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  1. Definitely, but as these have historically been physical building contests, we've decided to keep to that end of the building spectrum. Permitting LDD entries in contests didn't go over very well. Entries may not have been posted anywhere on BZPower, but anywhere else on the internet is okay. Great thanks! I will enter Nytebite my vampire MOC then. Now I'm thankful I didn't already post him here.
  2. Question -- rules say your entry must not be published prior to this contest. Does this mean published on bzpower or published on any website?
  3. Marvel. At some point, you absolutely have to do Marvel Superheroes. It's one of the best LEGO games out there.
  4. The skull priest is wicked awesome, pun intended and everything, but the electric Piraka took my vote.
  5. Oh come on. sometimes detail isn't everything. I for one am an extreme fan of your style man.
  6. Skull Warriors confirmed for undead stormtroopers, Bionicle G2 confirmed to take place in the SW universe (that would explain why Kulta looks a bit like Darth Vader) Dude, great minds think alike. The post above yours.
  7. Skull Warriors are dead Stormtroopers confirmed.
  8. Just went through Skull Grinder's combo model instructions. It actually made me smile - the entire setup, the way of the build, the parts, it actually reminded me of the old Bionicle instructions, like the Boxor or other sets. A step in the right direction at least. They just need to find MUCH better site builders...
  9. I'm sorry to say this but the writing made me cringe. The whole structure seemed like it was smashed together. Needless to say I will still be reading that and whatever other books come out no matter how hard they are to tolerate. Hopefully it will be better when we can read the whole book. Hurrah for names. Although it feels like the names were chosen by the keyboard-smash technique, I still kinda like them. Still deciding my thoughts on the whole thing.
  10. I like beautiful pictures and these are no exception. The fact that they are Bionicle only really adds to their charm
  11. Except for when it's listed on Ebay already as "$199 ORDER NOW PREORDER EXCLUSIVE MASK" then the chances aren't that good. I do hope for more reasonable listings in the future (when it actually comes out) though.
  12. A few of us might have accidentally talked about it in the chat because we forgot, but not in the actual video. Edit: This is meant to be a reply to post #9 but my quote thing isn't working.
  13. Greetings Gremlin (aka Virtual_Grue)! What are the odds that I would find you here? I see you too bear the name of your self-MOC rather than something random.

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    2. Acoguk


      Well, It's my first year in college, but I'm doing running start - I don't know if you've heard of it - so technically I'm still in high school, yet I'm mostly taking college classes. Also, as a home-schooler, I don't have an easy time remembering what grade I'm in, so I go by age. I'm 17, though by the end of summer I will be 18.

    3. Gremlin


      I'm homeschooled as well (did you already know that? Can't remember if I told you). I've seen a lot of people do that, but I myself will be waiting till I'm 18 to begin college.

    4. Acoguk


      Yeah, college has not been making it easy to buy all the new Toa, and I certainly have not enjoyed juggling high school work along with college work, but I am getting some of my college done free, so that's a plus. I don't think you have told me, but I feel like I remember you telling somebody on the gallery...

  14. There are many different ways to paint masks or Bionicle parts, but since paint does not willingly stick to plastic you may need to do a bit more than just paint - otherwise you'll find the paint will flake off and eventually you'll be left with what you started with. I recommend using some sort of primer beforehand, painting it all over the mask and letting that dry. As for the types of paints to use, I mainly just use cheap acrylic paints that you can get at any arts & crafts store. Put these on after the primer is dry and they will stick for quite a long time. If you do not want to hand paint the masks, you can get spray paint as a replacement for the acrylic. Then you can do details with a small brush and acrylics. Hope this helped!
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