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  1. Hey! You haven't responded to my phone calls, my emails, my texts, my letters! Just kidding, how have you been?

    1. Twilight Avenger

      Twilight Avenger

      Not good, to be honest. =/

    2. Twilight Avenger

      Twilight Avenger

      Also, feel free to change your name back to normal, May is over anyways. :P

  2. Can't wait for the new Green Day albums.

  3. 10/16/11This is an actual conversation I had with Spawnie, and it is also in my signature.
  4. Eleven


    Oh my god the no shade one made my day. Also on the topic of crossovers, whatever happened to the one you and me did? I thought it got lost in the Bremuda Triangle.
  5. Hi! I'm back! Here's my latest comic! (Spawnie's theory is not mine, it is just something I thought of in my spare time. Please, enjoy this comic. 10/15/11
  6. Go to here for the old forum topic. -Comics- 2.0 IntroGradientsHeads in DoorsActivia!TurningAbuse B-CryptFight Me GSing Rules I'm taking ten (10) GSs at a time. PM me if you want to GS. -GS List- 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. PGSing Rules I'm taking fifteen (15) PGSs this season. PM me if you want to PGS. -PGS List- 1.Biocryptid21 2.Reptor Vahki 3.Terton the Many 4.Spawn of Teridax 5.Shadonix 6.The CMI (4 People) 7.Megan51 (BS01 Poll Mistress) 8.Twilight Avenger 9.Joev14 10.M.I. (Wheatly) 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  7. Badgers+Packers+Brewers=Win

  8. Badgers+Packers+Brewers=Win

  9. Gender blender much? :P

  10. lol Your birthday is the day after my best friends. :P

  11. I don't answer to Brewers. But right now I'm too busy with schoolwork. And the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but mostly schoolwork. Blackhawks aren't gonna do repeat this year. Just sayin'.
  12. Eleven


    AHEM. Spawnie, Jayk, TN05, Myself anywhere in there? SON I AM DISSAPOINT
  13. Gotta love that one. :s: My favorites are Just Lose It, No Love, 25 To Life, Not Afraid, and Spacebound
  14. The first Eminem song I heard was Lose Yourself.
  15. Eleven

    Name Change

    Number 4 for $10,000, Alex.
  16. You like Pistachio?

  17. being "annying" is rude >=(

  18. Did you know in Spain they call Football "American Soccer"?

  19. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  20. Thanks Sumiki. :D

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