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  1. As in I literally have almost none of the money to make it happen without major lowballing or trading in a lot of my rahi and titans (nothing from 03 or after 04 rn), but I will definitely watch to see if it's still available in a few months.
  2. What answer was it? Is it the Nike shoes or something else?
  3. I'm yet to test out the demo, but I will probably play through lomn first as it's far more fun and interesting.
  4. If only I could afford it as I need most of what's pictured to complete my collection.
  5. No, I'm a bit more muscular and would prefer guns lol.
  6. He's very skinny, looks exactly like the kind of guys to collect knives.
  7. I love that you found a cool use for znap parts.
  8. The masks they wear have no power I'm pretty sure.
  9. This is all G1 stuff 1. Low set prices $10 (adjusted for inflation) for an 01 toa was such a good deal on a high quality action figure 2. The movie era (03-05) efforts on consolidating all lore into one medium 3. Every time a mask got released in a new color after mask packs stopped being produced
  10. Yeah, I've been into bionicle since 2015(known about it since 2008), but I didn't engage much online until 2021, so I only have a vahi.
  11. Still in preproduction it's just a giant pool of ideas at the moment.
  12. I'm planning to attempt making an animation pitch once I have the cursory plot and mechanics of said reboot complete.
  13. I'm about to see how bad nivawk is as it looks too skeletal to me, but I got an insane deal on a new one, so I couldn't say no.
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