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  1. So, I haven't been on this website in YEARS, but something I specifically regret forever is posting some very blatant anti-LGBTQ+ bull on here. At the time I had zero (0) socialization with anyone other than those who my conservative parents exposed me to, and HOO BOY have things changed. For one thing, I myself have come to realize my own bisexual identity. I feel like MOST of my friends now aren't straight, amazing what getting a theatre degree does to you. So, for those I hurt way back when, if you're even still around here? I'm so sorry for the hateful identity-defying rhetoric I spouted back then. A term I've come to appreciate is "hate parroting," and at the time I really was a hate parrot against the LGBTQ+ community. I regret hurting people by inserting my own dumb, sheltered child opinion, and my adult self is at least offering this apology to the void that will probably not even be read by anyone (and that, afterwards, I probably won't visit this site ever again, or at least not for another few years). I can only hope that this provides some mental closure for me after agonizing over things I said on a children's website years ago, and that somehow someone directly affected back then might see it and feel validated that their attempts to tell me I was wrong weren't completely in vain. I love the memories I have otherwise of BZPower, and do miss everything I've done here long ago. Thanks for everything, and one more time, I'm so sorry for hurtful things I once said and hope this olive branch provides... something? Anyways, peace and love, **** Trump, I hope everyone's living life to its fullest despite the world crumbling right now. -Benjamin
  2. Thanks Arctic. I'll get to that soon. This week is slammed because of my con-going adventures this past weekend, but I'll get to it sometime this week. Why are you so evil Roman.
  3. Alright, so I saw Ultron's announcement post (you sneaky man), but anything else involving Short or Metal that I missed over the weekend?
  4. Hey, just as a warning, I'm going to be attending a con this weekend, so I probably won't be posting.
  5. Metal / Refectory \ IC: "Good," Metal said as he grabbed a knife from another table. Why the Refectory even had knives he didn't know, but maybe someone had left it behind. Waiting for the paint to dry, he placed the knife beside the sign and pulled his axe-guitar around to sit on his knee. He then played an instrumental tune to pass the time.
  6. I can say from my viewpoint, it was a combination of me misreading repeatedly and the text color tricking my brain. Thanks for clarifying it with me as early as you did to avoid Metal being dismantled. XP
  7. Metal / Refectory \ IC: Metal chuckled as he finished off his fourth tray of the slop. He stood and moved to stand over Bullesye's shoulder, watching the Accurahk work at the art which was obviously not his forte. After the second failed attempt, Metal said, "Maybe if we paint it black and carve away the letters it would look better? Give it some depth, and we're better with knives than brushes."
  8. Metal / Refectory \ IC: Metal nodded and slid the can of paint down to Bullseye. He then tossed the paintbrush onto the sign and finished up his third tray. "Sounds good to me. Give it a shot - we can always paint another color or scrape it off if we don't like it." Short / Infirmary, Talking to Jayar \ IC: "Ah hope fer yer sake tha' she pulls through jes' fahn. Y'all really seem ta lahk 'er," said Short, deciding to sit now that Jayar had stood. She twiddled her thumbs while waiting for her friend to finish checking up on his friend. She wanted to hang out with someone for a while, and Jayar was the prime candidate.
  9. Metal / Refectory \ IC: Metal downed his second tray of the slop before starting the conversation. "So, how do you think - gulp - it should be written? Big - gulp - letters, jagged letters?" Short / Infirmary, Talking to Jayar \ IC: Short nodded toward Jayar as Palma worked on fixing her legs. When the nurse had finished her job, she courteously nodded and said, "Thanks, Palma," and then the Slowerahk popped over to stand beside Jayar. As he finished his tale, she responded, "Ah dunno wha' a Kai-yee-tuh is, but ah reckon she was purty brave. Ah cin see whah y'all care so much fer her." She contemplatively watched Palma work on Hoto, wondering if this Rahkshi she didn't know was going to be okay for the sake of one of her only friends.
  10. Approved. Ultron Illuminati confirmed. Also congrats on the level fours.
  11. Metal / Courtyard, Refectory \ IC: As Metal and Bullseye left the Courtyard, Metal called back to Drift and Vlad, "You two feel free to come catch some grub with us! We'll talk about paint and such over dinner - I'm hungry." He then continued through the halls and into the Refectory. After grabbing four trays of slop, the Powerahk sat down right in the middle of the room and began chowing down. He placed the paint and the sign in the middle of the table for Bullseye to have at it. Short / Infirmary, Talking to Jayar \ IC: Short lay silent for a few seconds, looking back and forth between Jayar and Hoto. With slightly less volume and more empathy, she responded, "Ah heard thayat, ah'm jes wond'rin' how it aoll happined. Who's this'n, this Howtow gal?"
  12. Metal / Courtyard, Talent Show Stage to Refectory \ IC: Metal nodded and grabbed the sign and started walking in the direction of the Refectory. "There's a can of black paint that was provided with the building materials," he picked up the paint and continued, "C'mon, let's go eat." Short / Infirmary, Talking to Fang and Jayar \ IC: Short overhead the conversation between the Rahkshi which had just come into the Infirmary. While it annoyed her that other students with more severe injuries had been brought, she was more so interested in the conversation. Leaning on an elbow to better conversate, the Slowerahk asked Fang and Jayar, "Hay y'all, wha' happined nayow? Someun's missin'? Somepin all heroic-like happined?"
  13. Metal / Courtyard, Talent Show Stage \ IC: "Hey Bullseye. Nah, I'm pretty much done, unless you want to paint the sign for me. The name's gonna be 'Corpus Has Talent.' What do you think?" Metal grinned at Bullseye, having recovered from his anger at Sliver. He took a look at his accomplishment - overall, the stage looked great, and the sign announcing what it was for would be the perfect touch. It was when he set the sign down to talk to Bullseye, however, that Metal realized that he was hungry and the sun had gotten really hot. It turned out standing outside for hours upon end was not good for a Rahkshi's health, especially one who was colored predominantly black. "Either way, let's go inside. I need some food. maybe we can make the sign while eating?"
  14. Metal / Courtyard, Setting up the Talent Show - Talking to Sliver \ IC: Metal shrugged in Sanurahk's direction in a "sure, why not" manner, though it likely looked more like, "I don't care about you or your talent, get away from me." That was the problem with how he had disfigured and painted himself. What he said, however, likely cleared up any misconception the other Rahkshi might have had. "Sure man, let's hear it. Maybe it'll help me jam these nails through this bar more easily." With much clanging, Metal pounded the nails slowly but surely to align the boards along the metal bar. He only had a few more to go before his sign was done. Once he would paint it, his preparation of the Courtyard for "Corpus Has Talent" would be done. Needless to say (but he said it to himself anyways), he was proud of himself. Short / Infirmary \ IC: Short waited patiently for Palma to heal her lower half. Given, she kept complaining under her breath, but she waited. Maybe not patiently. In either case, as time dragged on she got more and more annoyed. Palma really needed full-time assistants who would help her with the minor injuries so that people with crushed bodies could be helped more quickly. She let out a complaint a little more loudly this time and yelled, "Hay! Hayow much laonger bayfore a Rahkshi cin git her layegs fixed up!
  15. Metal / Courtyard, Setting up the Talent Show - Talking to Sliver \ IC: Metal's "friendly" smile vanished. With a grunt he responded, "Hey, I'm just telling you what I've heard. No need to be a Piraka about it. Just because you've heard about something doesn't mean I have. Last I heard Rahkshi were welcome there as long as they had a reason - like something to give."
  16. As a spectator of this event and a lover of fighting tournaments, I fully support this idea. Unfortunately, that'd probably break the narrative.
  17. OOC: Can I just say I find Deadeye and Palma's nurse-psycho relationship hilarious. Metal / Courtyard, Setting up the Talent Show - Talking to Silver \ IC: Metal thought for a second about what he had heard about. Lightstones . . . He had heard mention of a market off-campus that had pretty much everything. Maybe that would be a place to point her. Having heard nothing of the more recent going-ons that involved murder of Matoran, Metal told Silver, "I heard there's an underground market near Phantom-on-the-Water. Has pretty much anything and everything, from what I've heard. Might have trouble with money, though, seeing as we don't get paid around here." As Metal spoke he leaned over the remaining boards and the steel rod. With some beating and forcing, he imagined he could make a decent sign out of it. The biggest problem was going to be attaching the metal to the boards without any more connectors.
  18. Metal / Courtyard, Setting up the Talent Show with Vlad, Drift, and Sanurahk \ IC: Metal was beginning to feel more and more discomforted by the rainbow Rahkshi. He couldn't put his claw on any specific reason as to why, but the unsettled feeling was definitely there. Maybe it was the flighty way in which Lucid moved about, or spoke? Whatever the case was, it was still polite to answer. "It's happ -" That was the point in which Lucid had turned to talk to . . . air. Yep, now the feelings were definitely cemented. When she turned back, he gave a grin (which may have purposefully been wicked-looking this time) and responded, "The show. It's happening tomorrow evening, and open to any student who wishes to participate. There will be an official sheet for acts when the time comes. Everyone will have the ability to do something if they want." Finally, he turned to Vlad and Drift, raising a brow of his face-plate as he said, "Yeah, Drift, are you in the same place as another certain weirdo who just popped up? You don't seem to be all here."
  19. Dragon, this isn't a personal attack on you. Please don't get defensive. We're trying to help you improve your RPing skills and make it less likely for your characters to get smitten. Many people have been RPing in this RPG for months now, and over the course of that time have made minor improvements in characters through time, careful post-crafting, and interaction. Not posting tons of self-interaction posts in the span of two weeks and saying that's enough character development to make their characters the best, or even excellent, fighters if they weren't "perfect" to begin with (which is, by the way, godmodding if they are perfect).
  20. Metal / Courtyard, Setting up the Talent Show with Vlad, Drift, and Sanurahk \ IC: Two students Metal had never so much as seen before came up to the stage. One of them seemed curious, and the other was straight up weird. To Silver, Metal said, "To celebrate the talents which various students have learned, Drillmaster Suvak and I are putting on a talent show. The school-wide announcement should be happening soon."
  21. Well, the ripe time for the announcement to occur is coming (i.e. when everyone gets back from the fight with Phantom). So . . . hype?
  22. Metal / Courtyard, Setting up the Talent Show with Vlad, Drift, and Sanurahk \ IC: They were almost done with the platform. A few more boards and it would be finished. After that, it was a matter of putting up the sheet metal for the backdrop. Once that was up, they wouldn't have much left in the way of materials. A few nails, seven boards, and half of a steel rod. Maybe they could make a sign for the stage? As he nailed in the last board for the platform, Metal turned to the others and asked, "How does 'Corpus Has Talent' for an official name for the show?"
  23. No, the only one jumping the Shark was Short. Dang it, I was gonna say that John. X3
  24. Metal / Courtyard, Setting up the Talent Show with Vlad, Drift, and Sanurahk \ IC: Metal began to wonder if Drift was all there. With a reassuring (crazy-looking) smile, Metal responded, "Yes, yes we have. That's what we mainly used to build the frame. I think we have enough nails, and if we don't, we could probably figure something out." He took a hammer and started to lay down a board across the stage, nailing it at every point it touched a support or pillar.
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