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    Hey guys, I'm Nik. Sorry if you don't see me much anymore. My health is currently not at its best, so I've had to give up some things including BZP. I hope I can come back soon. Either way, I hope you all have fun here, ok? :)


    Female, Hispanic, Agnostic, Panromantic/Graysexual, ISFJ

    I listen to too much JPop and read too many books and have a natural curiosity for the innermost workings of a human being.

    I am also a cat person.

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  1. Thank you for blessing the U.S. with The Beatles. )': -Nik
  2. It's called being supportive! Also because a Mean Girls quote seemed to be the more appropriate response without raising a ruckus.
  3. Mwah mwah! :V I'm glad I got it, too! I keep mixing up names and pronouns and such with all you girls, so please, forgive me or bat me over the head if I make mistakes. =(
  4. IT'S HUG TIME, TIME FOR HUGS. Ran, two for you. Andi? FOUR for you, Andi Grrl. You go, Andi Grrl! And uh... Darth Vader, do we have a Darth Vader here? *distant voice from the back* It's DeeVee! Oh DeeVee, here you go, one for you... And none for Gretchen Wieners, bye. Minor edit because I didn't know Ran's name but now I do! Fixed. -Nik
  5. All in all, you're just another brick in the wall~ I don't like a lot of Pink Floyd's earlier stuff, to be quite honest. But man, this album is so good. <3 It makes me feel many feelings.
  6. Because it's a beautiful album and it took me years to realize it. Hey you! out there on the road Always doing what you're told, can you help me Hey you! out there beyond the wall Breaking bottles in the hall, can you help me Hey you! don't tell me there's no hope at all Together we stand, divided we fall. -Nik
  7. LoMN will always be my fav overall, but man. I remember when they first put up the MoL website! I'd sit at the computer for hours just to wait for the teaser clips to load on my dial-up connection, but I didn't care because it was so cool. Ahhhh the glory days. :'D
  8. Mask of Light was released 10 years ago. :') -Nik
  9. Beccaaaaaa, I love you tooooooo! Tell your hubby I send him hugs and/or kick him over here so I can drape over his shoulders fondly. \o/ Hahaha don't worry, I noticed. It's cool! That's your Board of Review, right? Best of luck! My younger brother became an Eagle Scout a couple years ago and the Final Board was a little stressful for him. But the ceremony is super cool. Be proud of yourself - job well done!
  10. screams in the general direction of Canada in a loving fashion for you

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    2. Hahli Husky

      Hahli Husky

      We miss you too!!!! <3 I hope all is going well for you (well aside from what you mentioned in your blog, which I'm praying for!) I watch Mari's Facebook just to make sure all is good with you guys. Glad to see you again. :D

    3. Nikira


      Oh good, I'm glad you're still in touch with Mari! We will do our best, and I'll pass along the well wishes to my folks. o/ It's good to see you too!

    4. Hahli Husky

      Hahli Husky

      Great! Thank uuuuu also don't be a stranger now and then!

  11. Sup sup. o7 Congratulations on becoming an Eagle! That's a great achievement/ Are you just finishing up your projects and paperwork, or is it time for the legitimate ceremony? And man, you are speaking my language. B.A.P. is an excellent choice~
  12. Aw, haha, hey guys! I didn't mean to worry you, I'm so sorry. Life has been kind of busy; I've been in and out of the hospital a lot since I last posted... when was it, January? It's made the year kind of hectic. But I'm okay! (: Sisen!! /o/ You are always free to send me a PM hitting me with a stick to see if I'm still alive! I'll have to double-check my settings to see if I can get notifs or anything about comments in my email or I might just forget. I've moved on from BZP so I don't visit here that often, plus my methods of communication have changed a bit in general. Kind of just a way for me to adapt to this Aspergers' stuff, so I don't overstimulate myself too much with a lot of social contact. :|a Still, if you ever want info or where to find me nowadays, just ping my messenger and we can catch up, okay? <3 Lady K! Hello, darling, it's good to see you, too. And please, don't feel bad about keeping in touch! It's totally a two-way road, and I have been staying intentionally distant for a while from almost everyone because of things that have been going on. I'm glad that you still want to touch base, though! I'm flexible for when you can catch me - it sounds like your schedule is pretty intense right now. Like I told Sisen, just shoot me a PM and I can get you better contact info and stuff, alright? I'm not quite as carefree as I used to be, I suppose, but life does that sometimes. 'Sides, I'd definitely love to talk to you again. (: Best of luck with your important decisions, too! I take it you are still with your folks?
  13. Sup, BZP. /o/ I thought nostalgically of you today, so I thought I would stop by to say hello. I hope you've taken advantage of your summers! (: We're having issues at home - the breadwinner had to resign earlier this summer. We are drifting in the land of unemployment and uncertainty and are looking at moving. It really is a bunch of question marks. But we will make it through okay. Also, for those that knew my sister - her one-year anniversary was a couple days ago. She's all moved out and out-of-state and enjoying life with her husband. It's crazy! I don't know; my summer's been kind of boring, hahah. But hey, how are you all? IIRC Brickfair was this weekend - I hope you all had fun. Tell me your summer adventures and the songs of your hearts! Or just what song is stuck in your heads. Whatever works! o7 pssssssst killer queen has been stuck in my head for a week -Nik
  14. I am never going to get used to writing that. OTL But uh, okay, since I know there are other aspies wandering around the blogs: Are you able to feel when you're getting overstimulated? And what do you do to get yourself calmed down again? I get very, very irritable and upset, kind of like the feeling you get if someone pokes you with a stick and doesn't listen when you tell them to stop. I just haven't found good ways to get myself back to a calm state. So I'd like to hear what other people do. -Nik
  15. Nikira

    Google Eyes

    Heheh, I can live with that. Thank you, you guys. <3
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