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  1. Thanks for all the nice comments! Also, thanks Travis for the tips on the lightbox, I'm sure gonna try to light up my setting better next time! I also noticed people took interest in my painted Toa Mata, would you guys want me to show off the rest of them? I added some details to all of them but I would still need to repaint some of them (Kopaka's eye for example...)
  2. Hello there BZP-ers! With summer wave hitting the stores, I decided to pick up Umarak the Destroyer and having built him, went ahead and done some photos. Not in a review kind, just like: "Hey this guy looks cool, I bet I can make some decent shots of him". The decency of said shots can be discussed, as I'm not a professional and my only experience making photos of Bionicle comes from a single review I made over a year ago. So yeah, photos. Tell me if you like them, tell me how to make better shots, or just come and enjoy some definitely-not-professional photography ​ ​ ​ ​ Also bonus, some photos of Kopaka (and my hands in some cases) from before i set up the background. Yes, I know the background is bad, I did those on a whim, without any preparation: ​ ​
  3. Guys. A bit off topic but you need to check this out. Someone already has the summer wave and makes reviews of the sets on YouTube, this link leads to his review of Umarak the destroyer:
  4. It's Lewa for me as well! I love the unorthodox arm joints, they give him some aditionnal poseability and he's really cool to make photos of I appreciate the custom upper arms and lower legs, the controversial "knees" have grown on me and I dont have any problem with them anymore. His dual weapons are also really interesting, even though they're really simple and use the same parts as most other Toa. Another factor in my decision is Uxar which I just really like. I guess that's enough explanation...
  5. Really great ninjago wave! Too bad the Titanium Ninja Tumbler wasn't there as it takes #1 spot for me for this wave. Well it's somewhere up there with the stealth raider... Also, looking at Ronin M.E.C., am I the only one who noticed the Exo-Force Hikaru wing logo on its orange leg? Coincidence?
  6. 1. I really do hope so 2. Personally I would really like to see a new take on Wild West theme. Sure, nobody cares about western anymore but hey, I can have dreams. (6755: Sheriff's Lock-Up haunts me to this day for not picking it up when i had the chance) Also, I don't know if mining is still relevant as a theme but Rock Raiders always had a special place in my heart. And while I sure wouldn't mind a new space police vs. space gangsters theme I would personally prefer a "Life on Mars" styled reboot (no agressive human-alien relations, exploring space for a new energy source and all, again, more like Rock Raiders) 3. If by "brought back" you mean rebooted the exact same theme then I have no idea and I leave the decision to Lego . There are some themes that already came back in one form or another like adventurers, mining, human-alien conflict/alien invasion or underwater exploration... I would say one of these is bound to reappear one day...
  7. I'm glad you like it And yeah, Ekimu is edited because I only own one, so I built Makuta, made a photo then rebuilt Ekimu and added him Also, I have no idea how to add a second spike to have it anyway near the correct size... I'm not much of a MOC-er i guess
  8. Hello everyone! With the new pieces from Uniter Onua and Terak I was finally able to recolor Ekimu into Makuta. Haven't seen a picture of the brothers together yet so I just wanted to show off I know, I know, Makuta isn't perfect... But still, it was fun to make so voila, here it is. PS: I don't have any photoshop skills and it was made in paint so I still consider this photo a success. Also it's not really a MOC, just a photo so I didn't know where to put the topic.
  9. Wow, that's a neat page. How come I never stumbled upon it I'll never know but hey, thanks for showing it to me (I guess this topic can be closed then )
  10. Thanks a lot! I think I'm actually gonna get kopaka and gali just for this look
  11. ​Could anyone that owns both Kopaka and Gali make a photo of Kopaka with silver-blue crystal armor on his legs (instead of gold) and post it? Pretty please?
  12. Small update, found two more powers. Also, the game offers you a sneak peek at summer sets like 70339 Ultimate Flama or 70319 Macy's Thunder Mace Edit: Sorry! Forgot the ones I had from sets, adding them here: Guess what? I got moar, just for you! Edit: See this radio-something power? When you scan it, the game says that it cannot recognize it YET. So they actually made more powers than the game accepts... I'm pretty sure it will be available at a later update Edit: Double post merged. -Wind-
  13. So I've been thinking, am I the only one playing the new Nexo Knights app? Rather unlikely. As I'm not going to get all of the sets and still want to take advantage of all nexo powers I went on a journey across the internet to gather them all. While I didn't manage to achieve my goal, a vast majority of the powers is here. Yeah, I know it's cheating but just a little bit. Feel free to modify, add, substract, add names, put them in alphabetical order or whatever else you want to do with them. Enjoy! PS: I forgot to say that the picture is actually a link to a much bigger scan-able version
  14. Thanks man! Exactly what I needed. I don't think I'm going to collect any series apart from bionicle, it's just that I'm looking for some awesome set that's both unusual and very detailed in the design and that looks good on shelf allowing me to learn to build on a higher level at the same time.
  15. Hi! First of all, I didn't know where to put it so it ends up in general Lego discussion. Second of all I need help. I'm looking for an advanced set to "learn" a bit of building techniques 'n' stuff. It should also be a good looking display piece. I know the modular's are just the thing but here comes the "Temple of Airjitzu"... and it looks very advanced as well. And I know that it's a matter of preference if one likes the oriental architecture more or some classic buildings. So now I'm wondering. What can you guys tell me about modular buildings from creator expert series? Is buying a lego set a good way of learning building techniques in the first place? (The sets I'm considering are: A- Parisian Restaurant B- Detective's Office C- Temple of Airjitzu) This is Dakhannn, waiting for a quick answer and signing off P.S. If this topic is in any way breaking the rules of this forum please PM me if anyone has any piece of advice. Thanks a lot
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