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  1. Brave New World Earth’s been wrecked. No denying it. We humans screwed around with our world’s delicate balance and it earned us a big-ol’ timeout in the corner from Mother Earth. That is to say, we were forced to flee the encroaching seas and polluted air to high ground and wait for the end. Of course, that wait was about two hundred years. Not because we all died, oh no, but because we were saved by some very nice neighbors. As the story goes, settlements around the world were met with spaceships full of cyborg-looking aliens who were led here by one of our old satellites, “Pioneer 10” I think it was. Now, these aliens were pretty peaceful guys, they established communications across the world and allowed the settlements to determine whether to accept the aliens’ offer. Their offer? They wanted to help humanity and bring the race to their homeworld, “Spherus Magna” or somethin’. Now don’t ask me how these guys knew how to speak the languages of the regions they landed in, ‘cause I don’t have a clue. In the end, about three fourths of humanity agreed to the rescue and left us all here alone. About two thousand years have passed since then and as things stabilized and died back down, we here on Earth have managed to get our space travel to the stuff of 20th Century sci-fi and we’re going to take new planets to call home. We’re gonna make humanity glorious and powerful once more. It’s our destiny and we are going to achieve it.-Excerpt of an audio transcription of Scott Daren’s “We are the mighty Humanity” speech. June 14th, 5573 A.D. In the time since Mata-Nui’s rebirth of Spherus Magna in the human year of 1752A.D, Spherus Magnans advanced in technology. Inhabitants of the Mata-Nui robot were given by the Mask of Life the ability to reproduce so as to not die out. With plenty of materials from the robot and the knowledge of the Matoran Universe’s inhabitants, space technology had developed by 2200, and interstellar travel was tested and possible by 2500. In 3100, the human space probe “Pioneer 10” crashed to Spherus Magna and the inhabitants, upon viewing the golden plaque and listening to the laser disc, pled to their leaders to make the given coordinates the first destination of their new Planetary Embassy Fleet. It was at this time that Mata-Nui was awakened by reasons unknown and advocated the mission. The motion was passed and the fleet launched in 3110. During the journey, Mata-Nui granted the crew of the fleet’s twenty ships the ability to learn any spoken language through contact with the speakers. In 3120, the Spherus Magnan crews evacuated the few hundreds of remaining human inhabitants of planet “Earth”, in what is now known as “The Second Great Rescue” by the chroniclers. In 3130, the fleet returned with Spherus Magna with humans (blessed by Mata-Nui with the same language gift as the crew) in tow. Many members of the ruling council were outraged at this unauthorized action, especially more so when they heard how these humans had nearly destroyed “Earth”. It was only through the careful actions of Mata-Nui that the council was convinced to allow humans a new home on this planet. Around 4144, an event began that became known as the “Great Blurring”, when the distinction between humanity and the original Spherus Magnans began to break down as revolutionary beings began to blend the art, literature, philosophy, and religion to produce great works of art. In 4500, the Council adopted the metric system and an official language that was a blend of Matoran, Glatorian, and human languages. In 4501, the council adopted a measure by popular demand that Mata-Nui decrease the natural lifespans of original Spherus Magnans, while increasing the humans’ natural life, the result was a shared average life span of about two hundred years. In 4550, a long-unbroken and largely-unspoken taboo was broken when Toa, Glatorian, Agori, and Human hybrids began to emerge. Discriminated against at first, they were gradually accepted into society. Now, in 5585, an Earthen human fleet has landed on Spherus Magna and, despite an external message of peace, their leaders possess a secret ulterior motive to conquer the planet and use it as a launching point for a galactic domination mission. Efforts are already being made by the Earthens in secret to manipulate the council and assassinate leaders. Even more troublesome is the rumors circulating that the Makuta has survived and is releasing rakshi and corrupted masks into the world again. The council has denied the rumors, but vitually nobody believes this as rakshi and infected rahi become more common. Will you and your allies be able to protect yourselves and loved ones from the rakshi and beasts? Will you be one of the Earthens planning the planet’s fall? Or will you try to uncover the Makuta and serve him? The world’s in your hands. The World of Spherus Magna [*]Spherus Magna is ruled by a Planetary Council of 10 representatives, two for each Jurisdictional region of the planet. The representatives are elected every five years.[*]Each Jurisdictional Region is subject to the Council’s decisions, but has a fair degree of autonomy. Each Region has its own council.[*]The five regions are Embrox, Farendis, Golysav, Renwar, and Athens. Airships, water vessels, and chute systems connect the regions.[*]There are dangerous, unclaimed areas known as the “Badlands” where the bone hunters and Iron Tribe remnants dwell with dangerous desert creatures.[*]New Atero, founded by Toa Gali and Toa Tahu shortly after the Great Rebirth, is the capital city and located in Embrox.[*] EMBROX Embrox is the largest Jurisdiction Region and the place where it all goes down. Modeled after the great city of Metru Nui, it is home to the Planetary Council, along with the agencies, boards, departments, administrations, and bureaus it creates. The city is also a thriving trade and industrial center where beings from all walks of life work, live, and play. To the east is the frigid White Quartz Mountains, where the people of New Iconox mine ores and gaze up at the stars with the planet’s largest observatory, the “Red Star Lenses”. However, the Region’s economic prosperity has made it a hotspot for organized crime; multiple gangs and syndicates work behind the scenes, making the slums a very dangerous place. The problem has grown so bad that the Regional Council has passed a motion allowing bounty hunters to capture criminals (Chaotic Neutral Players, take note). [*] [*]New Atero: The planet’s capital city and a blooming industrial center. But be wary in the slums, for there are many people who’d do anything for a chance to steal the smallest items from you![*]Artakha Town: A relatively small city that focuses on repairing all manners of things. It’s a very friendly place and is good for a rest while you get your weapons fixed up.[*]Joga is a riverside town that focuses on academic pursuits. It’s cracked-full of smart-alecky scholars and archivists. Below the town lie the Second Archives, filled with Rahi specimens, artifacts[*]New Iconox is found in the freezing cold of the White Quartz Mountains. It is here that you can find descendants of the Ko-Matoran stargazers, still doing what they do best. Many in the town are nervous, for the Red Star Lenses have shown some very frightening possibilities for the future. FARENDIS Farendis is a dangerous place indeed. Home to mainly Skrall and Skakdi, the law of the land is “Survival of the fittest”. The people who grow up here are known to be rough-and-tumble-types. The landscape includes the Black Spike Mountains and the surrounding wastes. Despite being ruthless and generally bloodthirsty warriors, the inhabitants are very skilled in business; a necessity to obtain food as very little land in Farendis is arable. The one sprawling city of Roxtus is home to the beings that have climbed to the top of the food chain and are now able to live it in the lap of luxury. Corruption, bribery, and blackmail may be looked down elsewhere, but if you can cheat 60 Kilograms from a merchant for the price of 40, you have a bright future here (Once again, Chaotic Neutral Players, take note)!GOLYSAV Golysav is a seaside Region home to the artists, craftsmen, writers, poets, sailors, and all free spirits. The people here are generally cheerful, welcoming, and good-natured. As it is the home of sailors and fishermen, the port cities by far have the highest planetary average of pubs and bars, where one can always go to hear the gossip, laughter, and tall tales; maybe make a few friends, too. Fishing isn’t the region’s only export; due to the high demand for alcoholic beverages by the pubs, the people of Golysav have developed their own unique blends and brands of wine, ale, beer, and whiskey (Drinks demanded not only by the pubs, but by other Regions, too). The fishing village of New Ga-Koro, located right on the Gali Peninsula, is a great place to be if you want employment. Just beware of pirates! [*] [*]New Ga-Koro: A seaside village of fishing. It resembles much of the original Ga-Koro in structure, but you’ll find house-boats rather than huts. Fishing is the name of the game here. Well, the big game. The smaller game is piracy![*]Dron: Dron’s a brewery town. You can find plenty of drunkards around here (Perfect pawns and players to drag into your plans).[*]Sona: A seaside farming town that’s usually peaceful. RENWAR Renwar is the home to those with fiery souls. If you value merit, honor, justice, and bravery, you’re probably from here. Renwar’s capital is New Vulcanus and the region surrounding it is filled with dangerous volcanoes that were re-ignited during the planet’s reformation. The people here have learned that teamwork and friendships are important if you want to survive the lava mines and furnace salamanders. Being group-minded, acting for yourself at the expense of others in danger is frowned upon. However, acts of heroism and self-sacrifice are praised more than anything else. A popular pastime is viewing and participating in the combat tournaments held in the New Vulcanus Arena. If you’re looking for allies in your quest for justice, this is the place to come first! [*] [*]New Vulcanus: Designed like Ta-Koro, it lies within a volcano. The inhabitants here mine ores from the lava to export to other regions. The battle arena lies in the center of the city and is a favorite place of leisure for almost everyone in town.[*]Forge: The place where Kanohi masks are now smithed. It’s less a town as much as a large factory with living quarters.[*]Maderick: A desert village where the hunting is good and the food is finer. The giant sand worms here can be troublesome to catch, but their meat is the planet’s most delicious delicacy! ATHENSAthens is the newest Region and was named for the most famous of ancient humanity’s cities. Built from unclaimed lands, it was the initial settlement and home to the humans after the Second Great Rescue. Now it stands as a monument to peace between species. Like Embrox, it is a great center of trade and people from all walks of life inhabit its cities. Its greatest cities are New Onu-Koro, New Le-Koro, New London, and New Detroit. Athens is the home of many radio and television stars and is the location of the great cultural crossroads. Its economy is varied and, due to its abundance of natural wonders like the Tesara Hot Springs (Now a spa resort), it has a great flow of tourists and is a great place to relax. [*] [*]New Detroit: A bustling industrial center focusing on the production of transportation vehicles. It’s also a big music town with many big stars such as Dova Jackson.[*]New Le-Koro: New Le-Koro is a city hidden high in the trees of the revived forestsA trade rendezvous with airships flying in and out. It’s also the central hub for the Planet-Wide-Chute-System.[*]New Onu-Koro is an underground mining city. It has an extensive network of tunnels (Always shifting like the originals), and ships out raw ores and materials.[*]New London: A center of river trade and specializing in boat repairs. Character Creation! Name: Gender: Affiliation: Species: Appearance: Mask: (If applicable) Skills: Tools: Personality: History: GAMEPLAY There are several playable races: [*] [*]Matoran: Beings from the Mata-Nui robot who are 85% mechanical biological and 15% mechanical. Matoran possess latent elemental powers and have a short stature. The Matoran are hard workers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t fight! Toa and Turaga are Matoran sub-species.[*]Toa are matoran who have been blessed with a toa stone and have access to their elemental powers. Toa have great physical strength, tall statures, and are able to access the powers of the Great Kanohi Masks. [*]Turaga are ex-toa who have given up their toa powers. Their stature is on par with matoran and their great masks have become noble masks. They have little physical strength, but make up for it in wisdom.[*]Skakdi are vicious beings, but powerful warriors. Altered on a genetic level by Makuta Spiriah, the Skakdi possess elemental powers, but can only access them by working in pairs. They also have vision abilities.[*]Vortixx are a shrewd race. With financial cunning they run the most efficient factories you ever did see. They possess a tall stature, great physical strength, and swift, intelligent minds.[*]Glatorian where the inhabitants of the first Spherus Magna and, after the Shattering, inhabited Bara Magna. As the Great Beings template for the toa, they have a similar physical stature. 85% of the Glatorian’s body is biological tissue and the other 15% is composed of mechanical implants. They possess latent, unusable, elemental powers, but make great warriors and can be awarded imbued weapons that unlock their elemental powers if they prove their worthiness in deeds.[*]Agori are beings similar to matoran in stature and similar to Glatorian in composition. As co-habitants of Spherus and Bara Magna with the Glatorian, they know the land and history best. With their size, they are swift and make great explorers and scouts.[*]Humans are entirely organic beings. Originally from Earth, they were evacuated to Spherus Magna in the Second Great Rescue. They possess physical strength below most species, but many skilled warriors can be found among them. And where strength fails, wit and knowledge can more than make up for. Due to their presence on the planet for only a few thousand years, humans are still only a minority of around a hundred thousand people.[*]Half-Breeds: Many human half-breeds have emerged on Spherus Magna in the last millennia or so. But they remain an even greater minority. As almost all half-breeds are nearly 100% organic, they are much more easily harmed by weapons. Half-breeds include:[*] [*]Homo Sapiens Toa: Human-Toa hybrids, these beings possess greater physical strength than humans, but their elemental reserves are only half that of pure toa. However, being the offspring of two strong-willed species gives them powerful souls, making wiser and more open-minded. They are born with their bodies 100% organic, but as they hit puberty, parts of their bodies, varying anywhere from a forearm to everything but the head, utilize a complex biological procedure to transform food into metals and enamels to develop into mechanical elements with organic tissue (Like a goat or ram growing its horns). They can wear Kanohi, but can only control noble masks.[*]Homo Sapiens Glatorian: Human-Glatorian hybrids with great physical power. They have vast potential and always do their best. They are 100% organic unless they wish to undergo the Glatorian rite of passage that integrates mechanical components into their bodies. Like Glatorian, they can control limited elemental powers if granted an imbued weapon. Their skin color can vary based on the heritage of their Glatorian parent (i.e. Green skin from Tesarans, blue skin from Tajuns, pure white from Iconoxans, etc). [*]Homo Sapiens Agori: Human-Agori hybrids. They have a smaller stature than most humans, but have increased intelligence, agility and a heightened sense of curiousity, making them great scholars and investigators. Just don’t bring up their height! Custom species: Beings of unknown origin! Firebreather? Mer-toa? Half-Kane-Ra mutant? Just run your character by the staff for approval before you run around with a time-traveling toa of leprechauns. Note: Glatorian may be rewarded for their actions with an elementally imbued weapon. This reward can only be offered by staff. Every game has rules, now here are yours. No god-modding! You don’t control the universe, so do only what your character is capable of! Let others enjoy the game! Toa: I will kill you!Skakdi: No you won’t!Toa: *Kills the skakdi without a fight, ruining the game for the skakdi’s player* [*] [*] No Dues-Ex-Machinas! This might fall under god-modding, but I want to make perfectly clear that your character cannot spring a trip on an opponent that you did not write your character setting earlier.[*]Control only your character. Don’t write for other players’ characters! It’s just rude! If you want to say what everybody does, go write a fanfic! NPCs can be controlled by you too at times, but just remember that they’re people too! You are NOT going to have your character walk into a town and see the entire population has been murdered![*]Don’t kill other characters! Your characters can die, but P.M. another player before you shove a spear through his/her character’s heart. [*]You are not invulnerable! You may not want to die, but when your character has no strength to run, depleted powers, and is facing a bone hunter on a rock steed, you’re coming out with permanent injuries at best. Whether you go blind, lose a leg, or become paralyzed, you’ll have to find a new role for yourself. If, for story purposes, you want your character to die at the hands of another, PM that character’s player and ask him/her.[*]Romance is allowed, but keep it PG! Anything past “Frenching” is going to earn you a strike![*]No mounts! NPC bone hunters can ride things like rock steeds, but you can’t! It makes things a bit unfair.[*]Have fun! This game’s penalties run on a 3-strike principle. But I’m no monster, and neither is the staff. Newbies to RPGs will get some lenience and a notice of what they did wrong.Strike 1: You are given a warning. Don’t repeat yourself.Strike 2: You are suspended. In order to not disrupt any players, your characters will all be K.O’d for the period of your suspension.Strike 3: Your characters are killed off. You’ve been given enough warnings , but you disregarded them.There are a few banned elements, Kanohi, vision powers, and rakshi for fairness purposes.Kanohi you cannot use:ScavengingCharismaIntangibilityPossibilitiesMutationGrowthAvohkiiClairvoyanceEmulationCreationOlisiSuletuKomauIdenGaraiAvsaTrynaMohtrekKraakhanRuaAkiOlmakIgnikaVahiVision Powers you cannot use (“Limited” powers can blind your character if used excessively):X-RayThermal (Limited)Thermal Imaging (Limited)Elements you cannot use: Light ShadowRakshi that will not appear: Disintegration Adaption Sleep Density Control Darkness Shape-Shifting Mind Reading Teleportation Rahi Control The toa elements of Psionics and Gravity are permitted as long as they are used FAIRLY! All that in mind, go at it and head out on a grand adventure!
  2. I cast my votes for scenes as well. Being an abridged series fan has taught me patience when dealing with cliffhangers. I can take it.
  3. IC(Agarin): "Where's the marine complex?" Agarin asked.
  4. OOC: Agarin catching up with the raiders from Ko-Wahi.IC(Agarin): Agarin stumbled into the village of Ga-Koro. The raiders were sometimes so hard to keep up with. He looked around and tried to spot Kalama.OOC: The raiders are preparing for the tarakava, right?
  5. IC(Agarin): "Yeah." Agarin commented, "The sooner we get out of this cold, the better."
  6. IC(Agarin): "I don't think I'd want to run into one of those." Agarin said. He shivered as he felt what he believed was the wind getting chillier."Hey, guys?" he asked, "Is it just me, or has it been getting colder here since we started talking about this stuff?"
  7. IC(Agarin): "I understand fully, Kalama." Agarin replied. He looked at Tanuka."Do Gali proud."
  8. IC(Agarin): "Maybe I could take a route through Le-Koro and grab a few of my pals in the Gukko Force for back up." Agarin offered.
  9. IC(Agarin): "If we get there in time, the Tarakava won't stand a chance." Agarin said.OOC: Is Tanuka here? I don't know where she went.
  10. IC(Agarin): Agarin covered his mouth with his hand and swallowed a tiny vomit. "Thanks for the visual." He moaned sickly.
  11. IC(Agarin): "Sounds like fun." Agarin said.
  12. IC(Agarin): "I'm coming too!" Agarin called as he ran after the marines.
  13. IC(Agarin): Agarin gave an impressed whsitle. "Nice set up." He said.
  14. IC(Agarin): "I'm a toa." Agarin said, "Putting my life on the line is something I'm supposed to do."
  15. IC(Agarin): "Of course I was nervous." Agarin said, "In fact, I was downright terrified.But that's where courage comes in."
  16. IC(Agarin): "You really did do well, Tanauka." Agarin said as he sidled up to her.
  17. IC(Agarin): "I can't!" Agarin said, "If I do, I may cause an avalanche."
  18. IC(Agarin): Agarin ran forward, then ducked with speed and swung at the rakshi's legs, tripping it face-down into the snow. Agarin laughed and flipped himself on the the back of the rakshi and pulled its arms together behind its back, making it unable to use its staff.
  19. IC(Agarin): Agarin unstrapped his guitar and gave it a flick, converting it back to axe mode."Ready, Tanuka?" He asked.
  20. OOC: Uh, guys? Agarin accidentally cleaved that thing in half above the hips, it CAN'T STAND!
  21. IC(Agarin): Agarin tried swinging the guitar a few times until he managed to flick it just right to return the blades inside. He looked at Tanuka and slung his instrument over his back."You okay, Tanuka?" He asked.
  22. OOC: Darn it! Ninja'd!IC(Agarin): Agarin shook his head and regained his composure, then looked at the rakshi terrorizing Tanuka. "I'll take it from here, guys." He said as he unstrapped his guitar and looked at the hideous thing, "This is for hitting me in the face."Agarin swung his guitar, striking the rakshi dead in the torso and sending it sprawling into the snow, but when he looked, the armor had been cut in two just above the hips. Agarin looked at his guitar and noticed blades had slid out of the sides and made it an axe!"Well, isn't that serendipidous?" He remarked as he turned around to face the others, "Hey, guys! I had a weapon and didn't even know it!"OOC: Does this count as an unfair deus ex machina?
  23. IC(Agarin): "Aw, crud." Agarin sighed, trying to steady himself after all that spinning.
  24. IC(Agarin): Agarin was getting overrun, but he got an idea. He tried out a few moves of his better choreography from old performances, flipping onto his palm in a handstand and spinning himself while upside-down, allowing him to deliver kicks to the glass trappers which were subsequently flung to Xibre."Xibre!" He called, "Finish them off!"
  25. IC(Agarin): Agarin ran up alongside Xibre."Team up?" He suggested?
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