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  1. I think all of the masks that were reused years later like the silver mask of light also have the 2002 mark.
  2. Is your Island home overgrown and a mess? Spare no expense and help yourself to Madame Bahrag's services! Their maids will C L E A N any and all surfaces to the point where you can't tell people live there! Call now for a free inspection today! Made for Biocup 2021 and yes. It's a sexy Bohrok maid.
  3. Made for the MP Monthly contest for December. Wasn't allowed to post in November being a judge, so I combined the themes. I hope you all like it!
  4. Is there an updated list of whats available? I'm mostly interested in the recoloured masks.
  5. Had this moc made since 2017. Thought it was time to give him an upgrade and post him. Check out my flickr and Instagram pages for more. Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/102848133@N04/with/50035364061/ Insta: https://www.instagram.com/awesomenessborn/ ~Borne
  6. "We shared our victories, and our punishment... so we will share the power of this mask as well." ~Kalmah This was a collab made with several other builder's. Check out their creations here: Takadox Carapar Nocturn Pridak If you guys enjoy what I make, visit my flickr and instagram pages! Flickr Page: awesomenessborn Instagram: awesomenessborn
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