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    Inside the air vents of the Lego store, with a bag full of In 'n Out.
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    Any aspect of LEGO interests me. Other than that, I take much joy in the following activities: Building things, taking things apart, drawing, playing water polo, biking, learning about computers (my machine right now is a Dual core intel powered iMac, complete with iSight, 160 GB hard drive, and 1GB of memory, with JBL Creature ii speaker system hooked up to it), Music (I really do love almost all music, which is noticeable by my 3500 or so song library), Pocket knifes, Shotglass collections, and Nerf Guns. Pyrotechnics also amuse me, but I'm not your run-of-the-mill pyro who thinks he's bad with a lighter and Axe can. I'm talking internal sparks, homemade fuses and detonators, and bombs that could kill a small buffalo. I love my fire.

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  1. Well. This is awkward.

  2. I haven't read the book, but I can say that the "Tears in the Rain" speech is one of my favorite moments in film. It's an excellent, though a little dark movie, and I hope to get the book soon.
  3. Kika

    It Rhymes?

    26/06 A day so nice I posted twice. Feels good to be back on the boards, even in such a tiny way. By the way, to any denizens of Chicago--I enjoyed your city thoroughly in the time I was there during Thanksgiving. Millenium park is nice.
  4. Kika

    I Have Bad Handwriting

    I have to agree about the trees. . I went to a Stanford game with my friend, and me not being the football type, I didn't know what their mascot was. And my friend pointed to the tree. It's quite humiliating I bet though when your team gets beat by a tree.
  5. Kika


    WWOOOO!!! Ow ow! But is it just distortion, or is it like a waah or something? 'Cuz I'm getting me one of these, and they're fantastic. You might wanna look into it.
  6. Kika

    Exo And Updates

    I'd like to update my blog more. I really would. Because then I wouldn't have to fill it in with huge blocks of text. So I'm going to try to set aside ten minutes aside, and try and do an entry each day. My life's that interesting, right? Just a couple things for today though. . I have a market very near to my home and heart, as it were. One thing I love about going there is that it is a nice walk, and it's my fifteen minutes of silence. No music, no talking on phones, no talking to people--silence. It was disrupted today, however. I saw someone I knew, made brief chit chat, and moved on. But it ruined my whole trip, believe it or not!* The bread didn't taste as good, my feet were sore when I got home-- it threw everything just out of whack. Oh well. Second thing. . I saw a quote not by Exo and it actually kind of made me feel enlightened. I just thought it was such a great way to describe how. . well, how everyone should be! It seemed very philosophical and comical at the same time (He'll do that to ya, watch out) and just was a great way to sum my life and lifestyle up. So, thanks Exo. *Speaking of believe it or not, Robert Ripley, the guy who started it all, is buried at my rural cemetery, right down the street from where I live. Fun fact.
  7. Aaaaookkay. So, quick update on high school relationships and such. I'm back with my ex (it's a long story, but we never really stopped liking each other, it sounds sappy, yadda yadda yadda, but there is reasoning behind it). Life is good. I like all my teachers but one. Ironically, it's the one teacher that I wouldn't have if I went to a public school, but I love it at my school so I'm fine. The ultimate slap-in-the-face in that class though is that I can hear the guitar class across the room playing while I'm in her class. And I can't take guitar until sophomore year. >< . Also, after school, that very same room is open for all students, and I just go in their and jam with a bunch of other guys . . It's awesome. The teacher has a Mac, and he rides a bike to school, and is a total awesome hippie. Essentially, he got a degree in bioengineering, and was doing field work, but then he decided he wanted to be a jazz guitarist, so he went for it! And now he's our awesome music teacher. His arsenal includes: About 8 acoustic guitars, give or take.One geniune Les Paul ripoff. Yes, a geniune ripoff.A keyboard.Two Pianos.A Bass guitar.A drum set.Bongoes.Countless other instruments which I have yet to discover.So I absolutely love that room. One other note, I keep getting recognized by students (either from the Water Polo team that I play on with them, or just random students) as Nate's brother. My brother Nathan is a senior, so everyone knows him. One kid actually picked me up, ran around the music room with me, until I yelled to him, "BRING ME TO THE GUITARS! THE GUITARSSS!!!" and then he set me down in a chair, then played me two songs on the piano. The first one was not fit for here, but the second one. . haha. Thomas (the kid): Oh, but you're Nate's brother. That changes everything. *starts playing* Fairies. . Fairies coming from the sky. . NAAATTTHHHAAANN ISSSS DDDEEEAAAAAADDD!!! *he's playing the whole time, awesomely well, actually* Me: Haahaha Him: Hey. . (to a friend that walked by). . Did you know Nate is dead? Friend: I did not know that. Him: NATE ISSSDDDEEEADDD!!! That just cracked me up. Hehe. I love high school.
  8. Kika


    Well, actually, the whole breakup thing got sorted out, and we're back together (it's a really long story, but it ended up we were kind of tricked by our friends. . which was disappointing, but they like wanted us broken up or something. .anyways, we're back together and life is good). And, yes, the airlines are awesome, but my friend was looking at the airline bass, in white, so I think I'll stick with the Wandre and it's awesome orange. That, or a Les Paul. Because you know they're awesome.
  9. So. . I'm a high schooler. Muy beuno. I had a pretty good day. . I don't like one teacher, just because. . . .because. . I don't know why, I don't like her. I forgot my locker combo, even though I insisted I remembered it, but much to my dismay when I went home, I had some of the digits mixed up. D'oh. Other than that, the cafeteria food's bad, my ex is now a good friend of mine ( ) and a bunch of other stuff. . Couple seniors said hi to me, because of my brother, which was nice. . Had my other friend mistaken for a senior.. Who knows. Good stuff though.
  10. Kika


    Okay, I know I said room. .but more pressing events have arisen. . So, as of tomorrow, I'm officially a high schooler. Woo. I don't have any classes with my buddy unfortunately, but I could think of worse things. I have my water polo practice five days a week, three of those days at 5 in the morning before school. . Not bad, just early. I don't mind, too much. My girlfriend and I decided to take a break for high school, and just promised not to be awkward around each other and to (cheesy, but it's true) stay friends, because I really do like her as a friend too. . Thing is, I know she's going to be awkward around me for a while, and quiet too. . which is the worst for me. But, such is life, and I know we'll be friends for a long time to come now. Sooo. . tomorrow should be interesting. It is an all boys school (the all girls "sister" school is across the street) so I probably won't see her, but it just feels kind of weird. Even though we both said it was mutual, I'm kinda bummed. .I just didn't want it to get to where we both don't want to be with each other and end up hating each other. . so I guess it's kind of good. I know tomorrow's going to be fun though. Room. . maybe tomorrow. Now, I hope this doesn't become a habit, but I have to show you guys and gals this guitar as well. . It's a brand called Eastwood, and it's got a good reputation. . not to mention awesome looks: Not to mention it has Keet Keet's awesome-o orangellow. Here's a better picture, but quite a bit larger: Shazaam! *sigh* Well, I'm off to bed super early for a relatively super early wake up tomorrow. . .I've got a lot to think about for the next couple of months, at least.
  11. Nitnitnit. . It is a "Bass" guitar. It's still a guitar. If it was a Bass, it'd be big and varnished and upright. Besides, there are six string basses and 7 string guitars. So you can't just judge by the strings. But. . I should've labeled it right. Haha.
  12. Even though it's only been 10 hours or so since I posted my last blog, I figure I need one before I go off to have my last-day-of-summer-fun. I think I just plan on hanging out with some of my friends, especially those going off to different high schools than me, but we'll see. So, I promised a look at my room and less importantly my life, so here it is. ~Where I'm at right now~ As I said before, I'm going into high school, which will be, if nothing else, way better than junior high. I play water polo too, and I know a bunch of the upperclassmen on the team already because of various out of school leagues and practices. So, I've got the whole sports thing down, and I haven't sold my soul to the evil football entity. No offense to those who play football, I'm sure you enjoy it and all, it's just at my school, it's more or less a year round thing, which just doesn't sound enjoyable. With classes, it's a different story, in easiness. I have, for freshman year, Geometry, Biology, Honors English, Spanish 1, Theology, Phys Ed (ugh), aannndd. . .I think maybe Visual Arts. I can only hope. Geometry won't be that bad, but I just don't have thing for math. I love it outside of class, I just don't like doing worksheets and problems for it every night. That's what annoys me. Biology should be mostly fun, but hard. . the main reason I'm taking this instead of Health/Computers is because this way I can take AP Bio Sophomore year. The Honors English should be easy enough, but more than a little bit of work to do. . As for the rest, no biggie. I just don't look forward to being forced to play sports I hate. Other things amongst my life are my guitar (a standard black and white Yamaha with a broken jack) my computer (iMac with intel core duo chip with 1GB of RAM and 160GB HD), my Bass (a Fender JP-90) and my friends. I'm in a band. . . sort of. It's a work in progress, at least. ~My room~ Hmm. . I'll do my room tomorrow. Too tired waiting up for people to call me. Aaaaaaannnndd . . . *drools*
  13. I felt kind of shamed that I hadn't entered an entry in here for a while after reading the latest blog of the week, so I'll be trying to do more stuff on here, which I know I will have time for during the school year. See, the interesting thing for me this year is that I'm a freshman/freshmeat/dunce/trash can-ee and all that good stuff. I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing yet, but I know a bunch of big dudes, so hopefully I won't be in trouble. I'm not too little myself (5' 10 1/2") but it never hurts to know linebackers. Other good news is that I know a bunch of seniors thanks to my brother and all his friends, and they like me well enough. As for classes, my good buddy is in at least two of them, maybe more, but we don't have a schedule yet. . . Now, onto other stuff. In recent news, I just got these awesome-o new (even though they've been down a huge hill in a makeshift go cart and used for brakes Flintstone style within the first three days of owning them) Vans: Heh. I know a lot of people probably don't like slip on shoes, especially "Old Skool" (their word, not mine) ones like this, but I just love them. Vans are really the only shoes I buy. Cheaper than most, and look great. Feel great too. Anywho, enough of being a typing advertisement. That's my entry for today, and I've got to go work on something for a special someone who's coming home from a long trip. If I remember, I'll do a little diddy on my current life and room tomorra. As always, Cap'n Kika (just because )
  14. But that headbutt was completely unnecessary. Anywho. .I was rooting for Germany/Portugal (for shame, Ronaldo), but I'm happy to see Italy win, partly because it was a great game, and partly because I get to gloat to Onu Defendant. Anyone else (besides everyone else) catch the game? If you don't know what I'm talking about. . well. . then go watch baseball or something.
  15. It's out in California. . Up northern way. . It's a state park I believe. Great little foresty spot a stone's throw away from the ocean. The serene part of it (one of the parts at least) is Wedding Rock, where people often get married. . You can crawl up on the top (the unsafe part, heh) and just look one way, and see the thick forest, and then look the other way and see the Pacific Ocean. Really makes you feel small and insignificant, but at the same time, happy to be here.
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