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  1. Poking in here to say I'm really proud of you, girl, and this entry made my heart smile. You taught me to be confident when I wasn't sure about how to define myself, and I know you can do that as well. At the end of the day it's you and you are just as important as anyone else, male or female, straight or gay or anything else under the sex and gender rainbow. It hurts, I can't imagine how much it hurts. But you deserve to be treated as a beautiful person - a beautiful woman, regardless of what body you have found yourself in.


    Stay strong, okay? Happy birthday.

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  2. Hi Deb. :D ilu ~


    Beccaaaaaa, I love you tooooooo! Tell your hubby I send him hugs and/or kick him over here so I can drape over his shoulders fondly. \o/


    (BTW I edited my post because I thought I had wished you the best but I hadn't. X3)


    Paperwork and project have been finished and turned in, so now all that's left is officially scheduling the board (which, in my district, happens on the fourth Thursday of every month), which should happen this next Monday (aka meeting night, as I'm supposed to schedule it with my Scoutmaster).


    I also like some other bands, but I think B.A.P. is my favorite. Either them or Exo. I also like f(x), TVXQ, and a few others....Those are the ones I can recall atm. XD


    Hahaha don't worry, I noticed. It's cool!


    That's your Board of Review, right? Best of luck! My younger brother became an Eagle Scout a couple years ago and the Final Board was a little stressful for him. But the ceremony is super cool. Be proud of yourself - job well done! :)

  3. Oh hey it's Nikira hai.


    I've had a relatively uneventful summer. Biggest thing happening is that I'm gonna be going for Eagle Scout this month, so that's cool.


    Anyhow, currently "Badman" by B.A.P. Because I like K-Pop, and this song is amazing. =3


    Sup sup. o7


    Congratulations on becoming an Eagle! That's a great achievement/ Are you just finishing up your projects and paperwork, or is it time for the legitimate ceremony? :o


    And man, you are speaking my language. B.A.P. is an excellent choice~

  4. Aw, haha, hey guys! I didn't mean to worry you, I'm so sorry. Life has been kind of busy; I've been in and out of the hospital a lot since I last posted... when was it, January? It's made the year kind of hectic. But I'm okay! (:


    Deeeeeb. Oh. My. God.


    I was thinking about you the other day! I hadn't seen or heard anything from you in ages and actually started panicking. I was really worried something had happened. It stinks that you are going through some issues right now. I hope you are doing good yourself, and I hope everything gets sorted with your family soon.


    There is so much we could talk about but it all just went out of my head. I need to try and catch you when you are online something.


    Best of luck with everything!


    Sisen!! /o/


    You are always free to send me a PM hitting me with a stick to see if I'm still alive! I'll have to double-check my settings to see if I can get notifs or anything about comments in my email or I might just forget.


    I've moved on from BZP so I don't visit here that often, plus my methods of communication have changed a bit in general. Kind of just a way for me to adapt to this Aspergers' stuff, so I don't overstimulate myself too much with a lot of social contact. :|a Still, if you ever want info or where to find me nowadays, just ping my messenger and we can catch up, okay? <3



    I was on the same boat with Sisen, hah. We were just talking yesterday evening like, "man I hope she's okay!".


    Big relief on my end. I'm sorry to hear about unemployment and all that with your family, I can relate. I've been keeping you in my prayers and been thinking of you a lot. Let me know if there's anything I can do. Also, if there's a time or way we can catch up, I'd love to touch base more often, but only if you want to/can. I feel bad falling out of touch with you.


    My summer consisted of working 50 hrs/week which was very bad for my health and well-being, but got wrapped up getting to go to TLH/Turakii's wedding and Brickfair. I had a lot of fun and was very blessed to be given the chance, I needed that vacation. Otherwise nothing exciting--just deciding on things like moving, maybe going back to college, etc.


    Lady K! Hello, darling, it's good to see you, too. And please, don't feel bad about keeping in touch! It's totally a two-way road, and I have been staying intentionally distant for a while from almost everyone because of things that have been going on. I'm glad that you still want to touch base, though!


    I'm flexible for when you can catch me - it sounds like your schedule is pretty intense right now. Like I told Sisen, just shoot me a PM and I can get you better contact info and stuff, alright? I'm not quite as carefree as I used to be, I suppose, but life does that sometimes. 'Sides, I'd definitely love to talk to you again. (:


    Best of luck with your important decisions, too! I take it you are still with your folks?

  5. Wasn't aware of that. But I think it's more because my ability to communicate in general seems fine to a point, especially with words. I know I've learned my social cues decently if not awkwardly, I just have issues with most sarcasm/taking things far too seriously that aren't meant to be taken seriously, the rules of social give and take, etc.


    But again, I'm not really going to assume anything means anything until I have an actual diagnosis in hand.

  6. Getting a late diagnosis can be frustrating, for sure, but the important thing is to remember that you're constantly learning about yourself and the diagnosis will help with that by helping you identify with people who have gone through many of the same struggles. And hopefully that will help you recognize how you've overcome those struggles, or how you can do so in the future.


    Right. Regardless of what actual diagnosis I'm given in the end, I've got a good set of therapists to help me get started right now. Hopefully things will work out in the end.


    As an aspie myself, I'm willing to offer whatever support I can. My last college was a school specifically for students with learning disabilities, and while I was there I learned a lot about both the science of LD's and how to compensate for them, especially as it relates to educational or legal contexts. PM me if you want to talk.


    Educationally has been a trick for me for a while. I can do incredibly well with my studies, but I had to drop out of college because, especially my senior year, I was tripping so much over interactions with professors and other students that it severely impaired what I could manage. My senior studies became absolutely impossible because of that. Got a lot of comments that I was lazy or distracted or that I needed to be "more professional" in how I communicated verbally or met eye contact, and it kind of seemed that no matter how hard I tried I could never really do it successfully? And it's taken until now to realize that hey, maybe there was a reason for all that. But I still am not sure - just kind of waiting until I have an actual diagnosis otherwise it's just a giant guessing game.


    I am an aspie too, though I do not see it as a disability personally (not to imply that you do). If you want to PM me about it as well, feel free, I am all ears.

    Aspies are awesome. I know because I am one. I agree entirely with you Samhain, it's not a disability, it is a set of different abilities. If you need another person to chat with, feel free to message me.


    Yeah, I've never viewed it as a disability of any sort, and that's not really what I'm worried about! It's just kind of new, for both myself and my family, and it's been kind of a rocky start just with screening. If it helps me learn why I am the way I am and be able to adapt accordingly, then hooray. But I'm just hoping that my family can be willing to learn right along with me.

  7. Thanks, guys!


    Happy birthday NIKI!! I never would've guessed you would enjoy playing the bass.


    Hahaha, it's not something I've ever really spoken about, I guess! It's still an instrument I'm very new to, but I've never really felt music the way I do with a bass since I learned how to play piano. Which might sound super dorky or something, but it's still true.


    So yeah, whether or not I learn to play well, I am still super happy with it.


    I'm late! (When am I not?) Happy birthday and you're awesome and cool and you should come hang out with us in CANADA because it's awesome and you're awesome.






    Don't worry Rob, I forgive you and you are also awesome and I would love to see Canada and also you guys!





  8. Very nice; those Ibanez basses are really solid. I'm guessing you've an amp to go with it as well, or is that coming further down the line?


    Y'oughtta make some recordings


    Yup, a Hartke B150. It works well! And wooow does that E string sound beautiful. I've missed it. It's my only gift this year, but my brother saved up money for the last few months to get this all ordered at once and it only came in last night, so I feel rather spoiled.


    When I can get through a song without flailing then I probably will, haha. I will make sure to let you guys know, of course.


    Happy birthday! Hooray for life being okay. :)


    Lots of hoorays! Thanks, bossman. o7

  9. Too bad about the college, but it's good to get screened for things. I still need to be screened for physical as well as mental things. Looks like you had quite the eventful summer. Glad to you see you drop in!


    Hahah, thanks Emzee. It's getting lots of questions answered, at least, so I can't complain. I'll get back to college when I can.


    Haha def agreed! So are you working again or just taking it easy?


    I'm actually looking into work right now! I'm having to stay part-time until doctor and psych visits calm down, but there's this nasty thing called student loans to pay off at the beginning of the year, soooo yup. |D


    In the meantime it's been relaxing for the most part. :3c

  10. It's Deb! We had a fun Bionicle movie marathon at BrickFair, but I can still count the number of times I've seen each movie on one hand. :P


    Glad you seem to be doing well!


    It's a bossman! :3


    Pffft. Shame on you. Still, I don't blame you - they can lose their charm after rerun 5 or 6.


    But thank you! I hope you're managing okay.




    Sounds like a great summer overall. :biggrin: Also haha, well I'm glad to hear you don't have ADHD, but mostly that you were screened for a few things. It's good to hear that you're doing well, love you lots and miss you!


    Ahhhh I miss you too!


    Yeah, ADHD fell through just because there wasn't a strong childhood history of relevant issues or something along those lines. It's okay, though - I'm just glad I'm getting things looked at in the first place. //D

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