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  1. Um, I guess both, just tell me what I need to do I guess!
  2. Man, does anyone have some kind of hint for doing the achievement to see all of Thanatoes' forms, its my last one in that puzzle and I did it on 6.0 and saw all expect for the toy one...
  3. Yeah, I am on like... 1-3 I think... I has green hair... XDBut yeah, this game is amazing and I would love to play with someone soon, so Ill exange friend codes with anyone who wants too...Edit: By "this game" I mean uprising, also, I took an anunouched break from bzp, so yeah, I'm back... Probably couldn't care less but I am...
  4. Blank0000


    Ergh, all these new comics, just to let everyone know, I guess my comics here are post owneded. (I know what I did!!!) My computer broke down after seven years.... I am getting a new one soon...
  5. Kingdom Hearts just has difficulty levels. This lets you scale the difficulty from 0.1 to 9.0Ever played re:coded for NDS? In that game you can make the heartless have more or less health, if they have less health the item dropwill be more frequent... Pretty much the same ideaBut on a more kid Icarus note, I got my issue of game informer yesterday and to my surprise it came with a pit, kid Icarus card!
  6. I thought that its probably one of the best ideas ever, although, Kingdom Hearts uses that same kind of idea... I guess they should get most of the credit...
  7. Blank0000


    Eh... I thought it was classic non the less... Anywho, I will try to make entries to derp less confusing and, will hopefully make sense... (Note to self, Green matoran NOT named Hark... Herpa a Derp)
  8. You never know, the cards might end up being awesome... But probably not...
  9. Blank0000


    I want not get in trouble with the staff XD
  10. Wow! King Joe!!! Nice 3D modles, they look nice, but possibley a little edgey around the, well, edges. Otherwise, great as useual!
  11. Does anyone know how the battling ar cards even work?
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