26. Sorry!

  4. Awesome. You should really review.
  5. Metator.Nothing like the original theory.

  6. Welcome To BZPower!

  7. Welcome To BZPower!

  8. Welcome to BZPower!Judging by your name,I guess you`re a Halo fan.

  9. Dude,how could you have 10 pages of friends?

  10. Hi!Welcome to BZPower!I`m Toa Tanak.Check out my comics if you have a chance!

  11. Welcome To BZPower!

  12. Welcome to BZPower!Check out my comics if you want!

  13. Welcome to BZPower!I`m Toa Tanak.I`m a member here.To get more information,just use your Control Pad to make a PM,or just leave a comment for me in my Profile.

  14. Hey,Thanks.Do you mind posting?I need some of that.

  15. Welcome to BZPower!

  16. Toa Tanak


    The Name`s Tanak,Toa Tanak.
  17. You`re welcome.Come check out my comics,too if you have a chance.

  18. Which one?The first one?

  19. Hi!Welcome to BZPower!I`m Toa Tanak.

  20. I know about the shop,just where did you get the sprite?

  21. Where did you get the sprite for your id card?

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