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  1. Not checking this site as frequently as I used to so your recent blog posts escaped the radar. Sad the essays stopped, but happy to see that you made it into the industry and are enjoying your professional work!
  2. I continue to be baffled by the advancement of sets based on sitcoms, but they must be doing well that LEGO will be putting out a fifth. That said, the range of products coming from Ideas is pretty diverse (the inclusion of Jazz Quartet only widens that) and it's really cool that there's a little something for everyone in the line.
  3. Vorahk1Panrahk2


    I am so ready for spooky season and autumn weather that comes with it. Unfortunately in my neck of CA we don't really get autumn...
  4. Didn't get a chance to watch the video yesterday but it's now private? Any other links to watch it?
  5. Little kid me saved up allll his money to buy that when it came out. It's the only version of the ship I bought, and it's still sitting on my shelf 19 years later, mostly intact. It's definitely been surpassed by later versions, but I don't think its aged that badly either. I look forward to displaying it next to the UCS version.
  6. My only real complain is the top of the side doors. I know the movie model is curved similarly at the top, but I don't think they quite nailed the shape. Should be flush with the fuselage when closed. Including a mini speeder bike for the interior would have been a cherry on top, but I'm being greedy. It's a really beautiful rendition of the ship, and I look forward to making this my first UCS set. Hopefully this does well enough to encourage more prequel UCS sets so we can get a UCS ARC-170.
  7. The farm truck and its accessories are adorable. I can't put a finger on why I love it, I just do.
  8. Was hoping this one would make it through. I look forward to seeing the final model.
  9. As someone who currently makes maps for a living ("living") I find this.... actually really boring. It's cool to see the bathymetry rendered in LEGO but I just don't really see the appeal. I think it would have been cooler if it zoomed in on continents instead of fitting the whole globe on the panel. That way you could show topographic detail and still show the bathymetry. I reallllly like the mini build with the numbered tiles though. I'm currently building the John Lennon mosaic and that looks a lot more useful than sharpie-ing bags.
  10. I'm going to be a stick in the mud here. Wouldn't be surprised if this started a rule about resubmitting models. Technically different sure, but it was initially rejected for a reason. I don't see those reasons changing just because the model is different. Of course, on the flip side, reaching 10,000 again tells LEGO that there is, in fact, still current demand. But I dunno. I just worry it could set a precedent of users resubmitting the same models over again. It's a beautiful model but it had its chance.
  11. After there release of the ginormous Colosseum, I'd love to see more LEGO sets based on other well known (and perhaps lesser known!) historical sites, archaeological sites, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Greek Temple is a bit disappointing in that its a "generic" Greek Temple, inspired by a few but not particularly based on one. It's a beautiful model, though. The succulent garden is the real winner of the three though. So cute, and representing something you pretty much never see rendered in LEGO. It'd be nice companion to the bonsai. Seems like every week there's another project reaching 10k. LEGO Ideas is such a cool platform and we've gotten some great sets from it.
  12. Had no idea I wanted a LEGO Anchor Guitar until today. That's a cool mold, though. I look forward to seeing it used on ships. And does that samurai-guy have a harmonica holder?
  13. As others stated, Pirates and Castle just got large sets through LEGO Ideas. And we also recently had tributes to Classic Space in the LEGO movie sets. Though given that BIONICLE just ended its second life in 2016, that's also pretty recent. I'll vote BIONICLE, but I won't begrudge a Classic Space victory. Mostly disappointed Adventures didn't make the cut.
  14. The LEGO Bookends are the winner here. Great and unique idea that I can easily see being made into a set thanks to the hidden drawers. I would absolutely buy them.
  15. Since I couldn't vote three times for Adventures, I gave my other two to BIONICLE and Rock Raiders. Those are the only three of interest to me on the list. I like the castle sets, but those always return in some form.
  16. I guess we can rule out the Colosseum and police station. None of the others seem like sho-ins. Either. Wallace and Gromit, maybe? I don't see them releasing the viking village or castle right after the blacksmith. The longship is kind of cool. I think I'd root for the lighthouse, though. There aren't really a whole lot of LEGO lighthouses, are there?
  17. It's an achievement that it got 10,000 votes, but I see TX Master games as an incredibly difficult sell. It's clearly a game of some sort, but gives no indication how to play. The model itself is also bland. The rest are great models but nothing stands out to me as worth making into a set. But I guess we will see.
  18. Wow, what a fantastic and incredible looking model. But man, if I thought the Big Ben set was a repetitive build....
  19. Vorahk1Panrahk2

    Halloween 2020

    Okay that pineapple actually looks pretty dope with the way the light comes through the skin.
  20. I got that shirt, or one like it. I don't remember what was on it- knew I was never going to wear it so I gave it someone else. Some corporate rah rah "we're all in this together" stuff with a dragon on it. That was our mascot. A dragon. Wasn't uncommon to see someone wandering around in a dragon costume with their six foot pool noodle trying to keep people separated.
  21. Not really interested in the set, but those mini figures are perfect. Love Oscar the Grouch!
  22. For a short time, maybe three months, I worked in a sort facility. Mostly scanning and water spider. Favorite job was inbound because I got to just mindlessly toss boxes onto a conveyer. Least favorite was outbound because I am terrrrrrible at stacking those trucks. Contrary to what I read online, I too found that there was a huge emphasis on safety, they were definitely trying to avoid any and all lawsuits, and I felt like they were moooostly taking the pandemic seriously? If anything I took more issue with other workers who would refuse to wear their masks properly, and Amazon didn't do much about it. They didn't do much about people getting within six feet, but honestly, given the nature of the job, that's just impossible to avoid. We had one trial lane that tried to establish one way paths to pallets but it was kind of a mess. My bigger issue with Amazon is how tone deaf they are. They shove the message of teamwork and camaraderie down your throats with T shirts and facility mascots, and offer "fun" things like raffles and free food. But we all know how much they crack the whip- there's pretty much no room for anything they try to promote. And those raffles? Never got a ticket. Criteria for getting them seemed totally arbitrary. Other than that, can't argue with your negatives or positives. The one good thing about the job is that it kept me physically active. I lost more weight in those three months than in three years of trying. And of course gained it all back as soon as I left for a desk job. I absolutely get why people work for Amazon. It's not a bad deal. And if I needed to I'd go back. But I wasn't happy working there at all.
  23. I hope Ideas doesn't follow their own trend and approve the motel or Community idea. I get it. They probably sell well, and people like them, but they seem so generic compared to a lot of the other cool things that get to 10k. I'd love to see them approve something unique like the calendar or the working safe, but I wouldn't be opposed to some of the other non licensed sets. Really like the windmill.
  24. Yeah I've been seeing how bad its getting up there- I really should have mentioned you all in my post. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a little bit of luck shines through and the fire crews can get these things under control. Big shout out to all the personnel involved with fighting them. I think I might make some baked goods and drop them off at the local station. It's the least I can do to show gratitude.
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