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  1. IC: Selamat - Arena Vulcanus Selamat, still chewing a mouthful of bread, glanced at the Agori that was entering. Before he could swallow, Tueris and another had already spoken up to object to the small being's presence. He nodded his agreement to the words of Vulcanus' disgraced former Second Glatorian. "It is a treacherous path we will walk," he muttered. His voice was remarkably high when compared with most men, and pleasantly smooth. @a goose @Nato G @oncertainty @~Xemnas~
  2. IC: Skrall - Roxtus Stables "We won't," Skrall cut in, ending the conversation as well as his comrade's concerns. "We present a strong front to the outsiders. We are Skrall!" As he spoke, he looked to each in turn-- even the female. Even the scout. Not the traitor. "Now," he said, looking to the cart they had been loading, "let us finish our preparations and be on our way." OOC: @a goose @BULiK @Nato G @oncertainty @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  3. IC: Skrall - Roxtus Stables He stepped over to where the rope still lay on the ground in a coil. Stooping down, he seized it from the floorboards, and raising himself back up to his full height, he brought it over to bind the traitor's hands. @Vezok's Friend @BULiK
  4. IC: Selamat - Arena Vulcanus Selamat arrived in the arena. He'd have been the first to show up, but he had gone home to rest immediately after signing up. He had wanted to ensure that he was fresh for the road ahead. Nodding in the general direction of the others who had gathered there, he sat himself upon the familiar sand of the arena, and drew his breakfast from his bag: Fresh bread; a few vegetables from Tesara; a sip of precious water from one of his skins. His favored blade was at his hip, but his spear was with him also, as was a survival knife that was indispensable in the wilderness. He wore a head covering, to keep the sun off and the sand out, though it was pulled down off his mouth for now. @a goose @oncertainty @~Xemnas~
  5. IC: Skrall - Roxtus Stables Skrall glared at his Special Forces 'compatriot', his expression suggesting unfavorable appraisal-- not, perhaps, of his opinion, but of the fact that he was expressing it. You're not supposed to say it. It was bad enough that he had to travel with a group so full of outcasts - the reject female among them, even - but now the scout that was to be their guide was speaking treasonous utterances. And in the middle of Roxtus. This did not bode well at all. It reflected poorly on Skrall to be near this bunch. Thankfully, the scout was only to accompany them temporarily. Skrall only hoped that the scout's un-Skrall-like ways could evade notice for that time. OOC: @a goose @Skrall
  6. IC: Skrall - Roxtus Stables As Skrall dove out of the way and allowed once-Skrall to charge past him, Skrall changed the course of his strafe-- not to move in and assist Skrall, but to get between once-Skrall and the exit. There was no risk of once-Skrall evading an entire city of Skrall and escaping into the wastes, but there was a danger to the group's honor if they allowed once-Skrall to step foot outside of the stables. He drew his main-gauche out of his cloak, holding it alongside his sword as he taunted the deserter. "You will fetch little from the Bone Hunters if you go to them without all of your limbs. Cease your resistance, and salvage what little honor you have left. This is the last hope you have to be of service to the Black Legion." @BULiK @Nato G @oncertainty @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  7. IC: Selamat: Vulcanus It was quite possible that Selamat's name was the first on the list. He stepped out of the building where the roster was being created, a look of resolve evident on his face. This was what he'd been waiting for. A chance to utilize the skills he'd been honing his whole life. A chance to prove himself.
  8. IC: Skrall - Roxtus Stables Skrall reacted immediately to the deserter's resistance. In the briefest of moments, the rope he had coiled over his arm was discarded, his feet working in concert with his brain to mark the location where the obstacle would come to rest, as they had marked the layout of the stable when they had first entered. He knew, intuitively, that the rope would now be a tripping hazard two paces to his left, just as he knew that the traitor could be reached - or could reach him - in one lunging step, just as he knew that Skrall was not going to be grounded by the traitor's attempt to throw him. Young as he looked, Magnet-Hands was not born yesterday. Before the rope touched the stable floor, Skrall's own blade flashed from its sheath, and he moved back two steps to place some distance between himself and the threat. The tip of his sword pointed threateningly at the deserter as he held it close in a guard position, all the while he strafed around to his left - stepping over the rope without needing to look - in the hopes of encircling the traitor-- and of distracting it as Skrall hefted a crate to bludgeon it with. @BULiK @Nato G @oncertainty @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  9. IC: Skrall - Roxtus, Stables Skrall glanced at his younger compatriot, considering his words. "I intended to see to it when we left. Skrall would be a fool to try anything in the middle of Roxtus. Still, now is as good a time as any. Hold his hands out in front of him, Skrall." He could have ordered the deserter to surrender its weapons itself. That would necessitate it draw them, however; and a Skrall, deserter or not, is accustomed to using a weapon when drawing it. Doubly so for a reject who was staring down the barrel of a lifetime of slavery. His sadistic impulses aside, Skrall preferred the relative safety of pulling the weapons from Skrall's back himself. And, he told himself, this way would be more humiliating. Grabbing a coil of sturdy rope that was hanging over the wall of a stable stall, he glanced at the stable master. "Add a length of rope to the requisitions manifest," he said, unwinding a portion of rope long enough to bind Skrall's hands with. @BULiK @Nato G @ Skrall
  10. IC: Skrall - Roxtus, War Room -> Stables Skrall nodded wordlessly to the scout, before turning to follow the rest of the party to the stables. Having secured the information he desired, there was no reason to converse further. Moreover, the others were already growing testy. For whatever reason, most Skrall preferred to frown on the one who speaks much, rather than on the ones who necessitate the speaking. As for the information itself: It suited him well enough. Skrall hated rock steeds; better for them to be carried across the desert by their own feet. Even the foolhardiest of Skrall were at least marginally less temperamental than rock steeds. He was still trying to decide whether the opposite was true of intelligence.
  11. IC: Skrall - Roxtus, War Room Outer Chamber Skrall ignored the scout's attempt to chastise him. If he thought his status as sole survivor marked him as anything but the luckiest weakling, he was dead wrong. "Matter of fact, I am confident, Skrall. At least as far as my own skills are concerned. When I am outside of my element, I defer to others who know better, as any good soldier had ought to do. So, I ask you again: What supplies will we need for our journey, Skrall?" He saw, in his peripheral vision, the female's attempt to signal them away to the stables. He did not acknowledge it. He did not take orders from equals, and certainly not from a female. OOC: @a goose @Vezok's Friend
  12. IC: Skrall - Roxtus, War Room Outer Chamber He huffed once at the scout's confidence. Still, it was true. Skrall had tasted more of the desert than any of his fellows, but even he had barely been further south of the Falls than one could throw a stone. If this scout had been as far south as Tajun, his experience would be invaluable. "This is all of us, yes. We are to requisition supplies for the journey. What do you estimate we shall require?" OOC: @a goose @Skrall
  13. IC: Skrall - Roxtus, War Room Like an automaton, Skrall stepped forward and hauled once-Skrall to its feet, pushing it towards the exit of the room just softly enough that the pathetic creature did not lose its precarious footing. "Thy will be done!" He somehow managed to simultaneously shout and whisper the confirmation as he moved, not wishing to stay in Tirveus' presence one moment too long after having been dismissed. While he waited - it seemed an eternity - for the sack of flesh before him to make its egress, he looked to each of his peers in turn, as if to make sure that none of them were so paralyzed in fear as to need a similar push towards the door. OOC: @a goose @BULiK @Nato G @oncertainty @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  14. IC: Skrall - Roxtus, War Room Skrall stood there casually, attempting to conceal the mixture of elation and fear he felt that the female was doing the talking. Elation, because for even the most well-spoken Skrall with the most justification, having to speak to a superior so far above him as Tirveus was like navigating a skopio nest while reeking of raw meat. Fear, because even Tirveus knew the terror of interacting with females, and the risk having to witness the Skrallic Imperator squirm like the comparatively tiny Skrall he was even now absentmindedly choking against the wall was far more dangerous than merely having to speak to him. Still, Skrall did not himself squirm. Controlling one's squirm reflex was integral to surviving among the Skrall, as squirming was a display of weakness, and thus only advisable in the occasional circumstance that your superior wished to see you squirm, which they typically made clear through a variety of nonverbal markers. In those circumstances, you wanted to squirm out of respect for your interlocutor's attempts to make you squirm. In the absence of such markers, however, neglecting to squirm was a reassurance that all was well; that there was no reason for anyone to be squirming. This circumstance was clearly an instance of the latter case. And so Skrall was very careful not to squirm, and he hoped in the pit of his churning stomach that Tirveus similarly repressed his squirm reflex. It was, he reasoned, a ******-shoot. After all, when one occupied a position such as Tirveus', most of the consequences of squirming were felt by the people who saw you squirming, and so, depending on his mood, Tirveus could squirm as he liked.
  15. IC: Skrall - Roxtus, War Room Skrall craned his neck down to make eye contact with the Agori which was acting as Tirveus'... secretary? Doorman? He did not know, but he was keenly aware that this was not an Agori meant for punting. "Yes," he said with a respectful nod. "We intend to answer our liege's call for ambitious Skrall to show the Southerners our might in their own arenas. We wish to consult with our liege before departing-- should he will it." @BULiK @Nato G @oncertainty @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  16. IC: Skrall - Roxtus Barracks He frowned. "I am sure that he has better things to do than reminisce to his subordinates. But, you are correct that we should hear from him rather than continue to dally here. Let us present ourselves to him." He withdrew from the map, and started for the exit. @Nato G @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  17. IC: Skrall - Roxtus Barracks Skrall chuckled darkly, an almost metallic sound that wormed its way out of oft disused vocal cords. "There's not been water in the Skrall River since long before you were birthed, pup. Why, I doubt even the General himself recalls the sight of water falling from the Dark Falls." He reached a hand out and traced the path of the sand river with a finger. "But, at least you're thinking logically. If it did have water in it, you'd have a point. As it stands, though, the Skrall River is one of the safer paths southward." @Nato G @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  18. IC: Skrall - Roxtus Barracks Skrall was displeased. He had spent decades learning to be self-sufficient; to complete the tasks assigned to him with little to no help from others, because few others existed with the skills necessary to do the things he did. He had grown accustomed to going days at a time without ever seeing another glatorian, to never having to spare a thought to worrying whether the person beside him had his back, because there was rarely another person beside him. But now their southward march would carry them across the desert to the Southern Lands, where Tirveus wished, for whatever reason, to see a Skrall be crowned champion of the Southerners' Great Tournament. And that was all well and good; it would benefit the Skrall for the Southerners to see their superiority laid bare. Skrall thought it unlikely that showing this superiority through sport of all things was likely to 'stick.' But that was not his place. Skrall did not question orders; he did, however, follow some more enthusiastically than others. He was very unenthusiastic about this one. As he found himself joining a group of three Skrall soldiers standing around a map in the barracks, his lack of enthusiasm was obvious to any who knew of him. He looked upon the map of the desert with pursed lips and an appraising gaze which was occasionally turned toward the other Skrall, some of whom he recognized. The desert was too big and deadly to be crossed in its entirety alone, even by one as experienced as Skrall. He would have to cross it with others. Others like the flighty soldier who had earned no cybernetics; like the wiry glory hound with magnet hands. Others like the outcast female. He was not optimistic. OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Nato G @Toru Nui A special forces Skrall has joined you around the map.
  19. IC: Selamat - Vulcanus Arena In the blistering heat of the midday sun, a figure glinting in mismatched, multi-colored armor emerges from the back rooms of the largest arena to be found in the fire tribe's home settlement of Vulcanus. It is entirely possible that the feet of the figure - whose name is Selamat - have touched every grain of sand composing the arena's floor, in his numerous visits to this place. He has been as a ghost haunting the ring and its facilities since his early childhood, practicing with training dummies, neighbors, strange travelers-- any humanoid shape that can be made to stand across from him with a blade in its hand. He is presently coming off the tail end of such a training session, this one unfortunately utilizing the dummies. Having just washed the sweat and grime from his body in a bath of sand, it is time for him to return to his modest residence, and wait out the hottest hours of the day, during which outdoor labors are impossible, before returning to continue his training in the afternoon. As he exits the partially subterranean facilities of the arena, however, the sight of his recent sparring partner still standing in the middle of the grounds brings about the realization that he has not yet returned his canvas-clothed friend to the storage area. This presents some small difficulty, in that the training dummy is heavy enough as to require two hands to be lifted, and Selamat is holding in one of his hands the lunch which he had packed for himself: Boiled and dried bits of thornax; the scant meat of some small rodent that lived amidst the dunes; a quantity of warm beer. As he considers stepping back into the locker rooms to set down his meal, an idea occurs to him: The sun will not be at its zenith for some minutes yet; better to eat his lunch now, and then, hands freed, move the training dummy back to its rightful place. For whatever reason, this idea appeals to him, and so he sets himself upon the sand, back against the arena wall, empty spectator seating looming over his head, and begins to eat his lunch.
  20. Name: Selamat Species: Glatorian Tribe: Fire/Vulcanus Age & Gender: 22, Male Description: A notably fit individual of roughly average height, Selamat's impressive muscle mass and tone is easy to see through the numerous gaps in his salvaged scraps of armor. The sparse bits of plating, which cover little more than the vitals, are nonetheless well-maintained, demonstrating the Glatorian's relative lack of means as well as his dedication to his trade. His somewhat youthful features contrast sharply with the piercing gaze that peers out at the world from beneath his brow, promising wordlessly to all who meet it that its owner will become a champion to his people. Equipment: Selamat owns few worldly possessions, most of them related to his occupation. Aside from his mismatched set of armor, he owns an epee, which is his weapon of choice in the arenas of Bara Magna. When traveling through the wastes he has instead been seen wielding an 8-foot combat spear, which occasionally makes an appearance in his arena bouts. Lastly, he also carries a well-maintained thornax launcher, and has been known to hold a buckler in his offhand during duels. Cybernetics: Endocrine Modulator: This device, connected to the various organs of the endocrine system, controls the release, binding, and reuptake of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol in high-stress situations. Leads to marginally but noticeably enhanced response time, physical performance and cognition. Also releases endorphins in response to injury. Both effects have drawbacks in and outside of combat situations. Ocular Enhancement: Optical implants replace the lenses of the eyes, allowing for a greater breadth of peripheral vision to be observed with greater clarity, without causing significant warping in the central component of the image perceived by the user. Weakness: 0. The Fool: Selamat's weakness is his youth. Beyond simply being inexperienced, he also tends to be rash and impulsive, to act without tempering his emotions with reason. He is also slow to correlate information which contradicts his preconceptions. ~~~ Name: Skrall Species: Glatorian (Skrall) Tribe: Rock/Roxtus (Skrall) Age & Gender: 37, Male Description: Cutting a lithe and fit figure, Skrall nonetheless stands a head shorter than an average example of his species. Typically outfitted in light armor and a cloak that blends in with the sandy dunes, it is clear at first sight that Skrall is not meant for the front lines. One should not take this to mean that he lacks martial prowess, though many have-- and those who have tried to act on this presumption bear the scars of such attempts. Nonetheless, Skrall is viewed contemptuously by many of his peers, seen as cowardly and unreliable to have at one's side in a pitched combat. These perceptions are only heightened by Skrall's age; it is uncommon for a Skrall to live to the ripe old age of 37 without having been 'separated from the chaff,' that is, without having been entitled. But Skrall is content with this. His comrades need only to do their jobs, and he will do his own. Equipment: Skrall typically wears a light covering of dull armor, readily concealed beneath a drab, sandy brown cloak of burlap. He is, however, trained to fight as skillfully in more traditional armor, and readily equips himself with such when circumstances call for it. At his hips, several weapons can typically be found. The first, on his left, is a smaller version of the typical Skrall blade, albeit without the built-in thornax launcher. Beside it is a simple dirk, more of a utility knife than a proper weapon, but more than capable of killing in a pinch. On his right is a standalone thornax launcher, a small, single-shot one designed and very well-maintained to be deadly accurate at short to middling ranges. Concealed on Skrall's person are no fewer than 3 additional blades: A main-gauche inside the cloak; a stiletto sheathed at his right shoulder; a push dagger in a concealed ankle holster. Beside all these weapons, Skrall often carries a rucksack filled with rations and supplies to facilitate survival on solo missions that take him out upon the dunes, as well as reconnaissance gear such as a spyglass. Cybernetics: Respiratory Overhaul: Replacing the clumsy operation of a normal being's lungs, this enhancement allows its bearer to achieve a state of constant respiratory airflow via the introduction of numerous redundant ventilation points across the torso. This makes it incredibly difficult for the bearer to become winded or be manually suffocated. These benefits last for as long as the bearer avoids repeated direct damage to ventilation points, as well as total submergence in liquid - or, more common on Bara Magna, sand. It also allows the bearer to speak constantly without pausing for breath, a feature of dubious benefit. Noteworthy is that this system replaces rather than augments the normal function of the lungs; the enhancement itself obstructs diaphragmatic breathing and, if function ceases, the bearer will be effectively disabled at best and will soon expire at worst. Weakness: I. The Magician: Skrall's unique qualities cause him to be isolated and alienated from the larger Skrall cohort. This has led him to become accustomed to working on his own and being self-reliant compared to other Skrall, but it has also ruined his ability to work with or meaningfully form bonds with others. He views other people as tools to be utilized for his own ends, a tyrant made all the more petty for his lack of a kingdom to rule over.
  21. For anyone who's curious, this is the profile I received last game for the E Street Wagon, on claiming it following the fight with Boss.
  22. Name of ACR: Chimera ACR's Faction/Homebase: Nektann's Warband Pilot of ACR: Barius Type of Heartlight: Rahi/Skakdi (Dual) Physical Description: A hulking beast born of the crude but calculated smashing-together of two different ACRs, the Chimera is a dense mass of twisted metal plate and hydraulic power. At a glance, one can guess that the E Street Skakwagon has lost its transformative capability in the modifications made by its new owner. Vaguely humanoid in shape, though extremely stout and with a severely hunched back, the uninitiated might doubt the possibility for an operator to safely fit within the confines of the armor. Nonetheless, Barius has taken the utmost care to ensure his ability to enter the ACR with ease and rapidity: The upper torso of the frame splits open in order to reveal the heavily-armored center, where just enough room exists for Barius' bulky form. Such a view into the Chimera's interior also allows the passive observer to begin to comprehend the unique nature of the war machine's construction. Amidst the mass of thick hydraulic lines and crammed weapon systems, the distinct glows of two different cores can be seen. As the torso slides back together and the massive mech plods off to battle, one thing becomes obvious; though the strengths of the two component ACRs have been combined in the Chimera, their respective weaknesses may also linger within the colossal construction. Flamethrower: The left arm of the Chimera is mounted with a flamethrower, the nozzle protruding just past the wrist. A thick hose connects to an internal, back-mounted tank, which contains a slow-burning, sticky substance, not unlike napalm. Although terrifying in the damage it can do to flesh, the weapon is of little use against enemy armor. While difficult to cut through, and run beneath the thick armor plating wherever possible, the fuel line for the weapon is a linchpin of its construction, and should its exposed portions be severed, the system would become inoperable. The fuel tank, though covered with armor, is still somewhat vulnerable to rupture, and presents a fire hazard to the interior of the ACR. Barius has insulated the pilot's compartment from liquids, so direct contact is unlikely; however, the heat would quickly render the ACR uninhabitable, nonetheless, prompting a quick egress from its pilot. Cordak Cannon: Moved from its chest position in the E Street, this weapon has lost its secrecy and a great deal of its armor by being relocated to the right shoulder. Nonetheless, its potent and bombastic power remains a threat to anyone in its path. The heavy cordak rounds, designed to penetrate armor prior to exploding, are somewhat less effective against pedestrian combatants (though still more than deadly on a direct hit), but are highly lethal towards enemy ACRs, and especially their pilots. Limited by its range, the Chimera's cannon is also the most vulnerable of its systems, being exterior to most of the rig's thick armor plating. A particularly strong impact could take the thing out. Additionally, its ammo is somewhat limited, only being plentiful enough for 3 highly dangerous volleys-- a decision made to mitigate the risk of an ammunition explosion, posed by the cordak's volatile nature. Hydraulic Power: Same as ever, Barius' preferred weapon is brute strength, and this shows in his preservation and enhancement of his former ACR's system of hydraulic lines. Bolstered to handle the increased weight of the walker, and more protected than ever beneath its armor plating, the lines that run through the Chimera keep its strength and speed at the same level as before, if not greater. More than capable of crushing pedestrians to paste, or ripping enemy armor to shreds, the system does, however, still retain its former weakness: The range of motion allowed by the ACR's thick armor is even lesser than it once was. The armor cannot join its hands behind its back or over its head, or turn its torso without moving its legs. Moreover, if its lines are sufficiently damaged - well-protected as they may be - the entire construction becomes dead in the water. Barius has taken care to ensure that he can force the torso open to allow his egress manually, but in the midst of combat, with the Chimera's moving parts warped by damage, that may prove more difficult than in the garage. Overdrive: An entirely new capability, this system is born of the Chimera's unique nature as a dual-core ACR. While one core on its own is not enough to animate the hulking thing, two produce a bit more power than is needed, and this energy is charged over time in order to be expended in short, powerful bursts. When utilized, the ACR's overdrive function greatly increases its already considerable speed and strength, making it a nightmare on the battlefield, while also overcharging the mech's elemental nullifiers to create a rudimentary energy shield. Of course, all this power comes with a cost; at the conclusion of the burst, which lasts about a minute in the best of conditions, one of the ACR's cores becomes temporarily incapacitated, leaving the Chimera sluggish and weak. Furthermore, the nullifier overcharge fries its circuits, leaving the thing partially vulnerable to elemental attacks until it can be repaired. The burst also takes a while to charge, making it a definitive 'once-per-encounter' ability. Additionally, even without using the burst, if either of the Chimera's cores were to be damaged, it would be similarly weakened.
  23. IC: Ollem - Ash Barrens, Fire Suva Ollem gaped at the size of the sword that rested against the wall. "Wow, that's a nice-looking weapon." He glanced at his companion. "The color matches you better than me. It's yours if you can lift it." Without waiting for her response, he turned to the Suva proper that rested in the center of the room. "Well, this seems rather simple," he remarked. He hoped he was right; he wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible. Gripping the rings in turn, he rotated the red one so that the raised nub was facing northward; the cream one so that it faced east-southeast; and the green-flecked black one west-southwest. OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  24. Name: Barius Breed: Skakdi-Xa Faction: The Warskaks, specifically the band operating out of Fort Nektann, which he leads Brief Description: A Skakdi of truly formidable stature, hulking in every dimension. Though his body is a sickening grey, the frills which rise from his back fade to white, like the bleached bones of some great beast. Limbs as thick and hard as those of a tree extend from his torso, which also fade to white towards his extremities. Hand and foot alike end in wicked claws; it is difficult to tell if their reddish staining is natural, or a consequence of Barius' murderous lifestyle. Drawing by Taka Nuvia Background/Occupation: Barius was born in the warband, and in the warband he will die. Raised among hardened raiders, he knows only the blood and adrenaline of combat, and the excessive consumption which follows in the wake of a well-fought victory. As leader of the Warskaks, much of his time is devoted to managing their activities, leading them in raids, keeping them in line, and posturing so that none of them dare to challenge him. Over this past month, the rest has been spent in the garage, tinkering with his ACR. Flaws: Barius is intensely prideful and acutely aware of the importance of perception. Accordingly, he suffers no indignity or disrespect without dealing out the appropriate punishment. Oftentimes he takes even instances of unavoidable misfortune as a threat to his authority. (Psychological flaw) In his duel with the Toa Reson, Barius sustained a burst eardrum on his left side. Even a month later, he still has almost complete hearing loss in that ear. Additionally, the wounds he sustained in the ritual combat with Boss still occasionally pain him, though their lasting severity was greatly reduced by the healing powers of the Aspect-Toa Stannis. (Physical flaw) Powers: Barius has innate X-ray and telescopic vision, allowing him to see extraordinarily far, and peer through objects. (Primary power) His 1st stage Invulnerability Kraata grants a tough hide that is more resistant to injury. (Secondary power) He also possesses latent ice powers that can be used in conjunction with another wasteland Skakdi. (Breed quirk) After slaying Reson Ance and presenting his heartlight to the Aspect Parnassus, Barius now has a 1st stage Kraata of Fear, allowing him to fill those around him with vague unease. (Rites of Desecration) Barius, upon defeating Boss and casting him into the Nightmare Pits, has authority over the Warskaks. Further, and more directly, he has magical control over the Tahtorak born from Boss' defeat, which cannot harm him and must obey his commands. (Rite of the Tahtorak) Equipment: Barius wields a spiked club, but isn't picky; he'll use anything he has to in order to win. He sometimes pilots an ACR, which he has not cared enough to name properly. In Barius' possession at all times are two items taken from the late Boss. The first is a knuckle duster made from the skull of a serial killer, which allows its user to channel their element. With this, Barius is able to use his ice powers without the aid of another Skakdi. The second item is a combat knife which Boss used as the key to his ACR, the E Street Skakwagon, as well as several other things. ~~~ Name: Providence Breed: Aspect of Makuta Faction: Aspects of Makuta Brief Description: A head shorter in his lanky armor than the typical Aspect, Providence's posture and mannerisms exude youthful exuberance. His armor includes many extremities and flourishes not necessary for an Aspect, seemingly for the sole purpose of being more recognizable to humanoids-- or perhaps emulating them? When interacting with those not of his kind, he often gesticulates and moves his 'mouth' in an over-the-top fashion that, despite being a totally unconvincing imitation of a biped, nonetheless has proven rather endearing to most. Background/Occupation: Providence is only recently emerged from the antidermis pool, his armor new to him. Though his few years among his kind have failed to imbue him with any meaningful understanding of how the world works, they have given him a profound interest in - one might even say, an infatuation with - the lives and societies of the humanoids with which the Aspects share this world. With the crash of the GSR head, and the arrival of many new interesting individuals with it, he decided to finally leave the Kumu Islets and begin exploring the wider world. His goal is to meet new and interesting people and have intense and exhilarating experiences with them. Flaws: Providence is immensely and obviously an incredibly naive individual. He has no practical experience with the world, and an unrealistic view of humanoid species as either pets or children to be cared for, mixed somewhat with entertainment. He is reluctant to be cruel or suspicious, even when he very rightly should be, and has no real perspective of how his race is perceived in the world at large. (Psychological flaw) Due to the nature of his species, he is composed of gas, and will dissipate if deprived of his armor and a willing host for long enough. (Physical flaw) Powers: Like all Aspects, Providence has elemental control over shadow (Primary power), as well as the capacity to leave his armor and possess other creatures, and the ability to desecrate others, turning an offered heartlight into a first-stage kraata (Breed quirk). Additionally, he himself has the second-stage kraata power of Sleep, allowing him the ability to make people slow and groggy with only a touch. A useful tool for pacifying any of the rowdier denizens of Zakaz that he might come across. (Secondary power) Equipment: Providence carries nothing but his Aspect armor. ~~~ Name: Morangad Breed: Tiokaha (Muur, Mark of the Mind) Faction: Himself and his allies, foremost; Builders; Refugees of Metru-Nui Brief Description: Largely purple, though with dark greyish stripes running horizontally across his back and neck, Morangad's body is heavyset and rugged. Corded muscle is plainly visible, as his body is clothed only enough to keep the cold off, with plant fibers and the skins of animals which died of natural causes. Beneath a thick brow on a gaunt face, bright green eyes gaze out at the world with a hard, decisive stare. The rest of the face is covered with a rusted, pitted Kanohi Jutlin, infected by the Aspect Apex's Kraata. Background/Occupation: Long ago, Morangad lived in an isolated community of Tiokaha, who had cordial but infrequent interaction with the Matoran Builders who mainly populated the land of Xa. However, when the Skakdi came with Irnakk, and the Builders fled in their Ark, the land fell into the control of the Warskak raiders, and his small village was exterminated, with him as the only survivor. Ever since, he has subsisted within the treacherous Fau Swamp, where few dared to go. More recently, he has found kinship in an unexpected place, forming a bond with the Aspect Apex, with whom he has much in common-- including a burning hatred for the Skakdi which destroyed his home so long ago. Flaws: Enraged by the presence of Skakdi, particularly Warskaks. Averse to complex mechanisms, especially those made explicitly for war. Generally unwilling to remove his own mask. (Psychological flaw) Physically unable to tolerate large groups of people, due to being able to hear all of their surface thoughts. The more people in close proximity to him, the more taxing, until he begins to experience increasingly debilitating headaches. More manageable if the people around him make a conscious effort to 'guard' their own thoughts. (Physical flaw) Powers: Morangad was born with the Muur mark, meaning he is able to sense the thoughts of other nearby beings, as well as project his own thoughts into their minds in the form of telepathy. Additionally, it allows him to shield the minds of such beings from the influence of other psionic effects. (Primary power) He wears a Great Kanohi Jutlin, the Mask of Corruption, allowing him to rapidly rust/decompose inanimate objects within his sight, up to and including protosteel. The mask does not work on living things. (Secondary power) This Jutlin has been infected by a level 3 Kraata of Shattering, belonging to the Aspect Apex. As such, Morangad has access to the level 3 Kraata power of Shattering as long as he wears the mask, in addition to its normal effects. This allows him to 'tunnel through rock explosively', create blister-like ruptures in metal with a touch, and make solid objects fall apart on contact. (Rites of Infectious Kraata) Finally, his status as a Tiokaha also makes Morangad a bit more resilient than the typical Toa. This and his many years in the Fau Swamps has made him highly resistant to toxin and disease. (Breed quirk) Equipment: Morangad carries with him a mundane spear at all times. The thick, wooden shaft terminates in a jagged metal point, fashioned from the only keepsake he was able to take with him when fleeing his village. He also received a Kanoka disk with the code 426 as thanks for saving the life of a Matoran following the Grand Untethered's attack on Le-Metru Nuva. The Kanoka is a level 6 Kanoka of Freezing, with the additional ability of dodging obstacles on its way to its target. ~~~ Name: Ollem Breed: Onu-Matoran Faction: Refugees of Metru-Nui Brief Description: Average-height Matoran with black coloration. Heavyset for a Matoran. Wears a brown Great Kanohi Kakama, the Mask of Speed. Clothed (not by choice) in worn garments, prefers to dress in black and red. Background/Occupation: Let's not mince words; Ollem was a thief on Metru-Nui. Unwilling to perform the menial labor that that he was supposedly 'destined' for, he turned to stealing his daily bread instead. Or rather, stealing goods that could then be sold in order to buy food. But one fateful night, two big things changed in his life. The first is that he... 'acquired' an unfamiliar, and apparently experimental device used for, shall we say, personal concealment. The second is that God died and his entire world crashed into a desert. Shell-shocked and feeling no particular connection to a society on whose fringes he had been forced to spend his entire life, Ollem responded to the devastation by quite literally walking away, off into the sand, with a bag of supplies that he grabbed during the chaos. When those supplies ran out, he was lucky to find a friend in the native Matoran Mahrika, who had spent many centuries holed up in hiding, only recently driven out by the impact of the GSR head. Flaws: Ollem is highly resistant to authority, especially that of Toa, Vahki, and Turaga-- all the symbols of the society that had tossed him aside. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause him to disregard good advice if it's delivered in the wrong way, or by the wrong person. On the other hand, Ollem can be somewhat skittish in the face of danger, especially when the source of that danger is much larger and more powerful than himself. (Psychological flaw) As a Matoran, Ollem is physically diminutive and weak, when compared to many other species. (Physical flaw) Powers: As an Onu-Matoran, Ollem has greater stamina and physical endurance than most beings, as well as excellent night vision. (Breed quirk) Equipment: Ollem possesses a marvelous device that bends the light around him in order to render him invisible to the naked eye. It works while moving, but is less effective, based on how skilled the user is at making smooth movements. It also works better the farther away an observer is; in close quarters, an attentive eye could pick out even a stationary user by the tell-tale heat-like distortions the device creates. At long range however, it renders a user effectively invisible. The stealth field also dampens any sounds he makes. Ollem is still somewhat inexperienced with the use of the device, though he has had plenty of practice over the past month and a half. (Primary equipment) The Onu-Matoran is also equipped with a simple, handheld firearm that fires slugs of elemental iron. It gradually replenishes its ammo by drawing metal from the environment. (Secondary equipment) Ollem has an ongoing registration with the Suva of Stone, though he is currently out of range of it. Lastly, he holds a Great Kanohi Kakama, the Mask of Speed, taken from the Stone Suva. However, as a typical Matoran, he is unable to access its power. His pack also contains a collection of bent and otherwise damaged Kanoka disks, taken from the Ruins of Water, some of which may still have weak and sporadic power left within them.
  25. I'm still uncertain how to account for the timeskip, when it comes to resolving the situation Ollem & Mahrika were in at the previous game's close. We had just reached the Ash Barrens Suva, which Kas had sent us to in what was framed as a brief errand. It seems highly implausible, in-universe, for the trip to have actually taken a month, given that Kas promised to wait at the telescope for us while we were gone. On the other hand, it seems similarly infeasible to handwave this trek as either a flashback or as an instance of BZPTime, especially if the Suva were to actually yield what we came seeking from it; that is, a way to get to Mi-Kiri. And, of course, I'd be rather disheartened to skip the Suva puzzle or retroactively change objectives in order to accommodate the timeskip. As busy as you and the other GMs must be getting this trilogy closer up and running, I would appreciate some input as to how Harvali and I had ought to proceed.
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