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  1. I was really impressed with the Chair just slightly more than the others. It's a fantastic batch all around, though.
  2. In Motion by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, from The Social Network soundtrack.
  3. The shot of that Makuta constellation looking down upon Kulta really gives me that end of '08 vibe. Nice throwback!
  4. I wasn't satisfied with Pohatu's poor excuse for a knife, so I gave him a new one I had lying around. That's a knife! I was surprised with how the Lewa Nuva blade just so happened to match Pohatu's armor, I feel like I lucked out there. I also added the leftover spike pieces from Team Straya Stone to the Lord of Skull Spiders. I don't have a picture of him readily available at the moment.
  5. I added some of the extra spike pieces from the Protector of Stone and Lord of Skull Spiders to the latter mentioned Lord. I did tend to tweak the generation one sets too but those changes are too numerous to list.
  6. Pohatu or Tahu first. Maybe both, I don't know yet.
  7. Think they're going to reveal anything about the big spider and its minions or is this reveal just about the Toa?
  8. Oh goodness, Makuta is back? Also I love how the Mask of Control looks like the movie version of the Kraahkan with ram horns or some such.
  9. You know, I do feel like a Turaga. I am experienced with old ways in that they were a long time ago but they do not feel so distant. However I am a different person now; I'm not as youthful or energetic as before although the passion remains. Besides, I can use my knowledge as a vague tool of misdirection towards the new generation of Toa and/or Matoran. Hehe, time for me to stare into a fire all day and tell people I see things.
  10. I believe orange transparent chainsaws are on their way back. I mean, what else could it be?
  11. I quite enjoyed the graphics of it, and I generally found most of the game fun. There were some enemies that were really annoying to fight but at the same time I always felt overpowered when I had 3 bamboo discs. A lot of the dialogue was really cheesy but it's also endearing in a way. I'm not sure I would recommend the game to someone that was not already a fan of BIONICLE, but it is a must play if you are a fan.
  12. I told my boyfriend a little about the story because I still have shelves of old sets in my room and he just called me a nerd.
  13. Not too long, it was more of a doodle than a serious effort. But I still had fun making it.
  14. You know the reason I can't hurt, I got a heart of stone.

  15. So I got excited about the recent news confirming BIONICLE in 2015, and noticing the promotional image resembles Vultraz's mask with a crown, I doodled up a little something. I wonder what crazy adventures everyone's favorite shadow Matoran will get into now that he has been crowned a king?
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