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  1. Thank you, the truth is that you were very correct in the reading that I wanted the design to represent, thank you very much !!
  2. Regarding the mask, it is a particular case, I did not paint it, on the contrary, it came to the person to whom it was commissioned, had not confirmed anything and it came painted, for my part I had in mind between leaving it in silver or painting the symbols in green but not having the model defined, it just stayed there and when the one who prints and paints showed me the work I was in doubt, since it was a painting job that I had previously seen for another client, it is something that I should see in Detail because it cost me in part the disqualification of the contest. In part the time to be able to receive or go for the mask was an issue that I had to see for a long time given the pandemic situation. On the torso it can be seen short in the photos, but structurally the proportion of the body is long, in positive terms it provides good articulation and in a certain way the addition of a layer changes the appearance of the moc a lot, not to mention that it worked with a limited amount of sand green parts and the idea was that the silver tone section would not obstruct the green section much as well as not limiting the hip joint. If it would be a winner of the ttv contest, it does not matter, because at the end of the day the result of whether it is canon or not is the least of it, considering how little care these contests currently take in my opinion.
  3. creado para el concurso de TTV, esta fue mi interpretación del personaje Artakha. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Before the contest Artakha was a character that I started working this year as a hobby, in this version I tried to replicate what I worked with Karzahni based on my interpretation of the character, however to participate in the contest it was considered that the figure wasn´t ready to be presented in the competition so it was reworked from the beginning proposing a more orderly concept in colors but which in turn would require more experimentation with the sand green color and get more if necessary. Reviewing the pieces available in the color, I concluded that I should play with simple pieces like the "Ball sockets joins" that Zaktan brings to use them as part of the structure so the sand green tone would be noticed without problems and as a secondary color it was between gray and green dark in a way I wanted to maintain an order in the tones and the gray allowed the sand green tone to stand out without problems, looking for the use for the ben 10 pieces, I decided to use the torso armor for the character's shoulder pads and thus amplify the green tone of the model, this was also influenced by seeing how the models of the line use large pieces to give that sensation of strength in the character. Lego pieces were also used for small details, these same easy to remove, I also put my efforts in making a construction that was dynamic so that the limbs such as legs, arms as well as the pelvis of the character can be separated and kept without touching the joints of the figure, also thinking about the stature of the figure, and the elements that accompany it, I concentrated on making the figure as stable as possible. En cuanto al martillo, era otro elemento que si o si había que corregirlo, hacerlo más ligero para que fuera más fácil para la figura manejarlo y con lo que tenía a mano, antes de publicar esta versión una versión con más Las piezas de Lego se habían logrado ligeras pero hubo que descartarlas por la sección de piezas de Lego que ves ahí, finalmente también se agregó una modificación que permite poner el martillo donde está, lo que yo llamo "falso engranaje". I hope you enjoyed this little post thanks :3
  4. the concept is very eye-catching and attractive using the new parts, good job!
  5. Hello !!, for some years I have been doing some drawings in relation to bionicle, as far as possible improve some aspects of the drawings I make. VORIKI. Voriki is the most recent of the drawings, trying something different from the canonical characters, he was looking for a job more associated with developing a style of drawing based on a comic PIRAKA FUSION. the second drawing is an interpretation of Bionicle ignition, from 2006. Recreating this drawing from the comics was interesting, the difficulty of this composition was strongly in the drawing of each of the piraka. I hope you liked my work, I invite you to share your opinion, if you have suggestions welcome. and I invite you to see my other works, thank you very much. https://www.deviantart.com/gerou100
  6. I thought about it, but for now it will be best to work on bionicle characters that have different bodies. but it is not something that is completely discarded
  7. answering: Personally, I prefer to use an eye tone that fits more to the character's style, whether good or bad or cold (as kopaka), in results I look for the character to feel "alive". Time after having made this model, make some modifications, the objective, avoid some design problems. It will take a while to share 3d content, but I hope that it will be to your liking what will come next.
  8. Thanks thanks, about one to two months
  9. hi i want to share you my 3D Project at school https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dO3vqW
  10. Oh thank you very muchabout scorpion, it was quite complicated to see how the arm builds in a small space, at the moment I do not see a better alternative for the upper arm. thanks ^^
  11. Hello, I wanted to share these mocs for a long time, but until today I have missing pieces to complete some details, fortunately they are not so relevant for now. starting, the ninjas had started in 2015, the problem with these versions was that they were very fragile, in the end I had to decide to disarm them because there was nothing left of the figures. in 2017 I decided to reconstruct the figures, this time trying to apply more details and being more careful in working the structure of these. Sub-zero sub zerostarting with the ninja lin kuei, his design is based on the dress of Mortal Kombat X, while the base on which he is posing is inspired by the statue of the character of the same game.not to deal with the construction of elements like skin I decided to use black in those parts inspired by the version of scorpion and sub zero in the video games of injustice. Scorpion for the spectral ninja, use the direct reference from Mortal Kombat X, applying in the same way the details of the skin in black. Scorpio has a pair of swords that can be placed on the back without extra accessories and its characteristic kunai.the base of the scorpion is also inspired by a figure / statue of Mortal Kombat X of the carácter in both cases the construction used is mixed between elements ccbs, bionicle and system. I hope you liked it!! Here I will leave some additional images. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12. yeah, you can visit my flickr to see more images!!!
  13. hi, thanks for comment, i dont know exactly what supose to be that piece, i think is a hat, about hat color scheme its a hard to find in yellow (i was looking for that piece in yellow but only two sets have the piece) but in sand yellow It does not look bad. ​the shoulder piece are from chima spedoorz.
  14. Hi!! It has been a long time without activity here on this occasion I bring a version of Keetongu inspired by the movie Bionicle 3 reviewing some files, I found these pictures, like Krekka, I have made a version own Keetongu inspired by the movie version despite not receiving many changes to the set, this figure seeks to synthesize the best possible this concept, some details like the weapon still need to be added. I hope you like and enjoy this version as it as the other figures modified!!! Keetongu by vicent steffens (gerou 100), en Flickr
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