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  1. It's not eBay but the Goodwill auction site has a 14k gold Hau up for auction. I didn't see any other posts about it around here. It's at $33k already! https://shopgoodwill.com/item/190507231
  2. Haha, good catch. I've been sorting Kanohi and had 6x6 stuck in my head.
  3. I collected these way back in 2002-2003. The thrill of the hunt is long gone for me.
  4. Hi all. I'm looking to sell this almost complete lot of Krana and Krana Va. It contains 92 of 96 Krana (missing blue Ja, yellow Xa, black Ja, tan Vu). I believe the purple Krana are all the same style, please check the UV light photo for details. Hopefully someone can finish this collection off! I'm not sure what a price on this would be so feel free to PM me with offers and discussion. You can also message me on the BZPower Discord at Biohunter#9345. Thank you!
  5. Hi all. I'm selling off a big chunk of my collection from the early days of Bionicle. All figures are in very good condition, please see photos for details. See descriptions below for info on what's included (manuals, etc). In addition to the sets listed below, I also have an assortment of gold and silver Kanohi, alternate colored Kanohi & Nuva, and a few Protodermic Nuva. There is also the first two Bionicle movies on DVD and the Bionicle CD-ROM game. AND in the last photo you'll see an few items from the Proto Squad promotions - two comic scripts, a poster, a CD-ROM with movie trailers, and the messages that came with each mailing. I'm not too sure on pricing but I'm looking to move a lot of these so please make offers and bundles! If you have questions or want to negotiate, please message me on here or the Discord channel (name is Biohunter). Thanks! Photos can be seen here!
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