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  1. "You're mad. There's no way we can expect to overwhelm their forces. Especially with that do-gooder, Makuta-wannabe, Toa Tahu around, who always rushes in like the 'hero' he thinks he is every time a loaf of bread is stolen. . . To challenge them would be to court death!" The Queen of the Sisters of the Skrall, sitting on her dark throne, slammed her staff hard on the ground, creating a piercing crack that echoed throughout the chamber. "We've been to war with them before. Surely you've heard of this? Our lands are diminished and lacking in resources... of course we've led campaigns. What I wouldn't give to conquer their nations! But we have not the strength just yet." She fingered the striking red jewel that adorned her staff. "We have already lost many warriors." A stranger stood before her, someone even she did not know. This stranger was cloaked in shadow, with a long robe that covered its entire body. A hood obscured the head and face so completely that even the Queen of the Sisters, with her experience with shadows, could not pierce it with her gaze. The visitor was Toa-sized, and stood in the four-limbed upright stance that so many beings possessed, but they could still be many things, or even something new. The Queen could feel an aura of power resonating from the stranger, and an air of authority resembling her own. The convoy that had escorted the stranger to the Queen's court evinced that the being before her did in fact possess both. Beyond this, one other betraying characteristic stood out, the voice. The stranger was obviously female. Her voice was sharp and clear. Strong, yet glazed with a softness that was a little chilling. The Queen approved and almost envied. The stranger began her reply. "I am aware of your former excursions. I have not come before you merely to encourage another attempt, but to offer the hand of assistance. Besides that, I have already spoken with other groups, such as the Vorox, and the Skakdi, among many others. Groups with as much need for land and resources, and as strong a desire for revenge against the Glatorian and the Toa, as you. Many of them have already pledged their support. Feel free to confirm this through your contacts. What I have come to suggest is that a united front, which as I say others have already pledged to, would be much more likely to succeed." The Queen was amused, and displayed the fact with a bemused half-smile. "You speak of unity among us. Yet you must surely realize full well what the outcome of such a united front would be if it failed. If we were to launch a full-scale invasion, the retribution would be swift and terrible, the vengeance complete. None would escape their retaliation should the campaign fail. We would have but one shot, and failure would mean death for us all. . . Yes, I admit this. Their power and capability is that great. I am not foolish enough to pretend otherwise. They may be far weaker than we in other ways, with their precious "mercy" and "honor", but even they have their limits. An invasion the likes of which you speak would arouse even their carnal feelings. Relations are fraught with tension as it is." The stranger spread her arms wide, then slowly let them fall. The Queen cocked her head as the stranger went on. "What if I told you I could guarantee the end of our biggest obstacle? What if I told you my allies and I possess a weapon even the 'great and mighty' Toa Tahu would be helpless against? Something no other Toa, Glatorian, or warrior of any kind could resist." The Queen was intrigued now, but skeptical. "Is this so? And what of their last-ditch, final-resort weapon of war? What of the one who was sought to end their silly civil war of not too long ago? What of Mata Nui and the Mask of Life?" "Mata Nui hasn't been seen since the war you speak of, and hardly at all since the Great Reformation. We will strike so swiftly and decisively that the Mask will be in our hands before Mata Nui can take any notice. You are surely aware of his lethargic slumber and meditations." "You know the Mask's location?" The Queen frowned. "I shall need confirmation of this before I agree to anything the likes of which you suggest. And what of Tahu?" "Discovering the location of the Mask was not an easy challenge, but we have achieved it. You shall have your confirmation. Now, as for Tahu. . . Allow me to show you our secret weapon. Even Tahu shall be helpless before us." She reached into her cloak and withdrew a round object wrapped in cloth, which she held upright. Allowing the cloth to slide open but to remain as a barrier between her hand and the object, she revealed a glowing green orb. "Naturally you shall require a demonstration of its power first." Several guardsmen stepped forward, as if afraid she planned to use it on the Queen. The Queen herself scowled. The stranger returned it to the cloth and her cloak. "It would be useless against you, your majesty. It only affects Toa." The Queen studied the stranger carefully. She was most certainly quite mad. Wasn't she? And yet. . . She leaned forward in her throne, suddenly hungry to hear more. "I'm listening." * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * The Great Plains stretched out in every direction. He thoughtfully took note of the contrast between it and the desert wasteland it had once been, so, so long ago. Now it glistened as far as the eye could see with luscious grass and other vegetation. In the distance, cities adorned the horizon. In the center of the plain stood a great monument of metal, glistening as the sun's rays were reflected off its silver surface, though it was highly textured with the pits and wear of time. At the very highest tip of this monument he stood, a figure of red and gold, alone but for his reflection on the shining metal on which he stood. His mask, bearing an expression of the utmost intensity and bearing a row of three war lines across each cheek, gazed out over the landscape. In this place, far from civilization, he was free from the trials of everyday. Free to fully grasp the big picture of his life. His name? Toa Tahu. He stood on the peak of what had once been known as Mt. Ihu. What a long, long time since it had been known by that name. . . he was almost surprised he still remembered it. Barren of the former stone that had stretched heavenward, it was now a mountain of metal. Indeed, he stood upon the face of the since-transferred Great Spirit Mata Nui. The nose, to be exact. And what a life I've had, he thought. I've led rebellions, fought wars, guided societies, and walked the footsteps of so many strangers. He grimaced. And yet. . . how much have I, right now, to show for it? A good deal, some would say, more than most. . . but is it enough? He contemplated the state of this world, and that of the past. Once, he and his kind had lived in their own well-structured world, governed by an overarching system of order. All they had to do was fulfill their duties, obey their instructions, and the world took care of itself. Only the rebellious, those who turned against this order, needed be opposed. Granted, these rebels won great victories and greatly complicated the otherwise simple world, but nevertheless it stood in stark contrast to this. . . He had lived in that old world up until it fell apart. Since then his kind had lived in a far more different form of "freedom" than any they had ever known before. Without the Great Spirit to guide us more directly, things changed so much. They had to figure life out for themselves. They had the principles and virtues of their old life to cling to, for which they were very thankful and grateful, but their world no longer had a clear structure of its own. They had to build one. And so they had. They formed kingdoms, nations, they developed governments. But alas, this had led to many a war. Tahu, as the head of the Toa Order, had done his best to lead his brethren in their quest to maintain peace. But oh, the road had been fraught with hardship, and didn't always work out the way they wanted. At least we were used to that part, he thought with a grimace. And now? The world of Spherus Magna was spinning on as it ever had. The nations lived more or less in harmony. The Toa did their jobs well. Alas, their kind were diminishing in number, but then they had help from the Glatorian, among others. Tahu often reminisced fondly the tales of old. Once upon a time his world had been straightforward and clear: Long, long, long ago, many millenia even before the old world had fallen. There had been many lifetimes of struggle with darkness even before the old world fell. But way, way back, there had been peace. Back when the world had been clear and simple, and there was a job for everyone to do good and a world that was also good, and served an immense purpose, and there was little room for darkness.Alas that darkness had ever come to be! The more he thought about it and all the harm it had caused, the angrier he became. Sparks flew from his clenched fists. Finally he settled down. The world was. . . what the world was. If they wanted anything different, they would have to make it that way. If they wanted change, they would have to build it. Unfortunately, not everyone wanted that. There were those groups, oh far too many such groups, who wanted to wrestle power over the world away from those who governed it well. Or well enough, anyway. The darkness, in short, wanted dominion and oppression. He had never understood it and did not believe he ever would. But there it was. The Skrall still lived out in their wastelands, the Skakdi in their old holdings. These among others stood in sharp refusal to convert to any kind of civilization, preferring violence and destruction. They've been acting up lately, he mused. A lot of raids in a short time. Are they planning something? He shrugged off the thought in indifference. As if such plans hadn't been made many thousands of times before in his life by such beings, only to be thwarted in the end. Part of him relished the thought of another war, if only as an excuse to exercise his power and vent some frustration. He would have felt guilty about this desire if he weren't often so frustrated with the world for refusing to shape up. Still, many millenia of war were a hard thing to shake out of beings who lived so long, even out of those who did not. In truth not all the Skakdi and Skrall clung to the old ways, and then there were those of his own kind who turned traitor. More nonsense he didn't understand, and a strange blurring of the lines. Alas, he would have to give the world time. There are so many worlds out there. He remembered from his rare conversations with Mata Nui. How can we expect to get anywhere if we insist on tearing ourselves apart? He wondered if this were true of all worlds, if they all went through these trying periods. Growth pains, perhaps. He smirked at the thought, finding it amusing, in a not completely pleasant sort of way. * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * Distant sounds akin to beckoning thunder drew him from his contemplation. It was faint, but distinguishable. Yelling. And. . . drums? Surely it isn't the sounds of war. That was the last thing he wanted to deal with just then. Once, battle had given him a thrill. He was always quick to lead the charge, with the sense of virtue and charisma that was the hero's standard. But now? After a long life-history of conflict, after experiencing many of the most pivotal moments in a universe's history, and after many millenia of leading a planet's people into the future, including his own, such feelings no longer came as easily. He wanted it to end. He was tired of it. Sick of it. He wanted peace. Peace that would last. But it was peace that was ever eluding him. He strode, slowly but deliberately, to the far eastern edge of the summit. Looking out across Mata Nui's old cheekbone, and farther beyond that, he felt the muscles in his knees weaken. No. Beyond the lay of the Great Spirit machine, the eastern plains were darkened, blackened by swarming bodies. Marching soldiers.And who were they? He saw Skakdi, Skrall, even Vorox, along with many other types of unscrupulous being. He knew there may even be a few turncoat Toa down there, and Mata Nui knows what else. It was a grand army, looking to be a million or more strong. He sighed. He closed his eyes. Come on, Tahu, you've got to work to do. Snap out of it. Indeed, this army looked strong enough to challenge the nations in the west. His people among them, though he owed his allegiance to all the free nations. He took a deep breath. Since the Great Reforming, the Golden Armor had given him great power. Not only was he a master of his innate elemental fire, but in the centuries since he had honed his skills in the use of the powers of the armor, which since being used to destroy Rahkshi Kraata had given him almost all the powers of a Makuta. It was a strange thing, as that same day so long ago of Rahkshi destruction and power gained had seen the end of his greatest enemy, the Makuta Teridax. That armor he now wore. He contemplated for a moment how to approach this. He then did a quick mental check of his powers. There were so many it used to be hard to keep track, though after millenia it came easily. 43 of them, including fire. Then, tipping his toes over the edge of the summit, he began to slide. After a few thousand feet of watching the silvery and pitted surface speed by, he was nearing the bottom of the peak. From there he launched himself into the sky and began to speed ever upwards, at an angle, passing over many more thousands of feet of silver surface. Gravity was his servant. Finally the old shell of Mata Nui slipped to the rear of his view, and he beheld a great swarm of darkness many miles below.He began to descend, at great speed at first, but slowing as he drew within a mile. Many weapons and blasts of energy were now being hurled at him, but his Mask of Shielding combined with his incredible dodging ability protected him from it all. Now close enough to effect his powers, he waved his sword over a group of a thousand soldiers. They were suddenly overcome with great fear, and began to flee. He caused another battalion to become enraged, and they turned on each other in confused conflict. Still another group began to float into the sky, weightless. Another thousand soldiers were scattered by a tornado even as stormclouds gathered around the field; a large number were magnetized into a great heap, while still more were forced to clutch their ears against intense sound waves; some were teleported a mile away, others gripped by thorns and vines; still more weighed down with intense gravity, frozen in stasis, suddenly attacked by hordes of rahi, gripped in a wave of slow motion energy, confused and scattered, or literally fell asleep on the spot. The Golden Armor hadn't had this much exercise in over a century, Tahu mused. He was beginning to feel some of that old thrill. Soon enough this army would be scattered and the free world safe once more. But in the next moment Tahu was reminded of something. See, the trouble with the Mask of Shielding. . . it only protects you from the front. It doesn't protect from an attack on your backside. But a mile in the air, Tahu hadn't been expecting one. Which is why it came as a surprise. He was hit, hard, and whatever it was that struck him was pressing against his back and forcing him toward the ground at terrible speed. In that moment he was thankful for his armor-given powers of invulerability, quick healing, and adaptation, which he instinctively activated. These powers made it impossible for him to be physically harmed, possible for him to heal quickly, and to adapt quickly to a given situation. He wished he'd been using them before, but hadn't thought it necessary. It's also been a while since I've learned something the hard way. . . His mind was racing as he hurtled toward earth. The next thing he realized, which puzzled him, was that the powers he had just activated weren't working. He still hurt more than he should have. He also wasn't as sure of what to do next as he should have been. What was going on? He still couldn't tell what was pressing against his back. It felt like a weapon? Or a boulder. In his confusion and perhaps a little sudden fear he thrust out his sword in order to emit a jetstream of fire to slow his descent. A chill went through his aching spine when he realized it wasn't working. He tried harder as he drew within one hundred feet of the ground. Come on, come on, not interested in dying as a pancake. . . Too late. He hit the ground, hard. He bounced, striking the ground again and again before rolling to a stop. Now he ached everywhere. And whatever it was that had forced him down now landed in the dirt a dozen paces away. He glanced up at the sound. It was a hammer, and an exquisite weapon of elegant design. In the hilt was a glowing, emerald green gemstone. He thought its color and spherical shape seemed familiar, though he couldn't quite place it. The rest of the hammer was a beautifully crafted gray and gold. He dimly realized he was now lying in the middle of the battlefield, and the forces around were slowly recovering from his attacks. He was, however, in the center of a wide empty clearing amidst them. The only sign of anyone near was the sound of footsteps behind him. Groaning in pain and still wondering why he hadn't recovered yet, he pushed himself into a sitting position and turned round. Striding toward him was a small group of Toa-sized figures. Every one of them was shrouded in a cloak so dark he couldn't make out anything more but the weapons they held and a rough sillhouette. Their number was five. One bore both a shield and sword, another a pair of sickles, the next a pair of staves, and the other two, including the leader, no weapon at all. They were striding toward him, and they came to a halt not far off, a couple of them crossing their arms. Tahu slowly experimented with shifting to a standing position, every nerve on edge. He could feel his body beginning to recover its normal functions, and his mind struggled to form a cohesive plan of action. Whoever these beings were, they were giving off an aura of great power. He was wise enough by now to know there are certain beings you can't afford to take lightly, even if you did possess the power of a Makuta and millenia of battle experience. This is especially true when said powers aren't working like they should. These certainly looked to examples of such beings, especially given the way they had knocked him out of the sky and presumably weakened his powers. They stood, silent, watching him. As if waiting for him to make the first move. As an experiment, Tahu put his hands behind his back and attempted to make a small flame with his finger. It worked, and came as easily as it should have. His aches and pains were also healing quickly, and his mind began to race at normal speed again. And yet caution must remain a virtue. "What is it you want?" he demanded, as if he didn't have a pretty good idea. He noticed that the armed forces were forming a broad circle around them, as if gathering to watch a fight. No, that was evidently exactly what they were doing. He presumed the five in front of him were the ones in charge. Ignoring his question, they stood silent and still. Their arrogance somewhat chilled him. It had been a long, long time since anyone had looked down on him as a Muaka looks on helpless prey, and yet these beings seemed to be doing just that. It reminded him of someone he had once known. Actually multiple beings. Not beings he had liked. And in that moment his hot-headed indignance at such treatment flared up in full force. Well, he would just have to treat them the same way he had treated the others, and if worse came to worse, escape and get help. "I said, what is it you want? Speak!" One of them, the tallest, the one besides the leader who held nothing, threw back his head and laughed, a deep resounding laugh, yet the voice was scratched. Tahu could feel his temper flaring. The leader, then, merely raised an arm and pointed at Tahu. He then drew his index finger across his neck. That did it. "Seeking to fell the leader of the Toa Order, are we? You beyonders have greater gall, ambition, and foolishness than I've seen in long time. I will delight in knocking you from your pedestals." Despite his words, the great Toa of Fire still felt a chill. But he knew his duty. It began. Making the first move with full confidence, having momentarily forgotten that his powers had ever failed, Tahu launched himself into the air with a wave of gravity, and launched waves of fear, anger, confusion, and sleep at his assailants. They shrugged it off and retorted with attacks of their own. Tahu felt his own gravity counter-acted by the same force, while beams of ice, earth, and. . . light were hurled at him? Their minds are well trained, shrugging off my attacks like that. . . and what's with the light? A bolt of flame canceled the ice, while plasma melted the earth and, in a reaction both instinctive and ironic, darkness canceled out the light. Instead of struggling against the gravity, he decided to go with it. Reversing course, he slammed, feet first this time, into the ground, sending shockwaves of plasma erupting through it. Bursts of lava jetted from beneath the surface and great pits of magma were opened across the immediate area. The circle of soldiers backed away. A fitting field of valor for a Toa of Fire. Raw battle erupted. Tahu exerted his entire arsenal of powers against his adversaries in every effective way he could think of. But what they lacked in power they made up for in sheer skill. A string of boulders he'd commanded some trees to throw were all shattered by a single expertly thrown shield, which bounced between them. Already one of them was freezing and solidifying pieces of his magma field, while the very plants he sought to control rebelled against him, commanded by an assailant who evidently had control of his own over the vegetation. Tahu was forced to slice a row of thick advancing trees with a great arc of flame. Well trained Makuta-spawn, whoever they are. . . The one he had recognized as the leader, also the one with the power of elemental light, did a twirl through the air and landed on a small island, upon which that hammer still sat. He gripped the handle and hefted it with a flourish before leaping away to avoid a wave of magma. Right then, that's enough of this! Unleashing a powerful wave of stasis energy, Tahu struck home, managing to lock all but one of his assailants in place. The leader was still free. He grimaced in satisfaction at the statue-esque forms. The next instant he was dealt a searing blow to his side. He grunted, unsure of where the attack had come from. He knew he'd missed one, but the leader hadn't been close enough to. . . He glanced up and saw him speeding away in a blur. Great, now he's a Pohatu wannabe, is he? Well let's watch him dance. . . Rising into the air again and dodging incoming attacks, he retorted with those of his own. But even with the help of the power which granted him perfect accuracy, he failed to land a felling blow. Plasma beams, electricity, waves of gravity, tornadoes, firebolt after firebolt, and repeated waves of stasis, all to no avail.He dances well. . . Finally he tried something he found both simple and clever. Quickly and wildly calculating his opponent's next move, he raised a root out of the ground in his path. Come on, come on. . . YES, nailed him! The figure crumpled to the ground, losing grip on the hammer while something else was also loosed from his figure. It rose in the air and then fell at Tahu's feet. A Kakama. They wear masks, or at least this one does. . . In an instant the hammer was reacquired, and Tahu watched as he reached into his cloak, retrieving something Tahu couldn't see, and then lifting to his face. Tahu was no longer feeling chilled, but now he felt a little disturbed. Who are they? More roots locked his enemy's feet in place. Glancing about at the gathered army to make sure they weren't yet advancing, he strode forward. He wanted answers. As he drew close, his opponent waved his hammer toward him. The Mask of Shielding instinctively came on, but no attack actually came. Not from the front. An instant later Tahu slammed back first into the ground, crushed by incredible gravity. His limbs were frozen to the ground in ice so cold it felt hot, his torso in earth so solid it was practically stone, and a vine of thorns wrapped itself about his neck. How are they free! He lashed out in anger, only for this to be replaced with fear when none of his powers answered his call. Not one, not even his mask. Desperately he tried power after power, not one working. His five assailants were gathering around him, catching their breath but not making any noticeable effort to keep him in place, except that the leader was pointing the hammer straight at him. They had him. "What is it. . . you want with me?" he gasped against the intense pull weighing him down. The leader handed the hammer to the being next to him, who kept it aimed at Tahu's chest, and strode forward. He stopped, put his hands on his hips, and looked Tahu over, slowly. Then he pulled back his hood, revealing a shining gold Kanohi Tryna, and laughed. The laugh was shrill and high, and Tahu realized that he was a she. "I've told you what we want. With you out of the way, the free world will soon be ours! It will soon belong to all who know what freedom really is!" She raised her arms, and the army, who had now gathered near, erupted in hoots and shouts. "You. . ." Tahu breathed, the chill returning with great intensity. "I know you. . . thought you were. . . dead." "I'm still alive as they come, dear." She smirked. "It was a clever charade, though, I must say, convincing the world of my death. Well, rather those who knew me, like you." She began to walk in a circle around him, step after step. "I've learned a lot since then, though, believe me." "How have you. . . done this?" He had to keep her talking, praying for rescue. "Beaten you? It wasn't easy, I'll tell you that." She leaned down and ran a finger across his mask. "But oh, so worth it, my dear Tahu." She resumed her walk. "You see the stone embedded in the hammer? Surely you noticed it. Does a certain. . . Toa Destroyer. . . ring a bell in that dusty memory of yours? I'm sure it does." Indeed it did. A being whose power was purely anti-Toa. It had the power to completely nullify a Toa's elemental abilities, mask powers, and even their physical strength. A hundred Toa or so had died before they had been able to stop it. Unfortunately, they had never learned the source of its power. The scraps had flown too far, had been too scattered. "Now then, you notice the crystal embedded in the hammer over there?" The green, glowing orb. Tahu had noticed it alright. "Well, tracking it down had been no easy feat, I assure you. I nearly lost an arm. But my point is, that gemstone was once the beating heart of that noble Toa Destroyer of old. It was the source of his power. And here's the best part, my dear Tahu. As you can see, I've learned how it works, and learned to use it against anyone I wish." Tahu's mind raced. There had to be some way out of this. Something. . . anything. Toa Tahu now felt great fear. Only he did not fear death. No, he feared something far worse. "Tahu, you have no idea how long we've all been waiting for this day. The world, in fact. I'm almost sorry it's already over." She reached into her cloak and withdrew a similar hammer, but somewhat more simple in its design. "Do you like my hammers?" she crooned. "I find that they reflect my own character. Strong, noble, powerful. A striking image, they are." Any feelings of hope Tahu had been feeling were quickly fading. His mind had exhausted itself of options. He saw little possibility that anyone would come to his rescue. He had told no one where he'd gone. Time to accept defeat. But not without a final word. "You'll never. . . win. In the end, such as you will always. . . lose. In more ways than you. . . may ever know." She was regarding him with amusement. He knew that look. But he also knew the truth of his own words. He had never expected to live forever, and he wondered if he was about to die. I wonder what it's like. One final idea hit him. He tried going nova. What to lose? But even that didn't work. And he knew there was no reasoning with beings like her. The best he might do is distract her, buy time. But his mind was so sluggish from lack of oxygen, he couldn't think of much to say. "Well Tahu, you're about to discover a new world. . . or nothing. I don't know. I just know you'll be out of my way." She thrust the hammer at him. He didn't even flinch. But she paused. "Actually, it would be a shame to destroy such a trophy. . ." She reached down and peeled the Hau from his face. "Farewell, Tahu." She leveled her hammer. He opened his mouth to speak, but it was too late. And then the last thing Toa Tahu, great hero and leader of the Toa Order, knew before his passing, was light.His final thoughts were these: What will the world do without me? * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * And so the tale of Toa Tahu came to end. Or perhaps the next chapter began. He finally found the peace he sought, although in the final moments he wished it otherwise, for sake of his people.
  2. A mask was going to be my guess as well.
  3. The better question is who would shoot first? Either Chewbacca or Leia.
  4. Hey! Some response! Neato. =P Two chapters left, folks! Chapter 11: Cheese Nips and Tomatoes ( Last time, Takua was magnificently transmogrified into Takanuva, the legendary Toa of Light! He then made his way to Makuta's lair with the Ussanui, only to destroy it and find that Hahli and Taku were stowaways. After finding Makuta, he sent Hahli to gather the Toa and Turaga, and then challenged Makuta to an explosive, literally, game of Kolhii. Which kind of seems like an odd final showdown between good and evil... Mind you, I did see this movie once where the protagonist fought an evil leprachaun in a basketball game- ) Director: Hurry up so we can start! ( -but that's completely irrelevant, so anyway, at the moment Makuta is chucking exploding protodermis balls at Takanuva while Taku announces. ) Taku: Welcome back, sports fans! Our match is heating up as Makuta dispenses with the ball, er, dispenser, and forms them from his staff, launching attack after attack at Takanuva! So far, the score is: 0 to 0. First person to score a point wins! And the loser gets blown up... Makuta: Be awakened... *throws ball* My brother... *throws ball* Shall not! *throws ball* This is gonna kill the real estate value of this place... Taku: And Makuta is imitating Yoda... That's not in the script! Director: *cry* And neither are you! *cry* Taku: Anywhosy, our two competitors take a moment to catch their breath as the referee calls a time-out. Wait, is that a crowd of adoring fans I hear? ( Just then, the Toa and Turaga walk into the chamber. ) Nokama: Aha! See, Vakama? I told you if we stopped and asked for directions we'd find it! Vakama: *grumble grumble* Pewku: Takua! Er, Takanuva! How DARE you leave me behind?! I'd pummel you if the fate of the island weren't hanging in the balance... Takanuva: Oh, no! I'm hearing voices! O_O ( He and Makuta turn to see the Toa, Turaga, and assumably the entire Matoran population behind them. ) Takanuva: Oh. Makuta: An audience gathers for your final failure- Vakama: Nah, we're just here for the free food and restroom. Do you have any Cheese Nips down here? Makuta: -er, Light of Toa... Takanuva: Maybe they will not see me win today... especially if they refuse to remove those silly blind-folds... Onua: *crashes into a wall* Ow! Who put that there? Takanuva: But the Matoran will go on stage, and someday, they will triumph, and perform on Broadway! Hahli: *sheds tear* I'm touched. Makuta: You actually believe I would let them return? Takanuva: No. o-o What's your point? ( Makuta launches a Protodermis ball at the ceiling above his front doorway, causing it to collapse and block the way out. The Toa and Turaga run out of the way. ) Taku: I don't think we've seen that move before! Makuta: They will snot sleeve... Pewku: Ew. Takanuva: 0.o Who hired this guy? Director: Yeah, like you're much better... -.- Takanuva: Who, me? 0:-) Director: Yeah, you! And it's your line, too! Takanuva: Hmm? Oh, I see. I'm supposed to be overcome with rage. Ahem. *deep breath* YYYAAARRRGGGHHH!!! Okay, I'm ready! Everyone else: o_o Takanuva: NO!!! Taku: Takanuva, overcome with rage, leaps at Makuta! Hey, no unnecessary violence or you'll get a penalty! Oh, who am I kidding? *grabs his Tomato launcher* GET 'IM TAKANUVA! *fires like mad* GAHAHAHA!!! ( I guess I'll have to narrate again, as our announcer just abandoned his post. Anyone who'd been present at the Kolhii SuperBall watches in horror as Takanuva tries his "special move" again, which had had disatrous results last time, and Vakama ducks under one of the buffet tables. Moments later, the rest of the Toa and Turaga are forced to duck for cover as a barrage of tomatoes comes their way. Taku, who's aim is so bad that he couldn't hit the side of a barn, completely missed his target, to the gratitude of the Director, as otherwise the shot would've been completely spoiled. Meanwhile, Takanuva does the same move he did as a Matoran during the Kolhii match, only this time it works and strikes Makuta full in the chest, who had been so stunned that he hadn't reacted, even though he'd had time to. Several angry tomato-covered Toa and Turaga advance on Taku, the victim of a horrible misunderstanding, and not wanting to find out what they plan to do with him, he flees for his life. Meanwhile, Takanuva slowly walks over to the place where Makuta lay, which is hard to see due to all the shadows in the room, while the crowd murmurs behind him. For a reason unexplained to the audience, Takanuva looks somewhat distressed and upset. Some might say he was disturbed by the way he'd given in to rage and attacked Makuta with such ferocity. Or maybe he was afraid Makuta might not be quite beaten yet. In reality, however, during the break between takes, Pewku had pummelled him for leaving her behind again, the food table had run out of Cheese Nips just before it was his turn to grab a snack, and he'd accidentally sqished his good friend Jimmy the Beetle, for whom there wasn't time for a memorial service. But the director liked the take so much, he used it in the final version of the film. ) Director: Moving on! ( Takanuva spots Makuta's unmoving form on the ground. Still saddened by the loss of Jimmy, Takanuva finds himself unable to feel any victory. However, it does brielfy appear that Makuta is dead. But just then, Takanuva gasps as Makuta shows signs of life. ) Makuta: Well played, Toa. ( Okay, and the fact that he just spoke helps, too... ) Makuta: Now I will protect Mata Nui from you. Takanuva: From me? ( Makuta gets to his feet and hulks over Takanuva. ) Makuta: Sleep spares his ribs. I mean, spares him pain, yeah... Awake, he suffers... Seriously, the guy has a horrible back ache, wake him up and he'll be in agony, trust me. Takanuva: You are not protecting him! Makuta: My duty is to the Smak of Dashwos! Takanuva: ... What on Mata Nui is a "Smak"? Makuta: An anagram for "Mask". Takanuva: Okay... but, I hardly see how your duty being to your own mask is relevant to whether ot not you're protecting Mata Nui. And how can you be loyal to a mask anyway?! Makuta: Don't look at me, I didn't write this. -.- Screenwriter: Well, saying he's loyal to his own mask basically means he's loyal to himself, and it's relevant because he's saying he can do whatever he wants and can protect Mata Nui from being woken up if he wants to. Tahu: Ooh, Bionicle Triva. Everyone write that down! Director: Can we move on, PLEASE?! We only have a few more scenes and then I can go on vacation to the Bahamas and finally be rid of you clowns! Yahoo! Taku: Yahoo? I prefer Google. Director: . . . *speaking to himself* Breathe, man, breathe. . . Takanuva: Wait, I thought the Toa and Turaga were after Taku? Tahu: Ah, we were going to tar and feather him, but we were out of tar and feathers, so we changed our minds. Takanuva: Okay. Then let's take a closer look behind that mask! ( Takanuva tackles Makuta and tries to take his mask off. Another pitched struggle between the powers of light and darkness, as Takanuva strains with all his might and Makuta resists with what remains of his strength. Slowly but surely, to the dismay of the mighty Makuta, his mask begins to pry loose, and finally is freed from its place. . . ) Takanuva: Aha! Victory! ( Takanuva holds up the Mask of Light in his hand. ) Takanuva: O_O Wrong mask. *faints* Director: >_< Makuta: Oh, here, allow me. ( Makuta removes his mask and hands it to Takanuva. ) Director: ... 'Kay, this scene is now totally ruined... Ah, well... Just fall in the energized protodermis already. *slams forehead with clipboard* *repeatedly* ( Since Takanuva is unconscious, Makuta picks him up and falls sideways into the pool. ) Director: >_< Good grief. Taku: Takanuva! Pewku: Is he leaving me behind again? *glares at the pool* Don't make me come in there after you! ( Everyone gathers around the pool as several minutes pass. Then, suddenly, a beam of light shines out of the center of the pool, the liquid rippling around it. The beam grows thicker, and then forms the Bionicle symbol. ) Vakama: *gasp* Mata Nui. There we go again, saying "Mata Nui" for no apparent reason. Ah, precious memories. Tahu: O_O Mata Nui's in the pool?! ( Tahu puts on swimming trunks and prepares to leap into the pool. Unfortunately, Lewa trips him and he falls flat on his face. ) Tahu: X_x I'll get you for this, Lewa... Lewa: *tries to look innocent* ( The Bionicle symbol-shaped beam of light grows thicker still, soon getting thicker than Makuta- ) Makuta: Are you calling me- ( YES I AM!!! *cackles* Anywho, the sound of energy surging is heard and everyone runs away from the pool. ) Everyone: HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!! SOUND THE ALARM!!! IT'S THE BEAST FROM THE SILVER LAGOON!!! ( The light and energy surge ends with a burst and something slowly sticks it's head out of the pool... wearing a mask that is half Mask of Light and half Mask of Shadows. This is Takutanuva, the most powerful being ever to walk the surface of the island of Mata Nui! The collossal combination of Takanuva's and Makuta's beings steps out of the pool and utters ancient and powerful words: ) Takutanuva: My toe itches. Everyone Else: o_o Pewku: It's hideous! Taku: *snaps a photo* 'Nother one for the scrapbook! Vakama: Light, shadow... ( Takutanuva stomps forward on big feet. ) Vakama: ...have become one. Taku: Which is funny, really, since eventually Takanuva gets to have light and shadow powers again, when he becomes a titan. Again. Tahu: Ooh, more Trivia. Director: Not to mention SPOILERS!! *wacks Taku* Takutanuva: Revealed the will of Mata Nui, the Light has. He has left us his board game collection. Yeehah! Taku: Mata Nui's gonna die?! ( The director wacks him. Again. ) Taku: What'd I do? What'd I do?! Director: Oh, you don't know? Nevermind then. Sorry about that. Takutanuva: Awakened our brother must be. ( Takutanuva points to the door shaped like a Hau, which the Toa and Turaga happen to be standing in front of, and which they turn around to look at. ) Tahu: Now what's the significance of a Hau representing Mata Nui I wonder? *wink wink* *nudge nudge* Gali: >_> ( Takutanuva reaches his giant hands underneath the door and a bright light shines from them. ) Takutanuva: Ooh, pretty light... ( He lifts the door the rest of the way as the Toa, Turaga, Hahli, Taku, and Pewku pass underneath it. ) Takutanuva: Go! Run! This thing is even heavier than that Great Spirit-sized Cheese Nip box I won at the fair a few years back... Pewku: Oh, yeah! XD Remember when the crane broke down? ( Just then, Hahli, still holding Jaller's mask, passes underneath the door. ) Takutanuva: Hold, little one. Hahli: o-o Hold what? The door or you? Either one is a bit heavy for me... Takutanuva: The mask. That mask needs life. ( Takutanuva takes Jaller's mask, places it on the ground and, still grunting in exertion from holding the door, places his outstretched palm over the mask. Light and power glow from his palm, and after several moments, the bodily form of Jaller reappears under the mask. He blinks and slowly sits up. ) Jaller: Huh? Where am I, and where did all the pretty light go? Hahli: Oh, Jaller! *hugglesquishes him* Jaller: Oh, Hahli! Hahli: Oh, Jaller! Jaller: ... Oh, Hahli! Hahli: ... Oh, Jaller! Taku: *snaps a photo* Jaller: Hey! ( Takutanuva strains as his muscles are becoming tired after holding the door for so long. ) Takutanuva: My duty- Jaller and Taku: He said doody. XD Takutanuva: *giggle* -is done... ( Takutanuva is crushed by the giant door. ) Jaller: No! I was supposed to make the sacrifice! ... Which I did, actually. Well, this is a bit backwards. Director: Don't forget your line, kid. Jaller: But he just got crushed, it doesn't make sense! Ah, well... *ahem* Get out of there! THE END
  5. Roll a pair of dice. If you get an even number, Han wins. If an odd, then Boba. That's my answer and I'm sticking to it.
  6. Wow. That art piece is bringing out the best in the competitors, isn't it? Frankly, #2 and #4 here are perhaps my favorites out of the entire Marathon. Why, oh WHY, must I only pick one? Well, first things first, I guess. #2, you get my vote. Whoever did #4, just know that I love love LOVED your story.
  7. Name: Timaka: Toa of Time Theme: Art to Fiction Word Count: 749 Story: Terra Atmo Resto With the attentive and delicate care of a mother, I gently tucked the earth over the head-sized nut. My little seed, who would soon sprout and undoubtedly outgrow me before long. Eventually the tree would stand over one thousand feet. That is, if it survived. I stepped back and surveyed the desolate red landscape. "I don't know, Mom," I said through the vocal transistors of my planetary atmospheric life-suit. "How is he going to survive in this wasteland?" * * * The memory faded, to be replaced by the starry vista outside my window in the family cruiserhome. If I craned my neck, I could just make out the red planet we were approaching. Nublar-6, the planet that my father had bought for the family many years ago. Or rather, he had bought a part of it. The Zarrulian government was selling land on the planet, recently purchased from a neighboring intergalactic nation. The resources and finances of that nation were running low, and they found themselves unable to apply the proper terra atmo resto (sorry, the lingo, it means "terrain and atmosphere restoration") process to this planet. Ten years ago we had come here to plant some vegetation, biologically engineered specifically for this planet's climate. We did this in several locations, and if all has gone well we should find some expansive pastures when we arrive. Once the atmosphere is finished being prepared (it nearly was now) we would be moving here permanently so we could better help develop the ecosystem. We would introduce some animals, herbivores and later predators, and try to keep the growing ecology in balance. Being only eighteen and not the smartest girl around, I don't fully understand the process myself, but that's the basic idea. My dad's something of a genius and he understands it all perfectly. But more than anything, in regard to this particular visit anyway, I was excited to see the tree I had planted back when I was just eight years old. If all went well, and I hoped with all my heart that it had, my tree should have sprouted and it should already be a good three dozen or so feet high. Most of our vegetation had been planted in large groups, but my father had let me pick out one special location for my own seed. "Buckle in, everyone," my father's voice commanded over the intercom. "We're nearing the atmosphere now." The family strapped in, each to their own seat in the cruiserhome. Altogether there were about twenty-five of us, although it was mostly extended relatives. We would be the first settlers in our part of the planet, but more would undoubtedly follow. Soon we were jostling through the atmosphere. We passed through a cloud, and I gasped. Those hadn't been around the last time, not that I could remember. The atmosphere restoration was coming along well. Soon we passed over our pastures, and were delighted to find many miles of fields and forests. They surpassed our expectations. My father had promised that we would visit my tree before arriving at the homestead, though not for long. I closed my eyes as we neared it. I didn't want to see it until we landed. * * * I hurriedly put on my atmospheric suit (which would not be necessary for much longer) and raced out as soon as the airlocks were open. And there it was. My tree. It must have been forty feet high! And to my surprise, he was surrounded by a dozen or so shorter trees. It took me a moment, but I soon realized that my tree was a parent! I can't describe the happiness I felt then. I now owned my own little forest. My father was surprised, too. My biologically engineered tree wasn't supposed to have borne any seeds yet, and certainly not these trees reaching up to about twenty feet. "Even in this age," he said, "I guess there's no full accounting for nature." He let me stay a little longer, and I wandered within the small forest, crossing over the leaf-strewn floor. Already a soil was forming. At the foot of my original tree I found myself in a small forest clearing, with him watching over as the maternal guardian that he was. It was a nice snug spot covered in moss and lichen. Between two of his big roots, a small head-sized nut was nestled, like an egg in its nest. I was so happy I cried.
  8. First one! Member Name: Timaka: Toa of Time Theme: Paradise Word Count: 492 Story: Paradise Paradise. It's an ideal, a virtue, a dream. It's a beautiful ideology of a utopia, a place where everyone is happy and no one has to feel alone or excluded. A place where people can live their dreams and do what they love. Paradise. It's a thing that beings always strive for. Any land full of abundance and peace could be considered a paradise. Any place where beings are happy and prosperous and joyous is a paradise. Paradise. It's a thing that many beings have fought and died for. Beings who believed so strongly in their ideals and cared so much for their people that they were willing to make the ultimate sacrifices in order to achieve the dream, if only temporarily. If only to hold back the crushing grip of darkness for a time, that people can live in light for as long as there are heroes to fight for it. Paradise. Who wouldn't want to live there? A place where hard work, perseverance, and dedication can make miracles happen? A place where your dreams can literally come true? Unless you want to live in Fairy-Land. Sorry, but without a mask of Interdimensional Gates I don't think it's gonna happen. But then, if that's your shtick and you want to work hard enough to come by such a mask, then more power to you. Paradise. Seriously, who wouldn't love utopia? A place where everyone's a brother and a sister and where each has personal responsibility of some form or another to preserve the sanctity of the society. A place where people are free to work hard in the way they choose, where no one will offer negativity but always encouragement. Unless you're the type who likes to be challenged, in that case I'm sure they can offer that, too. A place where hard work is always rewarded in more ways than one and every moment of every day is filled with joy and peace and beauty of some variety. Paradise. A place where everyone is family, and everyone is pure and good. This is my dream. This is what I fight for. This is what I've always fought for. This is what I lead warriors into battle for. This is why I lead my fellow Matoran against the tide of darkness, to strike in the name of righteousness in this paradoxical world. This is why I'm willing to die if need be, or to live if need be, to preserve the reality of my dream. This is why I die every day and bear tremendous burden. This is why my fellows possess undying loyalty to me and my cause. This is why we brave the shadows where no one else is willing to go. I'm surrounded by war and violence, chaos and destruction. Every moment is filled with fear and doubt. Yet every moment is filled with joy and honor. Because I know what I am fighting for: Paradise. What are you fighting for?
  9. Member Name: Timaka: Toa of Time Theme: Glass Word Count: 413 Story: Magic Glass It's glass, but it's magical glass. Through it you can see a garden, or maybe a tree, or a driveway. Maybe you can see another house, maybe you can see someone else's lawn, or maybe all you can see is a dumpster. Or maybe you can't see anything at all. Maybe it's entirely blank, nothing but pure blackness. But it could even be a jungle. Tall trees stretching their being into the heavens, creeper vines stringing about the place, animals noisy or quiet but always beautiful, gorgeous flowers and vistas of indescribable wonder. Another possibility is the ocean. Maybe you see a beach, with endless sand stretching in either direction, the waves gently caressing the land from across unfathomable distances and flowing back out to touch the edge of the sky. It could be a prairie, with a sea of another kind. A greener one. Maybe there are grunting bison or wild mustang, thunderstorms or great birds of prey as free as the wind. A great precipice, with stony walls threatening you with a thousand foot drop but also promising an incredible view. A waterfall cascades over the side while a peaceful forest stands invitingly in the opposite direction. A mountain peak looming above you, while mountain goats or grizzly bears shuffle along. Conifers stand erect like soldiers in a line, dotting the steep incline here or there while great boulders offer some variety. Or perhaps you see a dump, an amplitudinous array of things once having a home with good people, or even the not so good, forming itself comfortably in a high peak all its own. Old belongings now staining our world with unnatural death and decay. What if its the tropics you see? Crystal-clear ocean waves with a small island and palm-trees in the distance. The merciless sun beats down on you, but with your SPF 50 you hardly notice anything but warmth and peace. Maybe endless desert sand stretches as far as the eye can see, while hazy lines offer spectacles of interest and dances of exotic variety. A camel or a gemsbok passes by, on an epic journey of survival. Or the stars. A sprinkling of light spread across a handsome black carpet. Here and there a red star, or nebulae of enormous wonder and beauty. Maybe a planet, or an asteroid, comet, or meteor. Interstellar bodies on endless voyages of discovery. All this and more can be seen through the glass. It's glass, but it's magic glass.
  10. While most of #1 made me laugh, and #2 was pretty good, I chose #3.
  11. Another bunch of good stories. While #1 brought me a good smile, and #4 was a good piece of poetry, I ultimately went with #3. (#2 was my own)
  12. Member Name: Timaka: Toa of Time Theme: The Order Word Count: 702 Story: Dark Days of the Glatoarian Order My name is Toa Tahu. As the most powerful member of my Order, along with being one of the most experienced warriors and leaders among us, I was chosen as Head of the Order. I oversee all the doings of the Order around the globe of Spherus Magna, as well as being the personal guardian of New Atero. The Order also includes those who recently joined our ranks of elemental guardian warriors, the Glatorian, whose experience with their newfound powers does not yet match many of our own, though they are learning quickly. The one called Ackar is a trusted advisor of mine, while the exploits of Gresh have been most noble. Together we merged the Toa with the Glatorian into a single unit, the Glatoarian Order. I stand watch over New Atero and the entirety of the United Cities of Spherus Magna as the foremost guardian. During all my time here, the reign of peace has remained seldom unbroken. Very rare were the circumstances under which I was forced to exercise my Makuta-level of power. That is, until now. It all started when, after a century or two of peace, our imaginations turned to the stars. The peoples of our planet had solidified themselves into one united civilization, and we thought that if we could extend our reach to the stars, why not? So we invented machines and other devices that could transport us through the vacuums of space. Why, the Kanoka Disks of Interstellar Travel were a marvelous invention by our own Toa Nuparu, and from these we were able to forge Masks of Power with the same capabilities. It was soon after this that we discovered: We are not alone. Even within our limited reach were other civilized worlds capable of interstellar travel. This fact didn't perturb us at first, because we were quite confident by this time of our united strength and power. Oh, were we so proud. . . Fools, we were. Fools! Our ignorance is destroying us. Our First Contacts were nothing if not diplomatic and friendly, but as destiny would have it, the first race to which we extended the hand of peace spat in our face and prepared for war. They invaded us swiftly and decisively, without warning of any kind. Powerful as we were, these invaders brought powerful machines of their own. Complex, incredibly advanced technologies that made many of our own look like mere toys. I cannot describe to you the black anger that consumed my proud heart when I witnessed their preemptive and unprovocated strike, which brought much death and destruction. After the death of Teridax, so long ago, I had not suspected that we would ever come across beings not only as vile, but just as powerful. I suppose the long years of peace had dulled my imagination. In response I marshaled our own forces and fought back in a terrific battle. In our pride we still thought that victory would be assured. What fools we were. . . We were decimated. The memory still brings me great pain. I alone survived that day, and not because I was trying to. From there I returned to Spherus Magna and did what I could to strengthen our defenses, even during the chaos of invasion. I was forced to watch as the Order crumbled around me. Toa were slain by the thousands, and the Glatorian by the tens of thousands. From then on our pride was shattered and we strove in desperate fear to repel the invaders. New Atero was destroyed and much of the Order forced into hiding. We have been a Rebellion ever since, striking on occasion and simply trying to help our people survive. The invaders have not destroyed our people, but rule over them as dictators. They remind me so of Teridax. But I swear, by all my power, that even if it means my death, I WILL see Spherus Magna free again. Mata Nui, I know I promised you rest, but the power of the Mask of Life must be called into action once again if we are to survive. My name is Toa Tahu, and I watch in agony as my beloved Order crumbles around me.
  13. Member Name: Timaka: Toa of Time Theme: The Mask Word Count: 750 Story: Dr. Acula I halted before the entrance to the dentist's office. I don't know, something about it just gave me the creeps. Maybe it was the old and rickety-looking wooden door, maybe it was the little cracks in the window-glass, or even the faint, eerie light that emanated from within. Something just didn't feel quite right. Dr. Acula had just recently arrived in town. He came from a European country, I had forgotten which, but the reputation he had brought with him was phenomenal. People had been flocking to see him during the short few weeks that he had been here, and people were always ranting about the fantastic work he did. Thus despite my trepidations, I boldly stepped forward and through the door. If I had been a little spooked before, now I was downright nervous. Cobwebs hung from every corner of the room, and all the furniture was of an old Victorian-style, while the light I had seen from before came from from various candles around the room. There weren't any electric devices of any kind, as far as I could tell. On one side was a door, which assumably led to the operating room. To one side sat a receptionist behind a desk. I must admit I found it strange to see that instead of a computer, a long piece of parchment sat before her, along with a quill pen and ink bottle. Her physical appearance seemed normal enough, her clothes seemed respectable and all, and she wore a nice pair of glasses. But did I only imagine that she looked a little pale? It was hard enough to see clearly by the candle-light, much less through the obscurity of recollected memory. "You have an appointment?" she asked with a smile. Her voice bore a heavy accent, though I couldn't quite identify it. Dutch? Bulgarian? "Y-yes," I replied. Something about the way she was smiling at me put me off a bit. "My name is Norville." "Norville. . . Ah, yes, here ve are." She nodded to me and then directed me to a couch. "The doctor shall be with you shortly." I hesitated for a moment, my eyes darting unwarrented towards the door, before I obediently retreated to the indicated seat. It was old and uncomfortably soft, and a spring stuck into me, but whether by good manners or something else I didn't complain. As I sat, I continued to find my eyes darting intermittently towards the door, almost without my consent and awareness. When the door of the inner room finally opened, I must admit that I jumped. "Vell vell, our next victim has arrived?" As the man entered the room, I finally recognized the accent. It was Transylvanian. He stood tall but thin, and had a somewhat antiquated taste in clothing. The black pants and the jacket with its tails; the stiff, clean undershirt; the ruffed collar; and the high society shoes completed an outfit that I felt would look quite at home in a museum exhibit. Although I had to admit that it fit the atmosphere. But strangest of all was his face. The high cheek bones and wrinkled forehead looked almost unnatural, somehow. It looked a bit stiff and artificial, to be completely honest. I also imagined that his hairstylist must be very well-paid, to put up with a man who wanted such an elegant and triangular cut, not to mention how much work and hair-gel must have been involved. Somehow I managed to find enough of my voice to offer a greeting and extend a hand. "Dr. Acula, I am here for my appointment. It is a pleasure to meet you, sir." Somehow I felt obligated to apply my highest manners. It was when he shook my hand that I got a close look at his eyes. Strong and penetrating, and was it just my imagination that made them look a little bloodshot? I hoped so. "Yes," he replied. "Vell, the public will exaggerate. They vere probably 'under my spell' as it vere." With that he laughed, and the receptionist and I laughed with him, although after a moment I wasn't sure if I was laughing or crying. As he led me into the operating room, I couldn't help but notice a small sliver of white skin on the back of his neck, as if the outer skin had been cut through to reveal a different skin underneath. In that moment I wondered what in the world I had gotten myself in for.
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