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[BZP Fanfic Exchange 2018 - for Super Fighting Pahrak] Survival of the

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Survival of the Skrall







Greetings! Hope this story finds you well. My apologies for extending my submission all the way up to the end of the deadline and presenting it in an incomplete state. I wanted to avoid posting it as a serial even if it meant being a day or two late, but the finale is still undergoing rewrites and the following chapters are still pending proofreading and polish. I hope you are okay with waiting a little longer and just having the first chapter given to you now. The tentative release schedule I have for the story is as follows:


Chapter One: February 4 (Released)


Chapter Two: February 17


Chapter Three + An unrelated vignette from the time before time: March 3


On or before these days, you will find the original post edited to add content, and I will bump the thread. On the occasion that I reach some character limit that I'm unaware of for the original post, any subsequent chapters will be found in a new post on the thread. On a final note, one of your requests was for the story to not be overly serious. I apologize in advance for any perceived grimdarkness. I tried to write a tale worthy of the Skrall, but they tend to not allow too much happiness. I hope that the short story included with the last release will satisfy any tonal disappointments you might have. Without further ado, I present you with Survival of the Skrall. I hope you enjoy it.






Chapter One: The Desert


“Now, time for your assignment. You pitiful ignoramuses are only good for civil unrest, so this is your task: cause rampant chaos in Atero Nui. If those fools wish to be the successors to the cities of old, then they will inherit their problems as well. The Dark Hunters will rise again… but first, we need instability. Target the council, especially that old fool Ackar, but do not spread your forces thin. Attack as many places at once as possible. Your mission is disruption. Stronius, see to it that they complete their task.


“You underestimate their intelligence, leader. Savage though warrior-class Skrall may be, they are hardly brutes. Even now they could be carefully plotting your downfall.”


“You underestimate my capabilities of managing my inferiors. I had a double agent serve under me as my right hand and he never knew that he fell completely within my machinations. The Makuta of Metru Nui may be a keener strategist than I, he’d have taken the city within hours, but to question my intuition offends me. I am well aware of your Skrall’s capabilities. If I was not, I would not have accepted you as refugees in this encampment. Head off and fulfill your mission before I send a Hunter to torch your belongings and chase you off.”


The Shadowed One retreated, followed by his scribe, who had stood silent and dutifully carried out his work until this moment. The Stronius soldier, now called by his rank as if it was his name, pondered for a minute. The treatment he and his men received was far inferior to what they had earned. Going to the city would be tantamount to suicide. Just a little over a dozen Skrall, ranging from rookies to blooded veterans, stood behind him. The least experienced would surely die on the over twenty-five thousand kio journey east. He wasn’t very optimistic of the chances the rest of his company had; or even his own, for that matter. Stronius wasn’t very keen on the idea of dropping in the middle of nowhere and becoming one less of a dying breed. Refusing the mission was not an option, but neither was carrying it out as demanded. What to do?


“Stronius, we will do as you ask.”


“We’ll begin the journey. I will not let you die out there. If the sands are too rough, we’ll turn to wherever we can find refuge. Rai, I want you to make sure that the caravan the Dark Hunters gave us has enough supplies. Kirida, make sure all armaments are in good shape. The rest of you stand by near the transport and be ready for leaving in a few hours.”


The Skrall dispersed, the two lieutenants going off to do what was asked of them and the rest seeking something to keep themselves occupied. After a few seconds, Stronius followed a group of three rookies, for they were heading to the same place: their hut. The hut that Stronius shared with his fourteen underlings was not a very large one to begin with and felt exceedingly cramped with everyone inside. Any given night, three Skrall were stationed to guard duty outside; not out of fear of an attack, but because no matter what they did, they could never find enough room for more than twelve soldiers to sleep inside. Stronius himself stood guard with two Skrall for many a night, which dulled his senses. He couldn’t possibly hope to cross the vast expanse of Spherus Magna’s last remaining desert at his best, let alone when he was debilitated as such.


Stronius arrived at the hut and sifted through the tiny sack of tools he had. The Hunters’ leader threatened to destroy their things, but it was a meaningless threat; all that’d get burnt up would be a compass, a map, a thornax launcher and less than half a dozen overripe fruit. Thornax were in high demand among the Hunters, since the majority of the thornax plants just past Atero Nui’s eastern city limits. To the west of the Hunters’ base was more desert. To every direction, there was more desert. Some six hundred kio to the west lay the vast sea of the former Aqua Magna. Far north were trader camps with Glatorian guards. Far south fertile unexplored land. There had been an expedition led by Seeker and Tracker, who had yet to return. It had been two months, and they were assumed dead.


Stronius’ ruminations were cut short when one of the Skrall with him tried to get his attention. He recognized the group as a tight-knit circle. They had often volunteered to be on lookout together.


“Excuse us, may we ask a question?”


“Yes, go ahead. You’re… Arita, correct?”


“Yes, thank you for remembering my name. Stronius, my brothers and I had been thinking that we would be dead weight. Perhaps it is best for us to part ways here and—


“No, we have plenty of supplies. The company is small enough as it is. You three may be green, but you have potential. You will earn your red armor in time, but to do so, you must accompany us.”


“…very well, but know that we are ready to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the mission.”


“Your courage is admirable, but foolish. The mission is not as high priority as ensuring the survival of the Skrall. We look after our own first and foremost.”


The three rookies said no more and quietly left the hut. Stronius went back to studying the map, trying to triangulate the best route to take. Since fulfilling the mission was out of the question, their best chance was traveling south until they reached the restored area. It was possible that the two missing Dark Hunters had set up some sort of base that they could hijack. The plan was uncertain, but better than any other.


Less than an hour later, the wagon was ready. The Skrall piled up into covered rear as Stronius took the reins up front. Once everyone was on board, Stronius whipped the two ravenous Spikit into motion. They set off east at first to give the Hunters the impression that they were headed to new Atero. As soon as Rai signaled that the encampment was out of sight, Stronius forced the Spikit to veer right in towards the south, still maintaining some degrees in an eastern direction. The name of the game now was endurance. As long as the Spikit remained seething with anger, they would keep moving forward. As long as supplies lasted, the Skrall could remain within the confines of the wagon. There were enough supplies for two weeks; the main threat were desert beasts such as Skopio, which could lurk beneath any inch of sand. The first three days of travel were uneventful. The Skrall in the back kept themselves entertained with whatever they could, whether it was whittling away at a thornax fruit’s spikes or counting how many sand bats they saw.


The fourth day heralded trouble. At the crack of dawn, just as the lush region became visible on the horizon, one of the Spikit gave out. The other kept going, which put the vehicle off balance and tipped it over and broke some of their cargo. The soldiers had to spare supplies for the fallen Spikit, which appeared to be dehydrated. The lively one had to be calmed down until the other could run again. Things went well and they were on their way once more within hours, but the day’s troubles had only just begun.

As the midday ticked over, a rumble shook across the desert. One of the Skrall who had kept to himself up this point exclaimed when he saw the cause of the quake. “Skopio!” A massive monster rose up from the sands behind them. Stronius was confident it could be outrun, but the Skrall in the back would beg to differ. The creature began moving much faster than one might think possible for its size, closing the two kio gap between them in seconds.


“Present arms! Get ready for battle!” Stronius heeled the Spikit, forcing them further right to avoid the lunging leg. Unbeknownst the any of them, the Skopio had made a massive mistake. Its bladed appendage struck down and impaled a sleeping sand dragon beneath the sand. This was not the problem, though. The problem was that it was a nest. There were three other hulking dragons that lay asleep, shaken away by the smell of their kin’s blood. The monsters sprung to life and leaped up at the four-legged titan. Within seconds, its metallic skin was ripped to pieces. The dragons made short work of what used to be the Skrall’s largest threat. Now the just-awoken hungry dragons turned their eyes to their next prey. The Skrall had made the Spikit stop amidst all this commotion and began arming themselves with their blade-launchers and shields.


“Aim and shoot!” The entire company unloaded their launchers at the dragons. Their stash of thornax included roughly 50 given to them by the Hunters and the small stash of supplements that Stronius brought along. The volley of explosive fruit was only enough to fell one of the dragons. Firing just once used up a fourth of their ammo. If they fired again, they’d be down to half what they had. Even then, the dragons had closed the distance.


“Aim for their wings! If you clip them, they are immobilized!” Stronius knew these creatures well. They had powerful wings, but weak legs. If they lost the ability to fly, they would lose their mobility. The Skrall divided themselves up evenly to attack the three dragons. Stronius, Rai and the group of the least experienced three Skrall wailed away at a dragon that appeared to be wounded, since it didn’t try to take flight. They were successful in destroying its wings, officially crippling it, and were ready to move on to the next one when it started crying out in pain.


A shrill noise reverberated across the battlefield. The glass vials safeguarding their water supply in the wagon shattered, drenching it and rendering it wasted. Even more shaking followed. All around them, four, five, six, seven, eight… at least a dozen more sand dragons rose up from their slumber. Stronius put the wounded dragon out of its misery and ended its wailing, but it was too late. The awoken dragons began feasting on the Skrall. Half the company was wiped out in seconds, becoming morsels to be processed as sustenance for the creatures. The Spikit and the wagon they were saddled with, too, became prey. Stronius’ group was unharmed, but the group of five that had stood close to them just moments ago was gone without a trace. Only Kirida, the strongest of Stronius’ warriors, was left standing, having broken free of one of the dragon’s maw by slicing his way out.


All the survivors grouped together. Stronius and Kirida kept up the defensive, slashing away at the dragons whenever they attack and making them think twice before lunging for a snack. The rookies and Rai got to work slashing away at the recently fallen dragon’s armored belly. Once they pierced through to its stomach, they were able to rescue the Skrall that it swallowed. His armor was half-melted, but the warrior was safe. His armor had protected him from being crushed by the dragon’s teeth and he was itching to fight. As this happened, another dragon began seizing. The Skrall it ingested managed to cut his way through and quickly joined the struggle. His armor was in far worse condition, but it didn’t deter him.


Stronius fired a thornax at a charging dragon and brought it down. The group rushed over and hacked away. This time, the eaten Skrall wasn’t so lucky. This one did not survive the chewing. Rai shot another one of the dragons down, hitting its belly, and quickly cut through. This Skrall was not fortunate either. It was unknown whether or not he made it down unscathed because the dragon’s powerful digestive system had fully broken down the Skrall by the time Stronius and his men opened up the stomach. The liquefied remains of black and red metal kept dissolving, even with the creature dead. None of the other Skrall had anything resembling a chance. Without needing to communicate it verbally, Stronius and his men knew that their only choice was to fight their way as far from the dragons as possible. They had not even taken down half the monsters and two of their nine men were only fighting on sheer willpower.


“Stronius! We can’t hold them off! Let me stay back as bait.” Rai knew he had a decent chance at making it out alive. The dragons’ digestion worked fast, but no one was more skilled with a spinning shield than he. If it came down to it, he could cut through the inside of the dragon before becoming its food. Stronius considered his options for a moment. Sacrificing Rai would buy them little time and there was no way they could make a clean getaway without the Spikit. What they needed was… now within reach. Stronius looked ahead and saw a pack of Vorox in the distance. He quickly loaded a thornax and aimed it at them. The overripe fruit shot off into the horizon and caused an explosion upon colliding with the ground, kicking up a cloud of sand. As the cloud subsided seconds later, he got the sight he was counting on. The pack of Vorox was livid and charging straight at them. The Skrall got as clear as they could and let the Vorox ravenously attack the dragons, thinking them the source of the explosion. The dragons quickly forgot the Skrall and set to attacking the Vorox.


Stronius led his party away from the battlefield. They ran as fast as they could until the conflict was well out of sight and the roars were out of earshot. They all breathed a sigh of relief at narrowly escaping their predicament. No such relief came to Stronius, who had to think of what to do now. Their supplies were no more, they were all wounded to some degree and the desert still stretched for a considerable distance. “There is no time for rest. All we can do for now is keep moving forward. There is no telling what other supplies may lie in store for us if we carelessly wander for too long.”


To be continued…

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No worries on the serialization—gives me something more to look forward to!  And it’s off to a great start: the Skrall’s plight is made immediately apparent, the goals presented are straight-forward and the motivation of survival is universal, and establishing a familiar face like Stronius as the lead makes grabbing our attention much easier (plus it’s a chance for him to shine, which is nice since he didn’t really get to do much in canon).  Quite an effective hook!


This may be really specific, but I really enjoyed seeing Stronius call the inexperienced Skrall “green” and then subtly clarify to the reader that he means their armor, not just their inexperience.  It makes sense of the different armor colors and works as a great double-meaning!  And while it caught me off-guard at first, the Skrall cutting their brothers out of the dragons’ stomachs is another great choice—it fits that relentless warriors like the Skrall wouldn’t let something like being eaten kill them, plus it really drives home just how desperate the species is to survive.

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Glad you enjoyed it! At first I used green as a generic term for inexperience, but then I remembered what Stars Skrall looked like and added it there as a bit of a joke/pun/worldbuilding (jokes are the deepest lore, as Nasuverse fans always say). I was a little worried about it ruining the tone, but I'm glad it went over well. I was also worried about the fight being too visceral, but I really liked the idea once I was running with it, and I really wanted to drive home how dangerous the desert is (plus give some screentime to a completely random namdropped creature). Once all the chapters are out, I'll talk a little more about some inspirations for specific elements (since if you're familiar with them, it might give you an idea of where the story's going that's not entirely accurate but that I definitely took some cues from). No new chapter with this post; I finally have some time to get on with it tonight, though, so hopefully it'll be out soon (though I still maintain that the 17th could well be the release date for it, hopefully it won't be stretched out so far).

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No worries on the serialization—gives me something more to look forward to!  And it’s off to a great start: the Skrall’s plight is made immediately apparent, the goals presented are straight-forward and the motivation of survival is universal, and establishing a familiar face like Stronius as the lead makes grabbing our attention much easier (plus it’s a chance for him to shine, which is nice since he didn’t really get to do much in canon).  Quite an effective hook!


This may be really specific, but I really enjoyed seeing Stronius call the inexperienced Skrall “green” and then subtly clarify to the reader that he means their armor, not just their inexperience.  It makes sense of the different armor colors and works as a great double-meaning!  And while it caught me off-guard at first, the Skrall cutting their brothers out of the dragons’ stomachs is another great choice—it fits that relentless warriors like the Skrall wouldn’t let something like being eaten kill them, plus it really drives home just how desperate the species is to survive.

Just wanted to drop by and notify that I haven't died, but it has felt as such because holy Gadunka classes have been unrelenting. I haven't had time to keep working on this yet, all my time on word processors has been spent writing up lab reports and taking notes. I have had some time to myself, but I've been too exhausted to think creatively. I don't have a timetable, but I am making getting this finished a top priority for whenever there isn't pressing work. This week I should be able to sit down Tuesday and get a good chunk of work done on the next two chapters, but if Monday sees me getting a new assignment (which is a real possibility), I'll have to tackle that first and it'll likely eat up my time till Wednesday. I have hope that at least by next Saturday I should have enough time and a low enough amount of stress to get the next chapter finalized and posted. I am very sorry for the wait, I really didn't want this to extend past February, but all I can say is that it has not been forgotten and it'll be out as soon as the circumstances permit it.

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It took significantly longer than I'd hoped for to get this out, but here is chapter 2. Chapter 3 and the gaiden should take less time, but again, not setting any specific time. Very sorry to have kept you waiting, thank you for your patience.



Chapter 2: The Forest


            The battered company pressed on through the forest. Stronius did a quick rollcall before leaving the desert. The survivors of their weeklong trek in the desert after the dragons’ onslaught were himself, Rai, Kirida, Arita, Vilun and Shirem. The last two had not spoken much since the incident. They were the first two he found after his time wandering. Despite their seniority in the company, they were inexperienced and reclusive. One of them wore green training armor, still. Back in the encampment, Vilun had begun spending time with Arita, probably due to her also being a recruit. Despite Shiren being distant, he was indispensable as a warrior, even if he wasn’t as good as Rai or Kirida. Rai was a loyal follower, he stepped up as Stronius’ assistant since joining the group and only made himself more valuable as time went on. Kirida had less of a mind for organization and more destructive power. He almost killed Arita by accident when they found him in the middle of the Black Quartz Mountains. Stronius’ thoughts drifted to Arita, who had spoken with him on a few occasions. Even then, Stronius felt as though he knew less about Arita than he did about the more reserved pair.


            Stronius’ ruminations were interrupted by Rai notifying him that up ahead there was a clearing. He had scouted on as the more beat up Skrall caught some rest amidst the thick jungle. They pressed on and reached the clearing, but something was off. It was clearly artificial, something some Agori or Glatorian had carved up as a sort of resting area, but it was completely vacant. It had been used recently, there wasn’t enough overgrowth and the ground was clearly disturbed. Before Stronius could begin to think about what could be nearby, he heard footsteps scuttling all around. Something very was running around them. It couldn’t even be made out; it was just a growling blur. Whatever it was had no intelligence, it had to be feral. “Keep guard!” The Skrall entered circle formation. The creature halted, making itself visible. It was green and sort-of looked like a Glatorian. Its face morphed from having round eyes and four prongs to being dome-shaped and having a mechanical-looking right eye. The green creature lunged forward at a tremendous, if slower, speed.


            “Evade!” All the Skrall ducked out of the way. Their would-be assailant dove into the jungle. Sounds of a struggle could be heard. It wasn’t aiming at them, but at something it saw through the trees. Stronius and company began to run away when a massive beam of light shot out from the trees. The feral creature was knocked back into the clearing, unconscious and with his armor steaming hot. Whoever did this to him could be heard stepping forward. It was a gold-armored being… one of the Toa. The Skrall observed from within the trees as the golden being approached the unconscious green one. He planted his twin staffs into the ground and knelt over next to the fallen one… possibly another Toa.


            The gold Toa turned his armor silver and removed the green Toa’s mask. He observed his hands, which were rugged and coarse, presumably from crawling and climbing trees. “Those of you hiding in the trees; run. I will not ask that you drop your weapons, simply that you leave us.” He spoke at the Skrall. “We are wounded. We seek only refuge. May we establish a truce?” Stronius tossed his launcher into the clearing as a sign of peace. Surrender went against the Skrall’s teachings, but this was survival.


            “Very well. Everyone in your company must leave their weapons in the jungle before stepping forward.” Stronius nodded and all the Skrall followed suit. They all stepped forward. “I cannot abide you staying here.”


            “What do you mean?”


            “I am protecting a nearby village of Agori. I happened across them when I set off to find this Toa, Lewa, over two months ago.”


            “I request that you take us to their encampment. From what it sounds like, you are alone. I will help you defend them if you give my men a place to rest.”


            “I cannot put them at risk, I am sorry.” Stronius considered his options. His thornax launcher was within range for him to grab and open fire. If he was fast enough, he could fight.


            No… Stronius decided against it. He was not going to drag the Skrall into another battle in the state they were in. It would not be wise to pick a fight with a Toa. Even if they came across the village, taking it would be difficult. Crestfallen, they picked up their weapons and began their march back through the jungle.


            “Mask of Light…” a loud droning sound echoed among the trees. The sound of metal clashing and the flash of a beam of light shot off in the opposite direction to the Skrall.


            “This is our chance. Those who can fight, come!” Stronius roused his followers to action, all yelling and unholstering their weapons, no matter how hurt they were.


            “I am Takanuva, Toa of Light! I declare again that I will not surrender my mask unto you!” The Toa let go of his disguise and donned his resplendent golden colors once more. He raised his staves in the air and created long curved blades of light to launch at his assailant.


            The makeshift light boomerangs hit their large, four-legged target on the mark, knocking it off balance and damaging its armor. Takanuva readied his stance to charge in when he fell over. A monstrous bull rammed into him and knocked him.


            “I got him, Seeker. You’ll get his entire head when I’m done with’m.”


            Stronius and the Skrall charged in at the being who they recognized as Tracker, one of the Dark Hunters. It seems he and Seeker were still alive after all, though not for long. Arita and Vilun stayed back and fired a volley of thornax, hitting the bull unconscious and knocking Tracker’s claws clean off. Shiren, Kirida and Rai went after Seeker, who had gotten back on his feet. The four-legged creature plunged his seismic staff into the ground and created a quake. Everyone was put off balance. In the distraction, he impaled Shiren with his staff and rammed the other two, knocking them off their feet. Shiren’s face contorted in rage. He tore hit the staff with his buzzsaw shield and cut it. In a quick motion, he fired a thornax at the enemy at point-blank range, launching the two away. Shiren laid in the brush, satisfied to see that Seeker would not get back up. He slid out of consciousness as he saw Rai and Kirida running to him.


            Stronius witnessed the whole thing, furious that he could do nothing. Takanuva got back on his feet and slashed at Tracker. The Dark Hunter recoiled and fell next to his unconscious bull. “You… You’re betraying the Dark Hunters?” Tracker roused his bull back to consciousness with a treat, but the bull ran when it saw Stronius approaching.


            “My loyalties are to the Skrall, not to any of the Hunters. This is for those of us who fell in service of your leader!” Stronius let himself loose and clubbed Tracker.


            “Stop!” Takanuva fired a thin bolt of light at Stronius’ hand, making him drop his club, but Tracker was not for this world anymore.


            “This is why I cannot let your people come. I appreciate the aid, but that was unnecessary.”


            “I came to your aid and lost one of my men, you don’t get to question my methods.”


            Arita rushed in. “Stronius, stop! Shiren is alive. Toa, we apologize for our brutality. We ask to appeal to your mercy. He will die if he is not treated. Please let us come unarmed.”


            Takanuva did not hesitate. “Very well, I will let you come in, but Stronius stays outside with me.”


            “I accept your terms.” Stronius was grateful that one of his own might yet be saved.


            “We are close to the village. Leave all your weapons here. Stronius, I expect you will not mind me taking an extra precaution.”


            The Skrall all dropped their weapons. Arita and Rai carried the unconscious Shiren. Stronius stayed next to Takanuva, his wrist bound with a ring of light that would constrict and burn his hand off his arm if he did anything wrong.


            The Skrall, looking worse for wear but higher in spirits than they’ve been in a long time, trudged through the forest behind the Toa of Light, their beacon of hope. His light was so alluring that they failed to notice the black swarm-like cloud emanating from a star in the sky, about to descend onto the planet.

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Aw, poor Lewa still can’t catch a break. D:


But this is an interesting development!  While I think a little more hesitation from the Skrall to surrender might’ve been nice, Takanuva’s displeasure with their methods still sells that no matter how badly they need this, it’s still a bit counter to everything they’ve known up to now.  That the one who diffuses the situation is one of the younger recruits who hasn’t had a “proper Skrall training” is an excellent touch.


Also Seeker was a great pick—having him mention the Mask of Light helped me remember that hunting the mask is his whole backstory, so it only makes sense he’d be sent to handle its wearer!

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I made the questionable decision of front-loading the action instead of the characters. Usually one cares about the action because of the characters involved, but in this case, I wanted Stronius to be the only character actively explored since the initial fight was practically against nature itself. This caught up to me negatively with this chapter because I wanted to get to the Takanuva stuff quickly, but that meant leaving all the characterization of the surviving Skrall for next chapter. Stronius was supposed to have something of a monologue about whether what he was doing was surrender or survival, but I wanted to keep the pace quick for this one, so it's being repurposed for chapter 3. There's some Lewa stuff that was supposed to be in this one that's also gonna be in chapter 3. The only thing that would've initially been in this one that's getting fully cut is that the Seeker and Tracker fight was outlined as being longer and utilizing more of the jungle setting, but as I was writing it, it just felt unnecessarily long so I reduced it to its essentials. I wanted to have more Kanohi usage, but that'll have to wait until Lewa's back in the game.


Chapter 3 is going to be very long due to fitting a lot of dialogue, character beats, setup for the climax and the actual climax itself. It's probably going to be split into two for structural reasons, but it'll come together because I'd like to have some setup that's coming directly after have its payoff accessible on the same day. If all goes well and they both drop at the same time, then I'll probably finish up the unrelated vignette a little later (though no more than a week, and ideally no more than 2 or 3 days, since it's gonna be fairly short).

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