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  1. All the Bootlegs are still available I have the Krana and some masks left. Link to my eBay store: https://www.ebay.com/usr/ossoyed99
  2. I found the Kanohi that I have. Willing to take offers on any mask, dm. Nidhiki and Turaga Dume have been sold.
  3. Update I have some more sets to offer. Super Robot (dreambuilder/finalfighter/last warrior/masters of disaster) "Vahki" - 20 dollars (I have a few) Bela/Alien in the Bank gen 1 bootlegs - dm for prices Mutran and Vican - sealed - 250 sold Nidhiki/Turaga Dume - sealed - 150 each sold Various Krana - Normal/Va/Kal - dm for trade or prices. If I have anything else I will reply again. I also have 2 1 sealed Pohatu Nuva, sealed Kopaka Nuva,4 2 sealed Bomonga, a sealed inika hewkii, a sealed kiina, and a sealed kongu tohunga polybag that I forgot to take pictures of. I might have some 01 kanohi recolors but I can't find them now so will update when I find those.
  4. I've ordered from there before and have reviewed sets from Wildberries, Ozon and Sima-Land (all Russian based eCommerce). https://www.youtube.com/c/OSSOIsHere/videos
  5. You can buy directly from wildberries if you want. Here's a Piraka bootleg, the eyes light up if the battery isn't dry https://us.wildberries.ru/product?card=10843405
  6. I think I will save the protodermic kanohi for the end, they are really expensive and I still have so many I need to collect as it is.
  7. Looking to trade for certain kanohi, mostly the nuva versions. I have masks, krana (va and kal), and sets (both loose and sealed) for trade. Dm me to setup a deal. I will update the thread in a while to show off more of my collection for trade. Picture below is what I am looking for. Update #1: All masks obtained, copper komau has not arrived yet but has been purchased.
  8. Hello BZPower, first time thread maker, long time lurker. I'm here to list some items I have for sale and some items I am looking for. Dm me if you are willing to buy or sell anything from here. I also am down for trades so if you are willing to trade for something you want, talk to me in dm. ***I will try and add more items soon*** Sets For Sale: Toa Mata (All 6), Including Canisters and Instructions - $120 sold Bohrok (All 6), including Canisters, Instructions, and Krana - $70 sold Toa Nuva (All 6), Including Canisters and Instructions - $90 Rahkshi (All 6), Including Canisters and Instructions but no Kraata - $45 sold Matoran of Mata Nui (All 6) - $70 Bohrok Va (All 6), Includes instructions - $50 Vakama Metru (2004) - With Canister, Instructions - $25 Matau Metru (2004) - No Canister, Instructions included - $15 Nidhiki - No Box/Instructions - $30 Turaga Dume and Nivawk - No Box/Instructions - $30 dollars $20 dollars Kanohi For Sale: Hau: (x4 ) Brown - $4 (x2) Red - $0.50 Pakari: (x3) Black - $0.50 (x1) White - $10 Akaku (x2) Green - $5 (x2) Red - $8 (x3) Blue - $3 Kakama: (x1) Green - $8 Miru: (x2) Black - $15 (x1) White - $8 Sets I am looking for: Mazeka, Roodaka, Tohunga (Certain parts are fine, too), Nidhiki, Lhikan, Umbra, Hakann, anything sealed, really Gadunka/Mutran and Vican/Toa Ignika Kanohi I am looking for: Kaukau in trans orange obtained Kaukau in trans black obtained Kaukau in trans clear obtained Kaukau in metallic gold obtained Mask of Ultimate Power (Ultimate Dume Kraahkan) Silver Kanohi Nuva (Pakari, Akaku, Kakama) Misprints and prototype kanohi Light Blue Komau Dark Grey Rau Dark Grey Mahiki
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