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    Quite the nostalgia trip that I just had. I'd come by for my occasional visit to the comics forum (Soran's comics, specifically), and I find that you posted some within a fairly recent period of time. I might not spend as much time here as I used to, but it brings me a lot of joy to see someone from "the good 'ole days" posting some comics again. Obviously it's been nearly two months since the last update, but I thought I would take the time to express my appreciation for your content. Yes, even your previously comics. It brought me so much happiness back in the day. Anyway, I should probably comment on the actual comic that this topic that this was created for, huh? Burst of nostalgia seeing six-shade Chimoru and some of your old characters aside, Vance being incredibly done with everything is quite entertaining. You've already got a tsundere. Even if you don't continue this, Sybre, I wish you the best of luck.
  2. Heheh, knew I should've used the typical King piece instead of the one off Code Geass... Hmmm, looks to be a colorful amalgamation of the Unity, Duty and Destiny charms from MNOG 2
  3. Almost removed all the month old plus profile views... almost...

  4. Nice to see quite a few of the folks I knew of back in ye olde days are still around.

  5. Well, it's been ten solid minutes, and I'm still not entirely certain as to what I'm looking at. So, here goes somethin'. *Ahem* It looks like Nidhiki's head mounted on a flower stem with grapes for hair. That's 'bout all I got. XD
  6. Ooooh, an excuse to assert the fact I know stuff about stuff. I'mma abuse this delightful excuse. Issac Newton, despite his fame being generally attributed to his contributions to the very foundations of physics and the development of Calculus (Though it's still disputed as to whether or not he or Gottfried Leibniz created Calculus first) considered these achievements as insignificant. Issac Newton was considerably more focused on advancing and studying Alchemy... at a time in which the validity of Alchemy was met with much incredulity and the foundations of Chemistry were in their infancy.
  7. Oh, hey, look. Yet another status update remarking the immense quantity of nostalgia I receive from simply being on this website. Bet ya haven't that before, huh? :P

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