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  1. Love it. That's a great use of the magenta spikes, and I like how you managed to squeeze in a set of mandibles.
  2. I always had a beef with Robots for its janky-looking cast of characters. Something about those character designs just bugs me.
  3. Looking good. I like the design of that head, and the custom mask is going the extra mile. And the Av-Matoran really should have introduced limbs like that back in 2008. We got robbed. Good job!
  4. Very cool. You must be the only one in the world with Mata arms that bend like in the comics. ;)
  5. Love the idea, especially Ehlek with purple squids. Maybe Nocturn could have gotten the glow in the dark ones, and Gadunka the silver ones.
  6. Man, this made me regret selling most of the parts to Nocturn. Fantastic reimagining of one of the best BIONICLE sets. I particularly like how the air katanas became a sort of claw trap/grille.
  7. Did you watch Godzilla vs. Kong? Kong walks on two legs, uses tools, intelligently strategizes and even communicates through sign language. But at the end of the day, he's still a giant ape.
  8. Very creative. I dig the use of the Praetorian Guard ribbed shoulder armor piece. His right claw seems to be some sort of pneumatic device too, which is cool as it matches his Technic blunt-shooter left leg. Is he tipping over the chest full of crabs to try and free his brethren and have them join his life of crime?
  9. Wow, those all look incredible. I've gotta say Kopaka and Icarax are my favorites, with some really great re-imaginings of those designs. Love what they did with those masks.
  10. I'd like to see them capitalize on the growing He-Man revival and do some constraction figs for that series. Sure, the human characters are gonna look wonky, but all the cool and unique designs for the villains will make up for it. Too bad they've already got a contract for building toys with Mega Construx... Oh well! Like, c'mon, don't tell me you wouldn't wanna see Scare Glow in constraction form. Think of all the glow-in-the-dark CCSB parts he would bring us:
  11. Wow! This MOC is now my headcanon of what Artakha looks like. I dig the use of sand green and dark bluish gray, as those are the colors I'd always envisioned myself. He looks strong and sturdy, but not overly geared toward combat, which is fitting. His bulky build with the large hands suggests a blacksmith or craftsman just as much as a warrior. I really like the design of the feet, which remind me of a more intricate version of the modified Hordika feet used on sets like Kalmah and Malum. The system-based design of the hammer is a pleasant surprise, as well as the choice of classic-yellow eyes and the custom mask. Whoever designed that really captured the BIONICLE aesthetic, though my small nitpick would be that those blue runes be colored gray instead to match the rest of the model. I'm also glad you didn't cover him in greebles or unnecessary crafting tools, making this seem more like a set LEGO would have actually produced than an overly-stylized representation. And it's worth noting that this build was instantly recognizable to my girlfriend, whose only knowledge of the BIONICLE lore comes from my comparing certain parts to her favorite story Lord of the Rings. I always compare Artakha and Karzahni to the Elven smiths from that series, and she was like, "Hey, is this that one guy you told me about?" Awesome job!
  12. It took me a second to figure out why I was digging 0:55 and onward so much, then I realized it was a MIDI version of Hero, my favorite BIONICLE song ever. Well done!
  13. Very nice. I immediately dug the pose, with the sleekness and elegance jumping right out at me. The feet are intriguing, with the curved slopes atop the tires seeming to float in midair. I wonder if there's a way to make those feet look even more nimble, since the gear pieces stick out a bit? The stylized arms (big shoulder, thin upper arm, big forearm) gives the whole figure a dynamic, action-oriented appearance. This character looks ready to ride fast and punch hard if it comes down to it. I like the pipes angling into the "power core" part of the chest. And the original color scheme of white, teal and yellow really makes this MOC pop. The Teal Kakama is one of my favorite masks and always a welcome sight. Great work!
  14. Always great to hear from Greg, and nice to know he still has BIONICLE and its fans on his mind. With that question about whether he still has any sets lying around, I now can't get the image of a Gadunka living in his basement out of my head.
  15. It does sound very similar to me. I'm now picturing some MNOLG developer in need of inspiration flipping on the TV and getting an "aha!" moment.
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