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  1. Can't believe we're finally getting a real bona-fide Lego gacha game. @ me when they make a Bionicle banner.
  2. I still get the impression from the first post that he intends to crowdfund something, but the scope of whatever it is would likely be pretty limited and not bear the name "Bionicle".
  3. Wall-e wasn't just promoting Earth Day. It was a love story and a celebration of life first and foremost. The environmentalism came as a result of including the anti-consumerist theme and out of the idea of having the Earth desolate.
  4. Seconding all of these, except I think Swarm is fine and I suggest Duality for book 3, due to it being such a prominent theme. Especially seconding Fractures, Downfall and Reborn (or Rebirth).
  5. Make a 110 episode OVA series and distribute each episode through a bluray disc included with issues of Lego Club Magazine. If Bionicle gets a live-action adaptation, I will probably actively deny its existence and pretend it wasn't made, like the Tsukihime anime.
  6. I'll try and dig for it on ye olde Eurobricks thread, but it was some crummy short comics without dialogue that were traced over existing art. Edit: Here's where it begins.
  7. Very bad idea desu Bionicle is not Transformers or Hero Factory, part of the appeal is the sense of mystery born out of a total lack of human characters. I will forever be grateful to Greg for preventing the Committee from putting a human child in Mask of Light. I remember when the terrible promotional G2 comics started coming out and, apart from the blatantly traced art, there was a statue of a human head in Gali's comic (brought over from whatever it was traced over). Some people welcomed the idea of humans in Bionicle. Others sought to get out of the cursed land.
  8. It's an independent thing he's doing, not related to Lego.
  9. There's plenty of potential for a spiritual successor to stand by itself if Faber and his team can properly execute what is a very interesting and creative premise with strong themes and a good hook.
  10. Unless Lego has that name trademarked too, Faber could just title whatever his project is Biological Chronicle. Working on the assumption that it is something, it could be as simple as a Cryoshell album accompanied by art, or it could be a feature film.
  11. The only real narrative weakness the Mata have as characters is that you're essentially juggling six protagonists. Each of them has to be able to stand on their own in the prologue, and has to be able to operate as a unit for the rest of the story, which only really affords the most basic and uninteresting character drama lest the theme of unity be betrayed. A group like the Metru has a more clearly defined protagonist in Vakama, with whom conflict could be made regarding his teammates. The same goes for the Inika/Mahri, except they were written as a more Mata-esque team, barring a few exceptions. Just about the only thing Hero Factory had over Bionicle in storytelling potential is that it wasn't bound to such rules and, had the characters been well written (actually, scratch that--) had the characters been written, it could've led to interesting situations and interpersonal conflict that didn't need to be resolved in a short span of time. If Faber intends to reboot this with a similar framework as the original Bionicle, phasing out the Mata after a while would be the right choice if it intends to go for the long haul.
  12. It's better than the marketing for G2, that's for sure. I don't expect anything concrete to come of this, but I'm still more interested in its narrative.
  13. If it is something else, it will still be Bionicle in all but name. The issue here is it getting off the ground. I get the impression that he's going to crowdfund whatever this is, and I'm not too concerned about it reaching whatever goal unless it's absurdly high, but the management of Rebel Nature leaves me concerned for how focused he'll be on this. I hope that he has talented and competent people working on this with him.
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