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  1. I began making a list of all the most recent ones and then saw you updated your first post with really every single snapshot. I will only list what I found that isn't in your list, but only the most recent snapshot, since several pages have dozens of snapshots. page 5 / post 161-200 (May 2008)page 8 / post 281-320 (May 2008)page 21 / post 801-840 (Jun 2009)page 23 / post 881-920 (Jun 2009)page 32 / post 1241-1280 (Jun 2009)page 37 / post 1441-1480 (Jun 2009)page 101 / post 4001-4040 (Jul 2008)page 112 / post 4441-4480 (Oct 2008)page 192 / post 7641-7641 (Jun 2009) (new post)page 197 / post 7841-7880 (Dec 2008)Also, for pages 197 & 207, they are december 2008 snapshots, which mean they are not in the backup. (There is a gap of several months at the end of 2008/beginning of 2009 due to a BZP crash).
  2. I guess the only way to really know would be to get an archive from the BZP admins. It might be worth a try to ask them. Aside from that, I checked several other archiving sites (Common Crawl & Archive.is) and none seems to have enough data to say if these posts still existed at the time of the crawl.
  3. (At least) one page with missings posts is present on wayback archive. It's page 45 : Great Archives | Wayback Archive The difference (2 messages) is around post #1783. I have no idea why they aren't in the archive, there doesn't seem to be anything abnormal about them.
  4. I see you got that ape-thing going on.

  5. I guess you must be thinking about this article on the LEGO Club website.
  6. You can find the complete list by doing a search on sold items. Here's a link to those already sold.
  7. This is the message is was talking about. I think it's pretty clear. Well, the message quoted above make it pretty clear that's not the case; the french version is simply excluded from official media and no consideration about sales volume have been made. And just to make this clear: I'm not advocating against people saying the french version is less important for them. I'm advocating against people dismissing it as irrelevant; this part of my message wasn't directed against your opinion - for how much it matters, I also consider less problematic to retcon the french version than the english one - even if I disagree with some of the points you made in favor of it. (The sales volume is also a bit of a tricky point since there's no official numbers - to my knowledge - even if it's likely the english version was published in bigger volume) It depends on the authors and the owners of the franchise, but as a general case, yes, at least for the translation part and for BIONICLE. Not really sure for the same-language rewording part, but it doesn't really matter here. Then, the translation part isn't necessarly true everytime - I think a translation matter to the author when a big part of its fans come from this translation. By definition it is -- that isn't disputable. Different words are used to try to convey the same ideas -- that's a rewording. (Whether the words are within the same language or not.) And yet we are talking about a new idea introduced by a translation, not something a rewording can do. Introducing new idea in a translation isn't something even rare - it's often necessary due to the difference between languages. You are confusing official and canon. All informations from translations approved by LEGO are official, only those stated by the story team are canon. The other versions aren't some sort of 'lesser media' from an objective point of view. One can prefer having a version retconned over the other because of subjective preferences, but nothing more.
  8. Yeah probably not the best wording on my part here. Basically, all I was trying to express here was that the canonicity of something isn't tied to a specific language. I think I see where you're going. I still disagree, though. A new official rewording could be more canon than the original one depending on what the story team would state. Then assimilating a translation to a rewording is a pretty poor comparison; it's more somewhere between an original work and a rewording. My point is that it is presented as a retcon that doesn't change any published works. See the SailorQuaoar message that sparked this discussion, for example. It's a problem only if you think a translation is a rewording. The way I look at it, you can consider it as a different book, just as official and containing canon informations, so the book itself is canon - I find strange that you come back to implying the french one isn't canon after saying the part from the original BL1 is canon, the added part is canon, and a book is canon if the informations within are canon; am I missing a part of the reasoning? Well, refering to french medias was called "a stretch" by the author of the proposal. I understand that as meaning the french media doesn't matter for the retcon, and I don't see any alternate meaning. And I was talking about the base of the proposition, what the author layed out basically. I was not saying it's the opinion of everybody on BZPower, not even everybody that voted in favor of the retcon - especially given how late this realization was, it would be hypocritical. Well, if it was present in the original version, it would be present in more media, so yes it's less an issue - it's just one media instead of several. Then, if that's what you're trying to say, I don't think a translation have less worth than the original (as long as what it states respect what the canon state, of course).
  9. First, saying a book is canon is an abuse of language; the facts contained in it are, not the book. The language they're expressed in doesn't matter; facts can be expressed in every language. What make facts canon is that a member of the story team stated them to be. In this case, Plasma was specified to be male by a story team member (Greg), and that was used in an official translation (because the language needed it). It's not even a little bit less official than if it was used in an english text. As an official use of a canon fact, it doesn't have any less importance because it's in french. This proposal isn't based on the idea that "the canon published works did not specify it, so retconning it avoids messes that others wouldn't" but that "the english canon published works did not specify it, and it doesn't matter retconning works in other languages since it doesn't affect us". And I find that's a very bad message to send to foreign communities. I think that's basically the same thing as when gravity's gender was proposed for being retconned because it was stated in No One Gets Left Behing and that was just a fan work. All officially approven canon fact is equal, no matter who wrote it, and no matter in which language.
  10. I know how the books worked. And I maintain what I said. The translator was just as much employed by LEGO than the author - and her work also had to be approved by LEGO, just like Greg's. Plus, it seems it does follow the author's intent since Greg stated about plasma being male in 2006. Furthermore, if the author original intent is the most important matter for the translation... Well, why does it suddenly become of no importance to retcon it?
  11. No. In french, when you speak about a specific singular person, the masculine doesn't have a value of unknown gender. It's only if you speak about someone unspecified - for example, in a phrase like "A man needs to eat", masculine can be used with an unknown gender value - pretty much the same as in english. (in case of plural, it's a little bit more complex, but no need to explain since the passage in BL1 is about a singular Toa). If such a rule existed, I think I would know it - I'm a native speaker.
  12. It seemed you missed my point too. Greg's intent doesn't matter that much - what LEGO intend does. And here we have a media, approven by LEGO. Maybe not by Greg, but the authority above Greg approved it. I acknowledge it might be a random choice, or an error - there are some even in the english versions - but I'm not okay with calling their use in a debate a stretch: both the french and the english version have their legitimacy from the same source, LEGO - not Greg. I'm not aware of any other translations for BL1. The only translations I know of for the BL are the french one (BL1 to BL6) and the german one (BL6 and BL7). There might be a russian translation too.
  13. No. Really, no. That's just saying "your media aren't worth anything" to the french community - and I don't think I have to explain why that's wrong. And translations also have to be approved before being published. So yes, maybe Greg didn't approve that - LEGO, as a company, did.
  14. The rule you stated doesn't apply here. The subject ("The Toa") is an individual, not something unknown like in "It rains" (which, FTR, translate to "Il pleut", not "Il pleure"). It doesn't refer to a generic Toa either: it's specific, so the gender have to be defined as the character's gender. For a french reader, this passage clearly state this Toa is male, and not that his gender is unknown.
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