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  1. This seems like a perfectly logical place to ask this question: Does anyone know if the S.4 premier on Saturday will be a two parter? And if it is, will both parts be aired that day (like for S.3) for with a week long gap in between (like S.2)? (Also if those who answer could be kind enough to avoid spoilers [including episode titles] that'd be great kthx.)

    Yep, the S4 premiere is a two-parter back-to-back. If you're so inclined to watch it live, it airs at 10am EST / 7am PST. New single episodes each following week will air at 10:30am / 7:30am.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  2. I wish I could go to bronycon, but it's just way too expensive for me. I was hoping to go to BUCK this year but a broken computer ruined my plans, which sucked because I wanted to meet some of my tumblr friends there.

    I was hoping I could attend Bronycon in 2014, but apparently it's the same weekend as Brickfair VA, which is pretty much top priority in my vacation plans for the year. Even if I can't make it to Bronycon though, I'm making it a personal goal to attend at least one MLP con in 2014.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)


    I've only watch Friendship is Witchcraft.

    FiW is hilarious, but it is exceedingly stupid and pointless. The first episode didn't introduce the characters, it just ran right into the episode. Also the eyecandy joke wasn't funny and was overused...but I loved it anyway. The songs, might I add, are/were phenomenal!


    i think fiw is meant to be like that. they put in all these stupid silly jokes that you cant help but laugh at anyway. laughing at how stupid a joke pretty much becomes a joke all in itself, but then they flip it around and put in some incredible music. i was actually lucky enough to run into griffin and jenny at bronycon which was super cool. griffin recognized my name from when i did a little vector for him for one of the episodes which did surprise me


    Oh man you met Griffin and Jenny, luckyyyyAnyways, despite the first few episodes being especially groan-worthy, I love FiW for how intentionally corny the jokes are and yet how completely clever the underlying self-referential humor is. And of course the music too.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  4. Fluttershy just reduced a dragon to tears. How's that for awesome?

    "B-but that rainbow one kicked me..."

    I got myself a 4DE twilight and it took two weeks to process and one week to shipworth it

    I got one too. FULLY agreed. After I got my Twilight, I pre-ordered Pinkie Pie, and I'll also be ordering Fluttershy as soon as the page goes up. My wallet may hate me, but the quality on those plushies is just phenomenal. ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  5. Here's a random idea - how about some LEGO set prizes for each round? Nothing too big, but a $10-15 set for the top score and maybe highest accuracy (or second highest, if highest is the same as the top score).


    That would indeed be awesome, but there's a good chance whoever is most skilled among us could get first place multiple times (as I believe Friar Tuck did this year). Would winners be restricted to only getting one set, with a second win perhaps deferring the prize to whoever got second place?


    Also, I have to wonder whether there might be other winning criteria that would help level the playing field a bit more, giving less-experienced players more of a fighting chance at winning a set. Team-based gamemodes may help in that regard.


    Also, one thing to keep in mind is that the accuracy percentage and number of shots is a little bit wonky in their system. Depending on the gamemode, it usually seems to max out at 99 shots and take the average from those. At least one match last year gave all of us an accuracy rating at 75% or higher, which was totally incorrect. If we use accuracy as a winning criteria, we'd want to make sure the stat is counted correctly first.



  6. Did you have fun?Yep, it was a blast! Being able to have our own party also meant we didn't have to deal with the regulars like last year.Would you do it again next year?HECK YES. No question. I'd pre-pay for it a year early if you put it on the store right now.How could it have been better?Aside from more control/voting over the gamemodes? Personally, I'd love to get a chance to play an actual multi-teams mode (with color designations, unlike that debacle of a second game).Although it was tiring, those two games left me wanting more. Last year we played a ton of games well into the night, because of the Unlimited Play deal they've got on Fridays. I was incredibly achy for the rest of the weekend, but it was so worth it.Also, we need more BZP team t-shirts. Seriously, our shirts are so cool, but barely anyone wore them for the match this year!Did the timing (Saturday right after the public left) work for everyone?It worked out okay, but there were some odd quirks, like how Public Day guests like Psychoshy had to hide out for a good while after public hours before the party actually started, and also missing out on the yard sale (which I didn't realize until after we got back). I dunno what better options there would be, to be honest. Maybe with Brickfair potentially being an extra day longer next year, it may open up some possibilities.Would you prefer some other type of activity? If so, what?No way, Lasertag is a must. However, I think we should plan additional hang-out activities, like that small grill-out we had last year.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)

  7. Wow, a raffle system. That's a pretty cool idea! Funding for various future raffles could potentially go towards anything, including charitable causes. Hopefully there will be enough prizes donated by either Lego or BZP members to keep this going.I bought 5 tickets for now. Even if I don't win, I'm happy to support BZP.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)

  8. Wow, Greg, brilliantly executed. Whether or not this ends up being an April Fool's Day prank, you will have fooled plenty of people either way.


    I'm going to go on record and say I believe it's a hoax. And if I'm wrong, hey! More Bionicle!




  9. Today marks the day that our own Evil Blog Master, podcast frequenter, BZPowerCraft server operator, and all-around awesome guy Takuma Nuva turns 23! Even though I'm posting this a little late in the day, let's all wish him a happy birthday before the day's over! Bonus points if your post contains pony, and bonus bonus points if you can help write birthday lyrics for a new Evil Blog Master song. I'll even sing it! ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)

  10. After giving it some thought, I voted for a "Like" system with visible names, but only if members' total Likes count is not visible.Initially I would have voted for none of the above, for the same concerns everyone expressed. However, while a Like system has the potential to reduce the overall number of posts made on the forum, I don't believe it would necessarily discourage quality discussion. As Lyichir and others put it, a Like button wouldn't actually prevent someone from contributing to the discussion if they have something to add.As for the "popularity contest" concern; if it's possible to implement a Like system without any sort of visible total "Like" count on members' profiles, that would essentially eliminate that possibility. There really shouldn't be any way to clearly tell which members receive the most Likes.(On a side note, that's also why the Reputation system would be a bad idea for BZP. +Rep count is good for larger forums that need to know which members are trustworthy, but that wouldn't serve any purpose here other than member popularity.)With visible names on Liked posts, it also adds an accountability aspect. By visibly Liking a post, you're making a statement that you personally agree with/approve of the post. It would help to discourage members from using Likes frivolously or on rule-breaking content. While anonymity is a good thing on much of the internet, it would probably only be detrimental here on BZP.All of that said, adding a system like this would only be a minor benefit, and I wouldn't be heartbroken if it's not implemented. As Black Six said, what we really need more is a suggestion for a system or incentive to help increase forum activity and quality discussion.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)

  11. I really like the idea of this bugtracker and I hope it sees a lot of use by both members and staff!Aside from the bugs that will (hopefully) be fixed as a result of this, this system has a couple nice side effects.BZP members can now get a little peek behind the scenes to see what's being worked on, and see that the staff aren't lazy bums after all!Likewise, it also gives staff a "to-do" checklist hub of unresolved issues that need to be looked into, so that issues can't be inadvertently forgotten about in a PM box or email.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)

  12. Considering we're ignoring the theoretical timetable or method for bringing it back, I voted yes.Given ideal circumstances and provided they go in the right direction with sets/story, I'd love to see a return of Bionicle in some form someday.I'm not holding my breath, though.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)

  13. Depends on the medium. What are you going to do with Bionicle that merits my money? Tell me, and I'll decide.
    Pretty much this. I won't just instantly back something just because it's under the BIONICLE name.Assuming it's something I personally approve of and deem worthy of my support, I'd choose an amount depending on the reward tiers; most likely around $20 if past projects I've already supported are any indication.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  14. Happy Birthday Avohkah Tamer! Hope your 22 second year of life is interesting!
    22-second years? Wouldn't that make me around 1.4 million "years" old!? :PAnyways, thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!I'm older today,Twenty-two to be exact.So get off my lawn.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  15. And then there's the Massive Smile Project. A whole lot of the better known brony singers coming together to sing Pinkie Pie's "Smile!" for charity. cool.png
    Oh hey, I was in the Massive Smile Chorus for that!
    So I went to a brony meetup today. There were only like eight people there but it was fun.Hopefully there will be another one in the future so I can bring speakers and play Rainbow Factory with my iPod
    Awesome, man. I've been to a couple local brony meetups so far now (It's a monthly one), and it's always a whole lot of fun.So, who here plans to try to snag the Derpy toy next month when it goes up on Hasbro's online shop after Comic-Con? I've got a $30 Groupon and I know where I'm spending it. =P~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
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