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  1. So, this gamenight going to be on the 27th or 28th i take it?
  2. Never had bad load times with the games. And on the subject of lag, the other night I was doing co-op with Prime, and I was lagging up a storm. We we're doing Sword Base on Legendary, and I was driving the Gauss hog. Ended up driving it over the cliff thats right there after you get it. It sucked so much.
  3. I've got 3, Reach and 4. No Newer DLC maps for 4 though.
  4. IC: (Scott Jackson) The empty cans help enough to start repairs to the knee servo, as it was in critical condition, and was bearing some weight. As the repairs started up, Scott, along with the help of Pogo, made it to the Auto Shop class, and Scott found some scrape metal, at least enough to finish the repairs on the knee servo. Scott had more in his room to replenish the rest of the needed metal.
  5. IC: (Scott Jackson) And like a tree did Scott go. That last kick was the one to win the fight. Momentum wasn't on Scott's side, and the force of the kick shot up another warning in Scott's HUD. Chest armor at critical damage levels. 'I just can't win, can i?' Scott thought as he lay on the floor. "Alright,you win that one Aleks. Remind me never to drop out of combat mode in a hand to hand fight." Scott got up, just barely, and walked over to Matt and Aleks. "either one of you guys have some spare metal?"
  6. IC: (Scott Jackson) When the elbow came donw on Scott's knee, the servo just about blew out. Warning, Knee servo at crtitical damage. Repairs required. Metal required. "Aleks, did you get super-strgenth or something?" Scott asked as he fell back, rolling up and shifting most of his weight to his right side. ​Not going to last much longer. Why did i deactivate my combat mode? why?
  7. IC: (Scott Jackson) Really glad i put extra padding in here. That would've hurt a whole lot more, Scott thought to himself as he was spiked into the ground. Curling up as he hit the ground, Scott rolled back up, popped up, and aimed a quick kick at Aleks' chest.
  8. IC: (Scott Jackson) Seeing Aleks pulling him to the right, Scott lifted up on his foot that was on the ground, and spinning with the pull, Scott threw himself at Aleks head first, in the hopes that his helmet would be able to knock the breath out of the Russian. Hope this works.
  9. IC: (Scott Jackson) Going down, Scott had two options, land on his back and open himself to attacks, or break his left arm to try and do a flip to get back on his feet. This is gonna to suck Scott though as he had his arm fly backwards fast enough to break the servo in the left arm, but pull off the handstand and flip after it. "Warning, low metal count. Replenish metal count to repair damages to left elbow servos." with that jolly message on screen, Scott knew this was going to be a really bad fight for him. Swinging with his right arm and aiming for a gut shot, Scott also threw out a kick aimed at Alek's shins, hoping to bring the Russian down quickly. Very quickly.
  10. IC: (Scott Jackson) Scott followed Aleks over, and waited for the Russian to make the first move. Seeign the punch coming, Scott ducked, while sweeping his leg, hoping to catch Aleks off guard.
  11. IC: "Well, You good for some one-on-one Aleks?" Scott asked as he came up to the Russian, one of the few not running like a cat sprayed with water. Scott needed the training, and it kept his fighting skills from getting rusty. Of Course, Scott might have to use his civilian form to keep from overpowering Aleks.
  12. @ Snark: If i dropped it to half an hour of super-speed, would that work better?
  13. For a SHIELD agent, if they were an assassin for most of their life, would SHIELD take them as an agent? like at all?
  14. So, are we ever going to have that Hand-to-Hand class? cause its been a while, and from the posts i've seen, Aleks isn't doing anything. might be wrong though..
  15. Posted. If anyone that could teach Scott the hand to hand stuff, like Aleks (Hope im spelling that right) or anyone that can, that be epic. If not, i can edit that out.
  16. (Scott Jackson) It had been a long morning for Scott. First the fire alarm going off, Scott was heading for the door, trying to use the network of cameras to see what had happened. Seems one of the versions of Dallas had taken a fire axe and set the alarm off. Seeing that, Scott went for food. The cafeteria always had a good stock in the morning. Getting there, Scott wasn't disappointed. Grabbing a plate and loading it with eggs and bacon, Scott sat down at a table, his helmet folded away from his mouth so he could eat, but the rest was still in place. His audio sensors picked up on most of the conversations that were going on around the room. Apparently Ashley had made paper frogs for an army, and the Physics teacher was freaking out. ​Bad experience. You don't freak out like that without really bad memories. Scott thought as he got up and walked away, heading out the cafeteria. Time for his hand to hand lessons. He was taking them so the school had an instructor for H-t-H when Aleks was out and about. Being a cyborg really helps in learning the skills.
  17. AH YA! Post for Scott should be up soonish.
  18. Well, made my edits. Hope they are good.
  19. The Nano forge heals through nanobots, yes. Its healing time is proportional to damage taken, and the area as well. If someone fired .22LR rounds, they would plink off, and the damage would be healed quickly. Now, the rounds fired from most rifles, such as the M4A1, that would take anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on where the shots land. The higher the caliber, the longer it takes to heal. I can make it so that he would need to take metals from an outside source after a certain amount of damage is dealt. Would that balance it enough? And the teacher thing I can change if needed.
  20. Well, glab this is back. Importing character form XM:DD Scott Jackson
  21. He's not lying. I was able to see who the really important person is, but I don't want to ruin the surprise.
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