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  1. Yes, space gets representation all the time, castle literally just had a release in the blacksmith shop, pirates has the new creator ship and barracuda bay. What other chance will Bionicle get?
  2. I don't know if the price in the article is a typo or if the press kit Lego sent had the wrong price in it but the listing on the lego.com shop says that this will be $229.99.
  3. I got the new Kopaka first. My first G1 set was Tahu Mata because red is my favorite color. After I got into the story side of things Kopaka quickly became my favorite character, so when G2 came along I had to get him first.
  4. Well I, for one, am happy with this re-release. I missed everything prior to last year's set due to lack of funds or other sets (e.g. Bionicle) taking precedence. I'm hoping that there will be a re-release of the Post Office at some point.
  5. JayC16

    Alternate Models

    There is one thing I've been wondering though, when is the yellow jetrax set being released.
  6. JayC16

    Alternate Models

    And of course that means we can build the alternate model with either Jetrax, albeit in different colors.
  7. JayC16

    What Came First?

    The Rooster. Religion is not to be discussed on BZPower. -B6
  8. JayC16

    Reassure Me

    Well for new member I try to explain via pm give them links to the rules & regulations. And of course report spam posts. And leave spammy topics so as not to get caught in the spamfest. Wait... Was I just being a bit spammy myself. Oh well it seems to be running amuck in the forums here lately. So Tufi you have officially been poked twice...
  9. JayC16

    News And Notes

    Well I talk to family and friends about the sets and story all the time. I'm, for this reason, constantly getting on there nerves. A while back, I finally got Takanuva, I had been wanting him for over a year. So when I did I couldn't help but go on about it a little... Well maybe more than a little, my cousin said he was hearing Takanuva's name in his sleep. It's nice to here that everything is going well with the comic and I can't wait to get my copy of it and the third book.
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