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  1. LEGO HERO FACTORY MISSION REPORT TOP SECRET….. MISSION X Chapter 1 The AwakeningZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!X Dan The Dare Devil got his first charge and began to awaken.The new shining hero opened his eyes.“Where am I, why am I here, who am I?” He thought to himself.As if this person whom he assumed was named Makuro because that is what the others called him read his mind Makuro said to him, “Welcome to the Hero Factory your name is X Dan you are here to save the galaxy from evil, but first let me show you to your hero pod.”“Ok” said X looking at his surroundingsX got up and followed Makuro . He looked around while he was walking the place was busy and huge.“Here is your hero pod and again welcome to the Hero Factory.” Said Makuro
  2. LEGO HERO FACTORY MISSION REPORT TOP SECRET….MISSION X.It was a bright day in Makuhero , and in the Hero Factory assembly tower a hero was being made. You might wonder why tell about one Hero when thousands are being produced every day? The answer to that question is that he is an experimental project. He is the first test for hero 2.0. After he was built they realized they would need to upgrade more parts to actually call it a 2.0 hero but they announced him as an official 1.5 hero. His name X Dan The Dare Devil.To be continued….
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