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  1. IC Wolfe - Arena Locker Rooms: "Aw, no worries, kid," he replied with a smile as he squished passed the the guards. "It was nice to be able to get out and see one of your matches. Those were some impressive moves back there -- you'll be a world champ' in no time!" He glanced at Flood then, his expression changing to one of worry. "'Fraid we have some high-priority business to attend to, though," he said, lowering his voice. "We got a distress call from a ship called the S.S. Star Whale a little while ago, and Zib is sending teams out to locate it before any villains do. If you're ready to go, we can fill you in on the details on the way to the Tower." OOC: Feel free to time-skip if you like, Zippy.
  2. Afternoon, dearies! I'm back from my final out-of-state trip (during which I forgot my laptop), so I'll be spending the next day or so catching up on the latest happenings before I post in the RP. Sorry for the holdup!
  3. IC Helen - Mission Control: Rubbing her temples in exasperation, she let out a long sigh before turning the comms back on. "Sparrowhawk, please continue on inside with Quark," she said flatly. "If you need a recharge, I suggest you hurry in before the rest of the night-shift Heroes arrive. I'll notify Mr. Makuro and we'll see about getting you an advisor as soon as possible." IC Wolfe - Well, Karz: Wolfe blinked. "Sorry, I meant La Puño de Hierro," he replied, trying to remain cheerful and casual. "It's late, and I've been running around all day and most of the night on half a charge -- you know how it is. Anyway! It's really important that we speak to La Puño, because there's a situation over at Hero Factory and they really need her help. You can call my superiors yourselves, if you like." Chances were they wouldn't believe him, but it was worth a shot.
  4. IC Helen - Mission Control: She glanced at Zib when he started talking (not that Quark and Skylor could see). "I have to go; Zib has started briefing everyone on the Priority 1 mission." IC Wolfe - Arena: Wolfe cheered when Thumper took down Tiger Stripes. It made him happy that one of his fellow Heroes could do something like this -- going out and getting involved in a civilian sport, and having fun like everyone else. He waited until some of the crowd had dispersed before leaving his seat and gesturing for Flood to follow him. It wasn't too difficult to find the locker rooms, but it was a hassle getting passed all the wrestlers, trainers, press, and fans. After a few minutes, though, Wolfe finally located Thumper's room and approached the two guards stationed outside her door. "Evening, fellas!" he greeted them. "We're here to pick up Miss Thumper, if that's alright."
  5. IC Helen - Mission Control: "Oh, no, we still intend to have her brought in as soon as possible," Helen quickly responded. "She is not to leave the Tower until she has spoken with her advisor. We'll take care of the others tomorrow as well." OOC: I'll write something for my other characters in a bit.
  6. Aye, you're perfectly right. Despite posting bail, the defendant still has to appear in court for the main trial. Don't know why I had the word 'retrial' on the brain, but that's what I get for trying to post at 3 AM, haha. Also, pardon if I go radio silent anymore than usual for a bit; I'll be out of state again for the next week or so.
  7. Obviously this is not only a fictional setting, but one that also has countless possible forms of government/judicial systems. But, if we assume for a moment that the general setup across the galaxy is one close to ours, then Thak should be aware that posting bail necessitates a retrial. And that's assuming he doesn't have capital punishment awaiting him, which is almost never bailable. Plus, if he has any record whatsoever of fleeing before trials/after posting bails, then he forfeits any future bail. I'm fine with his profile as-is, so long as all of the above is taken into account.
  8. IC Wolfe - Arena: "Some Priority 1 situation," he told Flood, sounding troubled. "Zib didn't answer -- the Mission Managers probably have their hands full. I'll keep my comms tuned in, but we should be ready to mobilize at any moment." He leaned back in his chair and tried to concentrate on the match. "Plus," he continued, "Thumper's out of the loop, and I'd hate for everyone to disappear on her. If we aren't pulled away in the meantime, we'll fill her in as soon as the match is over -- which should be soon by the look of things." Wolfe gave a cheer as Tiger Stripes went down. IC Helen - Mission Control: After checking in with Delta 9, Helen decided to see why Quark was being saltier than usual. And boy, oh boy was everyone's favorite Manager in for a treat. She'd seen Skylor in action a couple of times, and probably exchanged words with the rookie all of one, maybe two occasions. Helen didn't care for her much -- and that was saying something. Finally the Manager had had enough of listening to Skylor and Quark's venomous exchange. "As much as I would enjoy seeing you come into Mission Control in cuffs, Miss Sparrowhawk, having you fired would be much more satisfying," she piped in over comms for both of them to hear. "In all seriousness, you will be asked to speak with an advisor tomorrow in preparation for a possible disciplinary hearing. I suggest you behave yourself in the interim." She wrote a memo to herself to have a talk with Makuro about the sudden bout of insubordination all these Heroes were going through. "And restrain yourself, Quark," she said over a private channel (Helen wasn't a total monster). "Revered veteran or not, I don't want to have to add you to the growing list of Heroes Mission Control is going to have to speak to Mr. Makuro about. Please submit a report as soon as you can and we're square."
  9. IC Wolfe - Arena: Wolfe let out a massive "YEAH!" when Thumper made her entrance, but his subsequent applause was cut short by Zib's call. The vet's first thought was that the Tower was under attack again -- after all, they hadn't dealt with a Priority 1 mission since the original Tower came down. He glanced at Render and Flood worriedly, but the former was already getting up to leave. "Zib, Render's on his way over now," he called over the comms. "Flood and I are still at the arena, but we can be over there in five minutes if need be." IC Flint - Space the Final Frontier: The white-armored Hero glanced about the dull interior of the dropship he was riding along in, wishing there were windows. He and the Hero team he was with had been on the road, so to speak, for three hours, and had a little over an hour left until they reached Makuhero City. The team in question, Mu 19, had recruited Flint for a border dispute on the edge of the system -- an almost week-long venture -- and had finally helped the two warring planets call a truce. It wasn't the outcome the Heroes were hoping for, but at least the two factions had agreed to not blow each other to smithereens. Flint had a feeling it wouldn't last long. Just then the ship's comms blipped on. "Zib just called," called Geneva Mills, the team's leader, sounding unhappy. "Priority 1 mission. We'll wait and see what the situation is -- I know how badly you all need a recharge -- but be prepared for some major activity at the Tower." Flint sighed, hoping enough Heroes turned up so he could get some sleep.
  10. IC NPC Security Guards - Arena: "That won't be necessary," the first guard told Mr. Viler, beginning to suspect that he was just an innocent wrestling fan. "After Hero Factory got blown up, security all across the city has been on high alert. We thought for a sec' that you were one of the guys involved." He chuckled. The second more skeptical guard, meanwhile, took the offered ID and scanned it into a small, arm-mounted device with a screen. Lucius Viler didn't snow up in their database, but then again they weren't exactly Makuhero City P.D. or Hero Factory. Nevertheless, he sent a scan of the ID to the latter in case they could identify him, and typed out a quick message to the rest of the arena's security force, so as to keep an eye on this Mr. Viler. When the guard was finished, he handed the ID back to its owner. "Sorry for the wait," he said. "That should be all, though." IC Wolfe - Arena: "Eh, I figured it was something like that," he responded. "Well, I thought I'd come and cheer Thumper on at her big match, and I just ran into Render and Flood on my way inside. They said they hadn't seen you, so I called. Since you're running late, though, we'd be happy to hold a seat for you!"
  11. IC Wolfe - Arena: He shrugged at Render and Flood as he waited. IC NPC Security Guards - Arena: Two guards standing by the main entrance glanced over at a robot dressed in black and red. The well-dressed patron was wearing some form of visor, completely obscuring his face. Not that it was a crime to do so, but it didn't give the guards a very good impression. One guard watched him for a good long minute before turning to his companion. "That guy look familiar?" The other guard studied the dapper robot and nodded slowly. "One of those guys that blew up the Hero Factory, you think?" "Might be," the first responded. "All we got is that old description from six months ago. Guess we better check it out just to be on the safe side." The two of them walked over to the robot in question, their expressions business-like. "Sir, could we see some ID?" the first guard asked.
  12. IC Wolfe - Arena: The vet shrugged apologetically. "Haven't seen her. I don't think she even knows I'm here, come to think of it." He had made a point of not telling Thumper, obviously, but it had completely slipped his mind to mention it to Quark or anyone else. It was entirely possible she was already sitting down somewhere, though. "I hate to bother her," Wolfe said as he checked the time on his HUD, "but I think it would tick her off more if we didn't check on her." He gave a small chuckle and opened a comm channel to Quark. "Hey, Dot! Where are you?" he said in his too-dang-cheerful-to-not-be-up-to-something voice.
  13. IC Wolfe - Wrestling Arena, Makuhero City: Wolfe glanced around at the sound of his name before finally spotting Render and Flood. "Evening, guys!" he happily replied when they had caught up to him. "You two here to see Thumper fight?"
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    IC Mina - Canus: "Good," she replied, slightly out of breath. She turned then so that she was facing the cliff and looked upward. Some of the other villagers were standing near the edge above, watching the worm in horror. Mina sighed at the sight of the daunting climb before her, then slowly began her ascent, praying the worm wouldn't notice. "Quickly, then!" she said to Hekua, maintaining a low volume.
  15. IC Helen - Mission Control: She cocked an eyebrow at the mention of a rookie causing trouble, but made no comment. The situation was of little interest to her, unless this troublemaker resumed his or her antics upon returning to the Tower. Helen would certainly have a thing or two to say about that. "Very well, then," she replied, bringing up a list of away teams on her datapad. "I'll check in with Mu 19 and see how they're doing." With that she gave Zib a polite nod and walked over to one of the Mission Control stations, where live footage of Mu 19's mission was being displayed, and set to work catching up on their progress. IC Wolfe - Wrestling Arena, Makuhero City: The tall, grey veteran stood in line just outside the arena, checking his HUD for the time. Considering the hour and the size of the crowd, it was doubtful he was going to get a good seat, but at least he would get inside before the match began. Wolfe had the night off and thought he'd surprise Thumper by coming to see her fight. They were still only acquaintances, but he thought it would make her happy if a fellow Hero came to watch. Wonder if Quark's inside already, he thought. He hadn't told her either, which, in retrospect, had probably been a bad idea -- Quark tended to be more punctual than Wolfe, so he could have asked her to hold a seat for him. C'est la vie. After a while he reached the box office, got his ticket, and headed inside.
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    IC Mina - Nearing Canus: Mina was faintly aware of Hekua freeing herself, but was honestly too frightened to say or do anything about it. Their mad dash for the cliff continued, even after the surrounding area became eerily quiet. Twice. When the two of them finally did reach the base of the cliff, Mina pressed her back to the rocky wall and shut her eyes, trying desperately to calm down and catch her breath for the climb back up. "H-Hekua... are you alright?" she asked in a low voice, opening her eyes to see where her companion was.
  17. Holy crud, I'm so sorry for disappearing. Lot of stuff happening in my offline life, as well as rescuing the Hero Factory RPG. I want to jump back into Wasteland, but I'm afraid to ask what's become of Mina. :'D Edit: Never mind, there wasn't as much to catch up on as I originally thought.
  18. IC Helen - Mission Control: The main doors into Hero Factory slid open to allow passage to a somewhat disgruntled, not-yet-fully-awake Helen Corona. She ignored everyone and everything as she strode toward the elevators -- preferring to reserve her biting tongue for any Heroes stupid enough to try her patience at this ungodly hour -- and waited for the elevator to arrive. Normally she would come in for the afternoon shift, but another Mission Manager was out sick and Helen was the only one available to take over his evening shift. Purse slung over her shoulder and a cup of Starbolts in hand, she walked into Mission Control a few minutes later and made a beeline for her desk. Zib was having a discussion over comms -- something about an unruly rookie -- but Helen wasn't paying attention. When the senior Manager had finished speaking, she composed herself and walked over, datapad already booted up and ready for use. "Reporting in, Zib," she said in her usual tone of disinterest. "Which Heroes do you want me to supervise tonight?"
  19. That sounds fine to me. Either her speed needs to be reined in a tad, or she needs to be less... fragile? I'm not too worried about her speed being OP, to be honest (I can look at Flash comics to figure out ways to stop her, mwahaha), but like Zippy said, she needs to be able to survive using her own powers. _________________________________ Jade Approved 2/3. Gunship 479 Approved 1/3. I assume "less than legitimate" to mean that these maps contain unsafe/unauthorized starship lane coordinates, which, while not necessarily illegal to own, are probably a bad idea to have when you work for a glorified law-enforcement agency. I think the higher-ups would be more upset if Jade actively used these routes than whether or not she simply had their coordinates, and would probably get after her for endangering her passengers. Plus, there's always the danger that some rookie is going to find said maps and use them. Maybe nothing will come of her having them, but I like the character-development potential they pose.
  20. As long as we are given a better idea of how fast Sapphire can actually go, I'm perfectly happy to approve her. As for Delta, I have no problem with the time-travel story, but I do believe both his powers and the singularity matrix are a bit OP. All I can suggest for the power issue is that it be simplified to "[advanced] gravity manipulation" or something. The core (or lack thereof) is a little tougher -- I suppose I'd be willing to approve a self-charging device if it were given a decent cool-down period of some sort. I mean, I guess it would make sense that future-Makuro would try to come up with a more efficient method of getting the Heroes prep'd for battle without them running back to the Tower every other mission... Maybe Delta tires out like any other Hero and simply has to take a break for two or three hours? Plus, I actually see a rather large weakness with this matrix thing: because Delta is from a different time period in which he has little to no technical (medical?) experience, damaging his matrix would be a very bad thing -- he's essentially stuck in a time where nobody would know how to fix him. Something like that could definitely affect the kid's story. __________________________________ Alright, let's keep it simple with the FTL and sub-light speeds. In ideal weather conditions a small ship could go well over 1,500 mph (2,500 kmph), so I don't think it's too unreasonable to say that it could travel about that fast in space. If your ship is the size of a commercial jet or bigger, it's probably pushing 600 mph (1,000 kmph). Either one is your rough sub-light speed. Now, if your ship has a hyperdrive/warp engine for FTL travel (not terribly common for smaller craft), we're looking at speeds of over 680,000,000 mph. I'd wager it's rare or even impossible to top that, so I don't think we need to worry about specifics when describing whether or not our ships are FTL-capable. With regard to ship size and maneuverability, think of it this way: there's no way in karz your Peterbilt Class 8 is going to be as flexible as a Mini Cooper. __________________________________ That concludes my 5:00 AM ramblings. Now that things have quieted the heck down in other areas of my life, maybe I can actually participate in this RP.
  21. Time to get back into the swing of things. :v
  22. Good News: I'M BACK! Bad News: I leave again this Thursday and come back next Thursday... There's no way in heck I'll be able to do any decent amount of RPing within the next 48 hours, BUT, if I can connect with the guest server on Friday, I'll just hop back into the RP like usual. Sorry for the hold-up, guys!
  23. Hey, peeps, just a heads up that I'm heading out of town for the rest of the week. I'm bringing my laptop with me, but there's no guarantee that I'll be able to get it to connect with the wi-fi there (and I hate posting via phone). We'll see how that goes, but just in case, I'll see you all Sunday!
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