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  1. And how many of you are men? Just curious.

    Male, age 21 here. As for fanfics, I haven't read much other than Past Sins so far (which was amazing). I keep meaning to read more, but a full-time job only allows me so much free time. As someone who's never played a Fallout game, would Fallout: Equestria make any sense to me or are there too many inside references? I get the basics; post-nuclear-apocalypse, the Pip-boy wrist computer thing... I just don't know characters or story, and I'm willing to bet they reference them in FOE. By the way, I would be posting way more often in this topic, but sweet Celestia you guys talk fast. I can never find a good place to jump into the conversation! ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  2. Great episode! Not sure how I feel about the remastered theme song yet, but more Crazy Twilight always makes for an awesome episode.

    Sonic Rainboom as a destructive weapon! Awesome. Also, long-awaited Derpy cameo!

    I'm disappointed about the lack of a new song, though. Maybe Luna will get her own song next episode...[/wishfulthinking] ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)

  3. I personally am only interested in acquiring the large TRU exclusive set (that you have) that includes the Mane Six and some other randoms. Real shame Fluttershy is just a repaint, she looks nothing like herself. =/

    I've got all but Fluttershy, but I'm tempted to spring for the whole 12-pack if I can't find that standalone Fluttershy puzzle thing. ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  4. I've been a Brony since late March (thanks to Takuma Nuva), and it's been awesome seeing the fandom grow even through the break between seasons.I've got a few favorite fan music artists, such as DJ Alex S., PinkiePieSwear, Makkon, and RainbowCrash88 to name just a few. The sheer amount of fanmade music being made is insane. There's actually a comprehensive, weekly-updated Pony Music Archive out there that's up to 6.79GB as of a couple days ago. I can't wait to see the surge of new content after Season 2 has its first musical number! (Hopefully as soon as tomorrow's episode)As for toys, I'm not personally a fan of the brushable toys, but I've bought a few molded-hair ones. I've got the 5-pack "Gift Set" (Twilight, Pinkie, Applejack, Spike, Pink Celestia), the blind-bag scale 4-pack (Twilight, Dash, Pinkie, Rarity), and Hahli Husky sold me an individually-packaged Applejack she bought while in Canada. I'm only missing the Rainbow Dash recolor Fluttershy.I also got a hand-carved wooden Fluttershy as a gift from a Brony I met up with IRL for coffee last month! SO. AWESOME. /)^ɛ^(\So, who here is planning to wake up early tomorrow to watch the episode live? I know I am!~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)

  5. I think questions like this are supposed to go in the pictures topic topic, just saying

    Not necessarily. He was asking about signatures, not banners. A signature can have both text and images.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  6. Pardon me, but I can't figure out how to change my signiture. With the new forum styling, I can't find where to change it. Can someone please answer?

    To change your signature, click your name up at the top right of the screen, choose "My Settings", and on the left sidebar click "Signature". Edit: Wow, was I seriously ninja'd twice? ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  7. It's happening to me as well. I logged off both forums, deleted all BZPower cookies, and logged ONLY into the new forums (with the Remember Me box checked), and I got logged out within 5 minutes of browsing the new forums. This is definitely a problem... It just happened to me literally three times while typing up this post. The worst part of it all is that Firefox's password autocomplete doesn't detect and fill the login popup frames (just the standalone login page), so I have to manually type my username and password in every single time.EDIT:I did some testing and I think I've determined a solution. In Firefox, I had several BZPower blog RSS feeds as Live Bookmarks (automatically-updating bookmarks folders). Even though the old blog URLs don't work anymore, since they point to the /forums/ directory, it's as if my browser visted the forum archive every single time a feed refreshes. In short, if you're on Firefox and you used Live Bookmarks to follow an RSS feed on the old forums, DELETE the feed folder in your Bookmarks. I haven't been signed off in over a half hour now since I did so. ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)

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