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  1. The blended Mask of L & S is really cool, I always thought that was a cool concept!
  2. My top 3 things of G1: Mask collecting Well written characters the comic books Top 3 things of G2 pieces that didn't break very easily (compared to post 2007) new heads and mask functions use of the Nuva symbols on the Uniters as a reference to 2002.
  3. It's true, I lost so many of these... still finding cordak blaster bolts behind stuff.
  4. These are amazing! Very well done!
  5. I'm 30, and I have almost all of my old collection still (and now more besides)! I still tinker with them, build a moc or two and then tear those apart and build the original characters again, but mostly I'm saving my collection for my son when he's old enough. I have all of the comics and books as well which I'm planning on sharing with him as well, so I'm totally okay with keeping my collection to pass on to him.
  6. Hi guys, I’ve decided to combine all my spare bionicle sets into one big lot and sell in on ebay. Feel free to check it out, and if you know someone who wants to fill some holes in their collection or someone who’s just starting, definitely send them over! https://www.ebay.com/itm/175397151081 Thanks y'all!
  7. I politely ask to borrow the mask for a small task I need, and then forget to return it. My mask
  8. I've seen this one a few times, but I love it enough to post it again Still true.
  9. Well, in the spirit of your project on lego ideas: On a funnier note: This one hits me right here sometimes...
  10. Too good not to steal There was a time when IHOP fake changed it's name to IHOB to promote its burgers, but I would've taken the above option as well!
  11. I'd be game to throw my voice into the ring. But I second tourmalinex, a copy of the script to look at would be good to preview before making any commitments (so we know how large of a project we'd be undertaking)
  12. Don't get me wrong, I love TES, but I do know (and love) BIONICLE lore so much more.
  13. Horizon Zero Dawn. Definitely a recommend this game for those who want to hunt Rahi Robot Dinosaurs!
  14. I didn't even think about the Glatorian masks, since they're not technically Kanohi (minus Mata Nui's yellow Ignika). Yeah I did notice the Axalara Miru was missing, but I figured there was a good reason for it.
  15. Very impressive! In all seriousness though, it's quite a collection, you should be proud of it! One thing I noticed is that all of the Makuta and Shadow Matoran Kanohi are missing, are you just missing all of those, or did you choose not to include them in this lineup?
  16. Taken at a glance, the Okotan writing resembles the Nuva symbols from G1. Most of the 2001-02 years were based off of Maori culture, is it possible that they used symbols similar to the nuva symbols as well? But yes, I'd grant you that they bear a similarity to Mayan glyphs as well!
  17. Actually he escaped his predicament by using his heat vision to turn the water into steam. I read that book many many times and have that particular battle practically memorized lol
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