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  1. I hope not. I tried to make this discussion as original as possible. :/ - Well, we've got the Official BIONICLE 2015 Topic, one or two others discussing the Vahi and any other easter eggs, and a few others going on about reboots and connections to G1. This one seems like an amalgam of those. *shrug* I didn't base anything off of any of those topics. But if there's too much similarity between this topic and any of those, I don't have an issue with the admins closing this topic. All in all I just want to hear people's opinions on the matter. Either way, this is beside the point. Good point. XP These. Thank you so much for bringing this up. A lot of the time, a franchise isn't simply based on story, but also on it's setting, atmosphere, theme, characteristics, so on and so forth. So, that adds another element to the question, "Is this the same Bionicle?". In my opinion, the new Bionicle feels like something different than what it was before (which is fine), and should be treated as such. I really agree with Aanchir on this, though. Not exactly a new franchise, but perhaps a new theme. Sorry 'bout that. My mistake. >.< -
  2. I hope not. I tried to make this discussion as original as possible. :/ -
  3. So, I've just come back from a who-knows-how-long hiatus to an uproar about the glorious return of our childhood, AKA Bionicle. But, is the Bionicle we know and love really returning? I recently watched a video from the great guys at TTV with a few really good points. Its most prominent one (to me, at least) being how nostalgia can have a huge effect on how we see things. In this case, it affects how we see this new toy line from Lego called "Bionicle". This got me thinking... As soon as the name was mentioned, fans began dancing and praising Lego for bringing back their beloved franchise. Although, Lego never mentioned that they were "bringing back" anything. In fact, a statement they made said that they were "releasing a new constraction line". While this "new constraction line" may pay homage to its predecessor, it has been established as something original and separate from what came before it. Then again, with the recent release of the 2015 Bionicle story and set animations, we have been hinted at a possible connection between storylines new and old. Although, these Vahi easter eggs could also simply turn out to be another form of homage. Only time will tell if there is any plot correlation. So, what do you think? Is "Bionicle" the same thing we knew and loved with a new story? Or, is it a brand new theme that is meant to remind us of the good times we had with our old toys? (Either way, I'm totally buying Tahu. ) -
  4. For now, we don't have any other "toa" in the new series; therefore, for the sake of differentiating from the old franchise, we could call them "Masters of the Elements" or simply "Masters". Perhaps, if the story moves to new characters on a new island, we could call our current heroes the "Masters of Okoto". At this point in time, I honestly don't think it matters if we have a special name for these characters or not. We should just refer to them as they're called in the story/website/whatever. -
  5. Entry #3 and #5 are both absolutely gorgeous. Entry #5 does a great job at bringing a very warm, "fire-y" feeling, but looks a bit inconsistent in some small areas. Still very good, though. In the end, I went with Entry #3, because its masterful balance of coloring, composition, and clarity masterfully evokes the emotion of the scene. Well done, TBK and VampireBohrok, and kudos to all of the participants for entering. -
  6. For a long time, Matoran, Toa, or any sentient species in BIONICLE didn't have any fingers. Then, in the first three movies, they were given five of them, which makes things really confusing when you get to The Legend Reborn because everybody has four fingers. The sets from 2009-2010 were also given four. I guess it's really just a matter of who's animating the movie, writing the book, making the sets, or simply opinion. I, personally, always liked the idea of everybody having four fingers, but that's merely my opinion. Ask Greg on the Lego Message Boards for a confirmation or something idunno. -
  7. My first reaction to BIONICLE was as follows: "I want the green one, Mommy!" -
  8. *Hug* Wait. *unHugs* Crodcodile Alligator? What? I'm so confused now. Cal, you disappoint me... http://www.youtube.com/embed/kZwhNFOn4ik -
  9. Calvirick, I come back from a whole-lotta-month hiatus, and what do I find!?! Best best thing since Interior Crocodile Alligator. I just... I can't even... Gimme a hug, man. -
  10. Real-life setbacks. The bane of all comic-makers. -
  11. Granted. You now have a zombie Cthulu. ...I hope you're happy. I wish the real world was like the Matrix where you could manipulate anything. -
  12. BioCry

    D F T B A

    French the llama, that's a lot of nerdfighters! Finally, I have found my people. -
  13. Eenie meenie miny moe. Pick a boulder by its stone... ... Is going up an option, by any chance? -
  14. ...And after a over month of laziness and procrastination being overwhelmed with work and life, I finally bring you another comic. As they say in spanish, enhoy. Studio Comics -
  15. Granted. Jupiter is in chaos, though. I wish my life had meaning. Also, couldn't help myself with this one. Granted, but now your hands are broken. -
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