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  1. IC: Valfares - Approaching Xia Valfares followed the horde led by the Alpha, though due to his slower nature, he was in the back of the pack. He wasn't the most active Kaiju, so he tended to not go out by his lonesome. A gathering like this, however, is an opportunity he wouldn't miss. He just hoped his slower speed wouldn't cause him to miss out on the fun.
  2. Oh, sweet, this is up now. Been excited for this for awhile! Name: Valfares Species: Kaiju Gender: Male Category: 1 Adaptations: Electric Skin Personality: Not exactly the smartest Kaiju on the planet. Bio: Just another Kaiju doing Kaiju things. Appearance: Valfares is a rather bulky Kaiju, but as a result is slower than most Kaiju. He has sharp claws and even sharper teeth. His skin is a dark grey. Name: Kaleva Species: Matoran Gender: Male Powers/Gear: A protosteel sword. Personality: Kaleva is rash and lacks self-control. Once he gets into a fight, its difficult to pull him out of it. A light-hearted Matoran, who often fails to think about the big picture. Bio: Kaleva was just an ordinary Matoran, living an ordinary life, until the Kaiju attacked. When the Jaegers were created, he decided to make himself useful by volunteering as a pilot, but once he began, he found himself enthralled with Jaeger combat. Appearance: Kaleva isn't much different from your average matoran, and his armor is primarily red. His powerless Kualsi is golden, as is his protosteel sword, and some small parts of his armor. Jaeger: The Crimson Predator Jaeger nickname: The Crimson Predator MK: Level 1 MK I Kanohi: Hau Weaponry: In addition to the standard rocket fists of MK Is, The Crimson Predator has two wrist-mounted, retractable blades, one on each arm. Pilot(s): Kaleva Appearance: Kaleva isn't the creative sort, so there's nothing really special appearance-wise about The Crimson Predator. It is red though. Kaleva swears the color makes it faster.
  3. IC: Kaleva Things were really getting hectic around here, weren't they. The chess pieces, the other Neuf native losing his arm because of Ikira, strangely fast healing, and now that Gamma guy that they'd left behind had caught up, with news that we were hunting for someone else. Well, odd as it all may be, he doubted he could figure it out. Best to leave that to others, and do what he did best. Well, if these tests would actually give him a normal fight. Kaleva followed after Arkie towards the fourth level.
  4. IC: Kaleva Kaleva hopped down, and ran after the others towards the exit. "Well, that's one way to beat a puzzle!"
  5. Glad this is sticking around. I've been really inactive in general lately, but I still love this RPG and yeah, glad its sticking around.
  6. IC: Lekona - Lower Halls "All but one, that is." Lekona said, teleporting into view. "Well, to be fair, I fell behind for a bit there. Olari carried Zakaro off, probably so he could get some sleep, if you were wondering." He explained to Elittra.
  7. IC: Kaleva - Circadian "Well, I wouldn't be any good with any of this strategy stuff anyways," Kaleva said, walking over to the board and hopping on to the siege machine. "Huh. Seems I can't move from this thing. Guess I'm here for a while then."
  8. IC: Kaleva - Circadian Kaleva nodded and followed after Arkie.
  9. IC: Kaleva - Circadian Kaleva shrugged. "I don't care much either way, personally...but we should probably get moving. We've spent enough time standing around here."
  10. IC: Kaleva "Yeah, no problem," Kaleva responded, carefully doing as asked. "I suppose I'll go next. No use delaying the inevitable!" Kaleva said as he walked up to one of the sigils, and drew the knife across the back of his own hand, allowing some of his blood to drip, before carefully cauterising the cut.
  11. IC: Kaleva Kaleva opened up the crate, and quickly grabbed his Edd, his Sword, and the sword's sheath, and strapping them back onto himself where they normally would go, happy to have his stuff back. After taking a short second in his happiness, he reached back into his crate, and grabbed supplies and a knife, getting the knife ready.
  12. IC: Kaleva - Motara "Well, I find that being all orderly and stuff doesn't lend itself to very fun or interesting fights," Kaleva chimed in, having missed the previous question due to eating, "So, I'd have to lean towards randomness."
  13. IC: Lekona - Training Sector "Alright then," Lekona said to Olari, "Best of luck to you in there, hopefully we'll be back from finding one of these gems by time you're done." Lekona smirked. "Well," Lekona said to Zakaro, "If I'm remembering correctly, you said that the tunnels just pop up randomly on the lower level, right, Elittra? So, I guess we'll just be heading down there and searching until one decides to pop up."
  14. IC: Lekona - Training Sector "Yeah, same here," Lekona said, after letting Zakaro finish his little ramble. "I want to take another shot at those Tunnels. Honestly, I think I'm gonna do that regardless..." Lekona said, his sentence turning into a maybe. He thought for a moment, then declared at nowhere in particular, "I'm going to be sitting this round out!"
  15. IC: Kaleva - Motara Kaleva didn't really think before diving into the meal. He was admittedly hungry, and it gave him something to do, helped prevent him from lingering on being away from his exo and being further away from a fight. Well, not really, he could always get into a fight with this guy, but with his sword taken, all he had was his EDD. It'd probably end up being more pain than fun. "Personally speaking," Kaleva said, stopping eating for a moment, in response to the ruckus going on, "I'm just here for a good fight."
  16. IC: Lekona - Training Sector "So," Lekona said to Elittra after hearing her statement, "Gem hunting it is?"
  17. IC: Lekona - Training Sector "Artorre ran off to the Medbay." Lekona responded, "and what Olari said. We came to find you and we were thinking about going to look for one of those Gems."
  18. IC: Lekona - Training Sector "It was pretty bad-" Lekona began to respond to Elittra, but Olari started talking soon after. Thank goodness for that. The Toa of Air was not keen on refreshing his memory of the things that'd killed Elittra last round.
  19. IC: Lekona - Training Sector "You didn't miss much," Lekona responded with a shrug. "Artorre and I went looking for someone to fight, and just when we found someone, the round ended."
  20. IC: Kaleva - Motara Alright, survived that blow, now let's see if we can bring this thing dow-, Kaleva was thinking, as he approached the Woden's foot. "Karz..." Kaleva pouted, bringing the Jäger back beside the armor. "I was having so much fun with the fight too."
  21. IC: Lekona - Training Sector "Maybe. Depends on how big the spaces here are." Lekona responded, as he entered the Training Sector and started scanning the area for the Vo-Matoran. After a bit of searching, he spotted Elittra coming out of some chamber, so Lekona triggered his Kualsi and teleported next to the Vo-Matoran. "Hey, Elittra!" Lekona said, as he signaled for Olari and Zakaro.
  22. IC: Kaleva - Motara Kaleva's eyes widened as he spotted one of the machine's arms swinging towards him and the Jäger. He could probably use his thrusters to get out of the way, but he wanted to reserve his elemental power for his offensive instead. He activated his exo's Hau quickly, as he was prepping himself already to use it at a moment's notice as he had been approaching. He only hopied it was enough to protect him from this mammoth's arm. "This thing's incredible! Moving so fast despite being so big!" Kaleva said with a grin.
  23. IC: Lekona - Zakaro's Room With that, Lekona exited the room and started off to the Training Sector. He was a bit curious what sort of stuff the Training Sector had, as he hadn't visited it yet.
  24. IC: Kaleva - Motara "Yes!" Kaleva said, a grin spreading across his mouth as he saw his blast hit his mark. His excitement was cut short by the release of the chaff and smoke were released. His vision was obscured, and the radio line to the armor was cut off. "Karz." The Ta-Matoran grimaced. What now? Well, the thing had stopped last he saw, so maybe he could... Kaleva shifted the Jäger's left arm into a defensive position, and prepared himself to activate the Hau at a moment's notice, as he had the exo approach the behemoth's last known location.
  25. IC: Kaleva - Motara Kaleva nodded. "Roger that!" The Ta-Matoran raised the Jäger's left arm and poured as much of his elemental power as he could muster into its elemental cannon, and fired on the right leg's knee. The cannon may be weaker than most, but maybe now that he was closer to it, the cannon might be able to do something. At the very least, he could help the efforts to overwhelm the shield.
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