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    Bionicle Universe owns one, but only three exist and you'll have to pay a premium for it.
  2. I did this recently and tried to remove it with force and broke the piece, but it's not impossible to remove as you can push it out with the notches on the 2m axle and a toothpick or some other thing.
  3. Maybe I'll watch it this year, unlike all the previous ones.
  4. The problem with schools for me is the current pricetag, I could afford it, but I'd be selling my next decade of work away to chance, moreso than I would without taking a school. Do you know of any low cost certifications or books on business that you would recommend?
  5. Because many top CEOs or other top dogs don't have any degree, you're taught to be an asset in a school, not the head, because when you get hired they look for credentials, but when one starts something they get to set their own rules, not play by the ones the average public play by. This is done at great risk of course, 90% of first time business fails, and it only gets slightly better for those who try again. I know I gotta have the right ideas, at the right time around the right people in order to succeed, so I can't easily do what I want to happen when it comes to ideas I do not own. Anyway, I'm going to move this discussion to another thread once I have substantial plans for the first execution of my mad thinking, so we shouldn't be responding here anymore in accordance with the thread starter's wishes.
  6. I may be interested in the bohrok shields you have, especially the colored pahrak shields.
  7. The numbers are quite iffy and strange to deal with, honestly I'd be happy if the other 9 or so elements of matoran were explored in the future in any generation of Bionicle.
  8. Alright, have it your way. You can't learn how to lead in business school, only the bare minimum. I'm a dumb spitwad just trying to stick, but I know this and I'm willing to be laughed at, scorned and chastised if I still have hope in my veins. Also, almost every large company has 2nd party subsidiaries and since bionicle doesn't quite fit the Lego mold, having a 2nd party handle it while the name brand does the initial selling wouldn't be a terrible idea. Well, I've kinda retreated on the "huge part" thing. Please stop sounding like a teacher breathing down my neck telling me to get in line, that's not how you change my mind. The best way to do that is to become my friend and break me from the inside, but that would be a waste of both of our times. I will take this to another thread, so thanks for that reminder. Have a great November!
  9. Maybe they planned on having the alt model be the main one and switched during production, but even then I'd just like expanded lore on this character.
  10. It's more asymmetrical with the flipped throwing arm and the set uses a punching arm for the back mechanism, so it's probably a weird set error. It would be cool if it were confirmed to be of minor story importance, especially since he's a very talented engineer in canon.
  11. I'll probably reply next week so I can actually make a cohesive and excellent plan in that time.
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