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  1. Then where do the other Toa come in? Because there had to at least been some before our current ones. Otherwise, how would the Protectors know what a Toa was or what they looked like, or the kind of powers they had?
  2. I doubt all of them are undead Toa, but maybe a few of them... but I was really hoping for skull rollers...
  3. Does anyone have the location of the topic where the put up the pics of the entries?
  4. Can we make something if someone else has already made it and entered it in the contest?
  5. I have used just about every foot ever made for Bionicle or HF to use as back armor. It really works sometimes. The arms of minifigs can work as fingers if necessary. Edit: Double post merged. -Wind-
  6. It does actually work... that is so weird.
  7. If he has the whole dragon bolt thing with his arms, imagine what the others might have...
  8. I've been using the HF system to build for a while now, and I thought: "Hey, maybe I can put some ideas up here for some people who are practicing, or just for some fun. And maybe, I'll ask some people to put stuff up here so I can learn it too." So ask away or put up some ideas you've found whilst building with either the old system or the new one. Enjoy!
  9. Does anyone else want some new kind of building system to add on to Bionicle in 2016? Because I do. I'm not saying the one they have now isn't good, its just some people (like me) enjoy diversity, and trying to put two systems together is fun. Imagine doing it with three...
  10. I say its doing pretty well. They sold out on S@H on the first day of being available.
  11. Is anyone thinking about a another possible movie next year for Bionicle?
  12. Well, if they introduce the bohrahk back in get ready for 'SKULL ROLLERS'.
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