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  1. I came across this Pakari mismold a while back while sorting through my Kanohi. I’ve seen the Pakari with a mismold on one side, but this is the first I’ve seen with the deformity on both sides. Does anyone else own one of these or have any more info on this?
  2. quite a high amount as there don't seem to be very many available - I have 5/6 available for sale (missing Hau Nuva)
  3. Are you looking for a lime green Matatu or the misprint green Matatu?
  4. The mask looks awesome, but those arms and legs need to be fixed
  5. I know this post is pretty old, but are you still looking for the blue Hau and lime Matatu?
  6. I recently found one of the Free the Band skateboard decks from the giveaway in 2006.
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