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  1. For anyone who's curious, this is the profile I received last game for the E Street Wagon, on claiming it following the fight with Boss.
  2. Name of ACR: Chimera ACR's Faction/Homebase: Nektann's Warband Pilot of ACR: Barius Type of Heartlight: Rahi/Skakdi (Dual) Physical Description: A hulking beast born of the crude but calculated smashing-together of two different ACRs, the Chimera is a dense mass of twisted metal plate and hydraulic power. At a glance, one can guess that the E Street Skakwagon has lost its transformative capability in the modifications made by its new owner. Vaguely humanoid in shape, though extremely stout and with a severely hunched back, the uninitiated might doubt the possibility for an operator to safely fit within the confines of the armor. Nonetheless, Barius has taken the utmost care to ensure his ability to enter the ACR with ease and rapidity: The upper torso of the frame splits open in order to reveal the heavily-armored center, where just enough room exists for Barius' bulky form. Such a view into the Chimera's interior also allows the passive observer to begin to comprehend the unique nature of the war machine's construction. Amidst the mass of thick hydraulic lines and crammed weapon systems, the distinct glows of two different cores can be seen. As the torso slides back together and the massive mech plods off to battle, one thing becomes obvious; though the strengths of the two component ACRs have been combined in the Chimera, their respective weaknesses may also linger within the colossal construction. Flamethrower: The left arm of the Chimera is mounted with a flamethrower, the nozzle protruding just past the wrist. A thick hose connects to an internal, back-mounted tank, which contains a slow-burning, sticky substance, not unlike napalm. Although terrifying in the damage it can do to flesh, the weapon is of little use against enemy armor. While difficult to cut through, and run beneath the thick armor plating wherever possible, the fuel line for the weapon is a linchpin of its construction, and should its exposed portions be severed, the system would become inoperable. The fuel tank, though covered with armor, is still somewhat vulnerable to rupture, and presents a fire hazard to the interior of the ACR. Barius has insulated the pilot's compartment from liquids, so direct contact is unlikely; however, the heat would quickly render the ACR uninhabitable, nonetheless, prompting a quick egress from its pilot. Cordak Cannon: Moved from its chest position in the E Street, this weapon has lost its secrecy and a great deal of its armor by being relocated to the right shoulder. Nonetheless, its potent and bombastic power remains a threat to anyone in its path. The heavy cordak rounds, designed to penetrate armor prior to exploding, are somewhat less effective against pedestrian combatants (though still more than deadly on a direct hit), but are highly lethal towards enemy ACRs, and especially their pilots. Limited by its range, the Chimera's cannon is also the most vulnerable of its systems, being exterior to most of the rig's thick armor plating. A particularly strong impact could take the thing out. Additionally, its ammo is somewhat limited, only being plentiful enough for 3 highly dangerous volleys-- a decision made to mitigate the risk of an ammunition explosion, posed by the cordak's volatile nature. Hydraulic Power: Same as ever, Barius' preferred weapon is brute strength, and this shows in his preservation and enhancement of his former ACR's system of hydraulic lines. Bolstered to handle the increased weight of the walker, and more protected than ever beneath its armor plating, the lines that run through the Chimera keep its strength and speed at the same level as before, if not greater. More than capable of crushing pedestrians to paste, or ripping enemy armor to shreds, the system does, however, still retain its former weakness: The range of motion allowed by the ACR's thick armor is even lesser than it once was. The armor cannot join its hands behind its back or over its head, or turn its torso without moving its legs. Moreover, if its lines are sufficiently damaged - well-protected as they may be - the entire construction becomes dead in the water. Barius has taken care to ensure that he can force the torso open to allow his egress manually, but in the midst of combat, with the Chimera's moving parts warped by damage, that may prove more difficult than in the garage. Overdrive: An entirely new capability, this system is born of the Chimera's unique nature as a dual-core ACR. While one core on its own is not enough to animate the hulking thing, two produce a bit more power than is needed, and this energy is charged over time in order to be expended in short, powerful bursts. When utilized, the ACR's overdrive function greatly increases its already considerable speed and strength, making it a nightmare on the battlefield, while also overcharging the mech's elemental nullifiers to create a rudimentary energy shield. Of course, all this power comes with a cost; at the conclusion of the burst, which lasts about a minute in the best of conditions, one of the ACR's cores becomes temporarily incapacitated, leaving the Chimera sluggish and weak. Furthermore, the nullifier overcharge fries its circuits, leaving the thing partially vulnerable to elemental attacks until it can be repaired. The burst also takes a while to charge, making it a definitive 'once-per-encounter' ability. Additionally, even without using the burst, if either of the Chimera's cores were to be damaged, it would be similarly weakened.
  3. IC: Ollem - Ash Barrens, Fire Suva Ollem gaped at the size of the sword that rested against the wall. "Wow, that's a nice-looking weapon." He glanced at his companion. "The color matches you better than me. It's yours if you can lift it." Without waiting for her response, he turned to the Suva proper that rested in the center of the room. "Well, this seems rather simple," he remarked. He hoped he was right; he wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible. Gripping the rings in turn, he rotated the red one so that the raised nub was facing northward; the cream one so that it faced east-southeast; and the green-flecked black one west-southwest. OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  4. Name: Barius Breed: Skakdi-Xa Faction: The Warskaks, specifically the band operating out of Fort Nektann, which he leads Brief Description: A Skakdi of truly formidable stature, hulking in every dimension. Though his body is a sickening grey, the frills which rise from his back fade to white, like the bleached bones of some great beast. Limbs as thick and hard as those of a tree extend from his torso, which also fade to white towards his extremities. Hand and foot alike end in wicked claws; it is difficult to tell if their reddish staining is natural, or a consequence of Barius' murderous lifestyle. Drawing by Taka Nuvia Background/Occupation: Barius was born in the warband, and in the warband he will die. Raised among hardened raiders, he knows only the blood and adrenaline of combat, and the excessive consumption which follows in the wake of a well-fought victory. As leader of the Warskaks, much of his time is devoted to managing their activities, leading them in raids, keeping them in line, and posturing so that none of them dare to challenge him. Over this past month, the rest has been spent in the garage, tinkering with his ACR. Flaws: Barius is intensely prideful and acutely aware of the importance of perception. Accordingly, he suffers no indignity or disrespect without dealing out the appropriate punishment. Oftentimes he takes even instances of unavoidable misfortune as a threat to his authority. (Psychological flaw) In his duel with the Toa Reson, Barius sustained a burst eardrum on his left side. Even a month later, he still has almost complete hearing loss in that ear. Additionally, the wounds he sustained in the ritual combat with Boss still occasionally pain him, though their lasting severity was greatly reduced by the healing powers of the Aspect-Toa Stannis. (Physical flaw) Powers: Barius has innate X-ray and telescopic vision, allowing him to see extraordinarily far, and peer through objects. (Primary power) His 1st stage Invulnerability Kraata grants a tough hide that is more resistant to injury. (Secondary power) He also possesses latent ice powers that can be used in conjunction with another wasteland Skakdi. (Breed quirk) After slaying Reson Ance and presenting his heartlight to the Aspect Parnassus, Barius now has a 1st stage Kraata of Fear, allowing him to fill those around him with vague unease. (Rites of Desecration) Barius, upon defeating Boss and casting him into the Nightmare Pits, has authority over the Warskaks. Further, and more directly, he has magical control over the Tahtorak born from Boss' defeat, which cannot harm him and must obey his commands. (Rite of the Tahtorak) Equipment: Barius wields a spiked club, but isn't picky; he'll use anything he has to in order to win. He sometimes pilots an ACR, which he has not cared enough to name properly. In Barius' possession at all times are two items taken from the late Boss. The first is a knuckle duster made from the skull of a serial killer, which allows its user to channel their element. With this, Barius is able to use his ice powers without the aid of another Skakdi. The second item is a combat knife which Boss used as the key to his ACR, the E Street Skakwagon, as well as several other things. ~~~ Name: Providence Breed: Aspect of Makuta Faction: Aspects of Makuta Brief Description: A head shorter in his lanky armor than the typical Aspect, Providence's posture and mannerisms exude youthful exuberance. His armor includes many extremities and flourishes not necessary for an Aspect, seemingly for the sole purpose of being more recognizable to humanoids-- or perhaps emulating them? When interacting with those not of his kind, he often gesticulates and moves his 'mouth' in an over-the-top fashion that, despite being a totally unconvincing imitation of a biped, nonetheless has proven rather endearing to most. Background/Occupation: Providence is only recently emerged from the antidermis pool, his armor new to him. Though his few years among his kind have failed to imbue him with any meaningful understanding of how the world works, they have given him a profound interest in - one might even say, an infatuation with - the lives and societies of the humanoids with which the Aspects share this world. With the crash of the GSR head, and the arrival of many new interesting individuals with it, he decided to finally leave the Kumu Islets and begin exploring the wider world. His goal is to meet new and interesting people and have intense and exhilarating experiences with them. Flaws: Providence is immensely and obviously an incredibly naive individual. He has no practical experience with the world, and an unrealistic view of humanoid species as either pets or children to be cared for, mixed somewhat with entertainment. He is reluctant to be cruel or suspicious, even when he very rightly should be, and has no real perspective of how his race is perceived in the world at large. (Psychological flaw) Due to the nature of his species, he is composed of gas, and will dissipate if deprived of his armor and a willing host for long enough. (Physical flaw) Powers: Like all Aspects, Providence has elemental control over shadow (Primary power), as well as the capacity to leave his armor and possess other creatures, and the ability to desecrate others, turning an offered heartlight into a first-stage kraata (Breed quirk). Additionally, he himself has the second-stage kraata power of Sleep, allowing him the ability to make people slow and groggy with only a touch. A useful tool for pacifying any of the rowdier denizens of Zakaz that he might come across. (Secondary power) Equipment: Providence carries nothing but his Aspect armor. ~~~ Name: Morangad Breed: Tiokaha (Muur, Mark of the Mind) Faction: Himself and his allies, foremost; Builders; Refugees of Metru-Nui Brief Description: Largely purple, though with dark greyish stripes running horizontally across his back and neck, Morangad's body is heavyset and rugged. Corded muscle is plainly visible, as his body is clothed only enough to keep the cold off, with plant fibers and the skins of animals which died of natural causes. Beneath a thick brow on a gaunt face, bright green eyes gaze out at the world with a hard, decisive stare. The rest of the face is covered with a rusted, pitted Kanohi Jutlin, infected by the Aspect Apex's Kraata. Background/Occupation: Long ago, Morangad lived in an isolated community of Tiokaha, who had cordial but infrequent interaction with the Matoran Builders who mainly populated the land of Xa. However, when the Skakdi came with Irnakk, and the Builders fled in their Ark, the land fell into the control of the Warskak raiders, and his small village was exterminated, with him as the only survivor. Ever since, he has subsisted within the treacherous Fau Swamp, where few dared to go. More recently, he has found kinship in an unexpected place, forming a bond with the Aspect Apex, with whom he has much in common-- including a burning hatred for the Skakdi which destroyed his home so long ago. Flaws: Enraged by the presence of Skakdi, particularly Warskaks. Averse to complex mechanisms, especially those made explicitly for war. Generally unwilling to remove his own mask. (Psychological flaw) Physically unable to tolerate large groups of people, due to being able to hear all of their surface thoughts. The more people in close proximity to him, the more taxing, until he begins to experience increasingly debilitating headaches. More manageable if the people around him make a conscious effort to 'guard' their own thoughts. (Physical flaw) Powers: Morangad was born with the Muur mark, meaning he is able to sense the thoughts of other nearby beings, as well as project his own thoughts into their minds in the form of telepathy. Additionally, it allows him to shield the minds of such beings from the influence of other psionic effects. (Primary power) He wears a Great Kanohi Jutlin, the Mask of Corruption, allowing him to rapidly rust/decompose inanimate objects within his sight, up to and including protosteel. The mask does not work on living things. (Secondary power) This Jutlin has been infected by a level 3 Kraata of Shattering, belonging to the Aspect Apex. As such, Morangad has access to the level 3 Kraata power of Shattering as long as he wears the mask, in addition to its normal effects. This allows him to 'tunnel through rock explosively', create blister-like ruptures in metal with a touch, and make solid objects fall apart on contact. (Rites of Infectious Kraata) Finally, his status as a Tiokaha also makes Morangad a bit more resilient than the typical Toa. This and his many years in the Fau Swamps has made him highly resistant to toxin and disease. (Breed quirk) Equipment: Morangad carries with him a mundane spear at all times. The thick, wooden shaft terminates in a jagged metal point, fashioned from the only keepsake he was able to take with him when fleeing his village. He also received a Kanoka disk with the code 426 as thanks for saving the life of a Matoran following the Grand Untethered's attack on Le-Metru Nuva. The Kanoka is a level 6 Kanoka of Freezing, with the additional ability of dodging obstacles on its way to its target. ~~~ Name: Ollem Breed: Onu-Matoran Faction: Refugees of Metru-Nui Brief Description: Average-height Matoran with black coloration. Heavyset for a Matoran. Wears a brown Great Kanohi Kakama, the Mask of Speed. Clothed (not by choice) in worn garments, prefers to dress in black and red. Background/Occupation: Let's not mince words; Ollem was a thief on Metru-Nui. Unwilling to perform the menial labor that that he was supposedly 'destined' for, he turned to stealing his daily bread instead. Or rather, stealing goods that could then be sold in order to buy food. But one fateful night, two big things changed in his life. The first is that he... 'acquired' an unfamiliar, and apparently experimental device used for, shall we say, personal concealment. The second is that God died and his entire world crashed into a desert. Shell-shocked and feeling no particular connection to a society on whose fringes he had been forced to spend his entire life, Ollem responded to the devastation by quite literally walking away, off into the sand, with a bag of supplies that he grabbed during the chaos. When those supplies ran out, he was lucky to find a friend in the native Matoran Mahrika, who had spent many centuries holed up in hiding, only recently driven out by the impact of the GSR head. Flaws: Ollem is highly resistant to authority, especially that of Toa, Vahki, and Turaga-- all the symbols of the society that had tossed him aside. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause him to disregard good advice if it's delivered in the wrong way, or by the wrong person. On the other hand, Ollem can be somewhat skittish in the face of danger, especially when the source of that danger is much larger and more powerful than himself. (Psychological flaw) As a Matoran, Ollem is physically diminutive and weak, when compared to many other species. (Physical flaw) Powers: As an Onu-Matoran, Ollem has greater stamina and physical endurance than most beings, as well as excellent night vision. (Breed quirk) Equipment: Ollem possesses a marvelous device that bends the light around him in order to render him invisible to the naked eye. It works while moving, but is less effective, based on how skilled the user is at making smooth movements. It also works better the farther away an observer is; in close quarters, an attentive eye could pick out even a stationary user by the tell-tale heat-like distortions the device creates. At long range however, it renders a user effectively invisible. The stealth field also dampens any sounds he makes. Ollem is still somewhat inexperienced with the use of the device, though he has had plenty of practice over the past month and a half. (Primary equipment) The Onu-Matoran is also equipped with a simple, handheld firearm that fires slugs of elemental iron. It gradually replenishes its ammo by drawing metal from the environment. (Secondary equipment) Ollem has an ongoing registration with the Suva of Stone, though he is currently out of range of it. Lastly, he holds a Great Kanohi Kakama, the Mask of Speed, taken from the Stone Suva. However, as a typical Matoran, he is unable to access its power. His pack also contains a collection of bent and otherwise damaged Kanoka disks, taken from the Ruins of Water, some of which may still have weak and sporadic power left within them.
  5. I'm still uncertain how to account for the timeskip, when it comes to resolving the situation Ollem & Mahrika were in at the previous game's close. We had just reached the Ash Barrens Suva, which Kas had sent us to in what was framed as a brief errand. It seems highly implausible, in-universe, for the trip to have actually taken a month, given that Kas promised to wait at the telescope for us while we were gone. On the other hand, it seems similarly infeasible to handwave this trek as either a flashback or as an instance of BZPTime, especially if the Suva were to actually yield what we came seeking from it; that is, a way to get to Mi-Kiri. And, of course, I'd be rather disheartened to skip the Suva puzzle or retroactively change objectives in order to accommodate the timeskip. As busy as you and the other GMs must be getting this trilogy closer up and running, I would appreciate some input as to how Harvali and I had ought to proceed.
  6. IC: Barius - Fort Nektann The Skakdi turned away, to avoid staring in puzzlement at whatever was occurring between Parnassus and Stannis outside of the garage. The former seemed troubled, but that was a problem for later. Right now he had a battle between two colossal creatures brewing within his territory, and none of the potential outcomes of such a conflict seemed particularly appealing. There was one option that immediately stood out, but he was unsure if it was feasible. He could move up the attack on the city of Metru-Nui, and call Nektann away for that purpose... but he was still injured, and he had not yet made any preparations. But... The Toa had promised that the Miracle Cactus would heal all of his wounds. And he could stay up the whole night, getting ready for the assault. Maybe, just maybe, that would work. He reached out with his mental connection to the Tahtorak, and issued a command: Nektann! You will not engage in mortal battle with the worm you have provoked this night, as you had intended. Instead, I command you to flee before it, leading it to the coast. Then, you will keep it occupied until the morning, before slipping away to join my forces in our assault on the skull-borne city of Metru-Nui! With that done, he turned to those assembled in the garage. "I have decided," he announced. "At dawn, we shall ride for the so-called 'City of Legend', and show its inhabitants who rules this wasteland!" Turning his focus to the Warskaks that had entered on Parnassus' order, he continued. "Go and fetch the rest of the Warskaks. Tell them the news, and have them prepare their rigs for the coming battle. For those who do not have rigs, or whose rigs are already in good condition... tell them that they will have the privilege of aiding their warchief in the garage. I will need many extra hands for what I have planned." Ideas which he had already been developing now flourished in the environment of his chemically-enhanced mind, practically fleshing themselves out as he considered the preparations which needed to be made. He looked over at his ACR, and the E Street Skakwagon beside it, and grinned from the thought of what he was planning. OOC: @Sparticus147 @EmperorWhenua @Conway @Unreliable Narrator Last Barius post this game, I think IC: Ollem - Ash Barrens Suva Ollem gasped as the cool ice touched him. "Ah, that's wonderful. Thank you, Mahrika." He looked at the Suva that lay near to them. "We're far too close to turn back now. Let us move onward." And with that, he approached the structure. OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  7. IC: Barius - Fort Nektann, Garage Barius stood stock-still, only breathing as he took in the events of the past several moments. His mind had been working through the haze of intoxication to come up with different permutations of commerce and violence that might defuse the hostage situation he'd found himself in (though the hostage, in his mind, was his garage rather than Grime). This thought process was complicated by a flurry of distractions; Parnassus and Corrivalis yapping like dogs, the old man muttering in his ear. Do you think I need your assistance? Barius thought to himself. Somewhere nearby, someone was calling his name. He didn't have the mental energy to figure out who. Just as all the noise was reaching a fever pitch-- it stopped. Like the flip of a switch. Miserix took Grime and Korruhn, and walked them both out of the garage like wind-up toys. When his clouded mind caught up with the situation, he breathed a heavy sigh. At least his garage hadn't burned down. Parnassus! He snapped through their mental connection, as the Aspect had disappeared almost as soon as the encounter was over. Tell two of the Skaks to clean the garage, and be tight-lipped about it. OOC: @Conway @Sparticus147 @EmperorWhenua IC: Ollem - Ash Barrens The Onu-Matoran gazed woefully on the desolate rock that held the Suva. As far as he could tell, the best way to get to their destination was by crossing a charred, burning tree trunk that spanned the length of the nearer river. "Remind me," he sighed, "why did we agree to go to the lava place, in stead of the Toa of Fire?" With no answer forthcoming from his companion, he sighed again, and hopped up onto the tree trunk. Pulling his cloak near, in the hopes that it might ward off even a bit of the sweltering heat, he began his crossing. The heat was intense, and by the halfway point his head was light. The parts of his body which were not shielded by the cloak burnt with the fury of a thousand suns; the parts which were shielded by the cloak burnt with the fury of nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine. Nonetheless, he made it across, and hurled himself weakly upon the stone of the island. Previously scalding, the ground's great warmth now seemed cool in comparison to the heat he had felt crossing the lava flow. He lay there for a time, holding up a shaky thumbs-up to Mahrika, as he waited for her to repeat his feat of endurance. When his strength had returned, he pushed himself to his feet on rubbery, sweat-slick arms, and went to examine the Suva. OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  8. IC: Providence - Mesi Tunnels The young Aspect's face contorted into an expression of genuine horror as, in a flash, 'Tall Blue' was snatched into the slavering fangs of a lurking grue. "Oh, jeez!" He cried out, panicking. He hoped the creature wasn't inclined towards thorough chewing of its food, and his new friend was still savable. It was apparent to him, however, that retrieving him would require the performance of a surgical procedure with a 0% survival rate, known colloquially as 'disembowelment'. That struck him as unfortunate, but he was cognizant of the mortal tradition of valuing humanoid lives over those of more bestial creatures. In any case, he personally valued Takadox's continued existence far more highly than that of the strange creature that had just eaten him. With that in mind, Providence adopted a battle-ready stance, raising an arm as shadows swirled and coalesced around it, creating a wicked, razor-sharp blade of darkness on his wrist. "Give him back!" He shouted, swinging his arm at the being, whilst wishing that his Aspect power had been rahi control. OOC: @Sparticus147 @Nato the Traveler @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator
  9. IC: Ollem - Ash Barrens "I'm... not sure," Ollem replied. "That stuff the Administrator said - if it's true - sounded pretty bad. Maybe Kas has changed since he did all that stuff, but maybe he hasn't. Maybe he doesn't even realize what was wrong about it. Some people..." he carefully avoided limiting the statement to just Toa. "Some people can be nice enough when there's nothing on the line-- nothing in it for them, no incentive to screw people over. In that respect, I reckon we can trust Kas for as long as aiding us doesn't cost him anything. After that... well, we'll see." OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  10. IC: Ollem - Ash Barrens The two Matoran having reached the scorched land of fire, they stood a mere stone's throw from the first of the two rivers of fire that supposedly marked the location of the Suva which they sought. Placing a hand over his brow - more to keep the rolling beads of sweat out of his eyes, than whatever rays of sunshine could make it through the ash-choked atmosphere - Ollem began to survey the land on the other side of the lava flow. Though the aforementioned ash-choked atmosphere impeded his vision, the effect was not so intense as to obscure his view of the horizon entirely. In any case, he was sure his companion's telescopic lens would offer her better luck than he himself was having. OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  11. IC: Ollem - Ga-Wahi Ollem huffed as they distanced themselves from the bridge which led to the telescope, having departed some minutes ago. "Do you have any idea where this Suva might be, Mahrika?" OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  12. IC: Barius - Fort Nektann After Drukarus left him, Barius remained out in the courtyard for a time, basking in the light of a million stars; each one seeming to speak to him in a language older than speech itself. But he was snapped from his reverie by a series of crashes and bangs, sounding from somewhere nearby. Activating his telescopic x-ray vision, he scanned the fortress for the source. It did not take long to find, and when he had, he moved swiftly towards the garage. Reaching the great garage doors, he grabbed hold of one and lifted with all his might, pushing it upward enough for him to squeeze through the gap. If that alone did not make his presence known, his shouting would: "You're lucky I'm in a good mood today," he announced, "because I'm gonna give you one opportunity to clean this mess up and get out of my fortress, before I turn you and your friends into paste." His words were punctuated by the activation of his fear Kraata, which would begin to fill the minds of those within the garage with a sense of apprehension. OOC: @Crimson Jester @Unreliable Narrator
  13. IC: Morangad - Fau Swamp The Tiokaha looked down at Apex as she delivered her monologue, a mixture of numerous emotions contorting his features. He understood how the Aspect felt, having been alone for so long. Indeed, he had been without friend, kin, or confidant for about as long as her. He knew, too, the feeling of being drawn to a yawning abyss from which there was no escape; though, his abyss was of a different kind from hers. Nonetheless, and as strange as it was, they were natural allies. "I should like to be your friend, Apex," he answered. Though he had survived on his own for so long, he now felt that he sorely needed one. OOC: @Sparticus147 IC: Ollem - The Great Telescope As the Toa's tantrum nearly consumed the environment with its fiery fury, Ollem shrank back, nearly growing to regret having freed Kas after all. But his rage subsided, and the uneasy cooperation they shared reasserted itself. "Alright, we'll go find the Suva," he said, frowning. "But if you find the mask before then, you wait for us, OK?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Harvali
  14. IC: Barius - Fort Nektann Barius paused in his feasting with the rest, captivated by Grime's song. Even in his altered state of mind, he could perceive the significance of the performance. There's something off about that Matoran, he noted to himself. Hunger sated, he pushed himself back from the table, chair whining against the floor, and gave the singer a standing ovation. OOC: @Sparticus147 @Nato the Traveler @Conway @EmperorWhenua @Crimson Jester @Unreliable Narrator IC: Providence - Entering Mesi Tunnels Providence shot ahead of the group as they entered the hidden tunnel, enthusiasm as out of place as ever against the bleak environs of the Dead Forest. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Sparticus147 @Kal the Guardian IC: Morangad - Fau Swamp He pondered the question carefully. "I'm not certain what I had ought to think. For a long time I have held a view of Aspects as being duplicitous manipulators, whose interests necessarily ran counter to those of other beings. And, indeed, much of me still wants to hold onto this view, as I know that many of your kin still do business with the Skakdi raiders who I so despise. As Aspects are the only example of the element of shadow which I have come across, my view of the element is much the same." He cocked his head. "And yet, here I am, conversing with one, after having allowed myself to be desecrated by her. Sharing a common goal - multiples common goals - with her. It seems callous to say that you are an exceptional specimen among an otherwise evil species, so I am left not knowing what to conclude." Perhaps that I've sunk to their level? He wondered to himself. OOC: @Sparticus147 IC: Ollem - Near the Remnants of The Rig Ollem raised an eyebrow at Kas' assertion that a telescope, of all things, would be their means of reaching the floating city. He worried that a century of isolation might have driven the Toa bonkers. Nonetheless, he began to put one foot in front of the other, walking steadily towards the bridge which separated them from the island where the massive device was waiting for them. "Not the strangest thing I've heard today." OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  15. I believe you indicated at an earlier point in time that desecrated folks could learn Taboos. Will Barius also be gaining the 3 Taboos from Grime's song, or am I mistaken? Edit: Also, I'm not sure if this has been addressed previously, but are non-Aspects capable of utilizing Kraata creation in any way, and if so, how?
  16. IC: Barius - Fort Nektann For his part, Barius was consumed with the consumption of the various dishes which Gore had placed before him. The only response he gave to anyone was to Parnassus, to whom he could speak without needing to leave his mouth unfilled with food for any period of time. This is amazing, he agreed. This food is enough to make a man weep. I don't know how he did it, but the bird tastes like chocolate, and the vegetables taste like fruit pies. OOC: @Conway @Nato the Traveler @Sparticus147 @EmperorWhenua @Crimson Jester IC: Morangad - Le-Metru Nuva Morangad inhaled and shifted as Apex finally spoke, as if waking from a standing, open-eyed slumber. He took a few moments to mull over the question, hand drifting to his mask as he did. The surface of it felt colder than usual, and the power emanating from it seemed harsher-- and greater. "It feels... uncomfortable," he said. "But, so does a fresh garment or a newly-crafted tool, 'til one becomes accustomed to it. More importantly, it feels quite powerful, and I am satisfied with it." OOC: @Sparticus147 IC: Ollem - Ruins of Water He cocked his head, as he started to walk towards the exit. "Yeah, I think I've seen what you're talking about as well." Although, it had been at his back for much of his westward journey, he had nonetheless caught glimpses of the floating structure whenever he had stopped to take stock of his surroundings. The glinting sphere had seemed like little more than a mirage, and he might have thought it as much, were it not for its constant presence in the same location. "But wait. If that's... Locus Abeo, or whatever he called it, how in the world does that Toa intend to get there?" OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  17. IC: Barius - Fort Nektann At the mention of food, Barius suddenly realized his intense hunger. It had been approaching mealtime when he had become occupied with this Toa Stannis, and after the unknown length of time he had spent laying on his bed, fading in and out of consciousness, he was rightly famished. At the mention of food, he immediately turned, the dangling head of the Toa draped over his shoulder narrowly missing the doorknob behind him as he did. In his head, he heard the voice of Parnassus, querying him as to what was happening. What's going on? He repeated. We're getting dinner, that's what! There was an uncharacteristic sense of urgency to the thought, which would have made sense if Parnassus had been privy to the intensity of Barius' hunger at the moment. OOC: @Conway @Nato the Traveler @Sparticus147 @EmperorWhenua @Crimson Jester IC: Providence - Dead Forest The Aspect followed this Mesi stranger towards the caves that would take them back into the underworld. He knew Zak-Yak would follow; he could only hope that the alternative of utter loneliness in an alien world would entice 'Tall Blue' to come along with them. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Sparticus147 @Kal the Guardian @Vezok's Friend IC: Ollem - Ruins of Water Still recovering from the absurd display he had just witnessed, Ollem holstered his weapon and bent down to collect the remaining noble Kanohi from the pile. Even though he couldn't use them, he could still feel by touch the power emanating weakly from them, and he reckoned they might be useful in trade if they encountered any locals in their journey. While he was stooped, he grabbed a disk that wasn't in too rough a shape, and used its metallic surface as a mirror. The Great Kakama that they had taken from the desert Suva was still on his face, and in the time that he'd been traveling with Mahrika, it had accumulated a fair amount of dirt and grime. Perfect, he thought. It was far safer that way than in his pack. Grabbing a few of the noble masks, he produced his original, powerless mask from his pack, and left it among the pile, albeit with no small personal difficulty. But it had to be done; if the Toa decided to steal from them in the future, the presence of a powerless mask in Ollem's pack might tip him off to the presence of the more useful one that he wore on his face. For similar reasons, he gave both the noble masks he had collected off the floor to Mahrika; one of Strength, and the other of Concealment. In his own pack, he stuffed several of the least-bent disks, hoping they might still be vaguely usable. He filled the gaps with gold. After his companion had also finished looting the room, he gestured towards the exit. Something told him the Administrator would no longer be particularly willing to answer their questions; and in any case, Kas had ought to be waiting for them outside, unless he had decided to split immediately. Which, to be fair, he might have. OOC: @Harvali You have permission to move Ollem out of the Ruins, if you're ready to go. @Unreliable Narrator As Harvali has pointed out below, Ollem's original, unpowered mask is, in fact, still in the Stone Suva. Ignore that part of this post; I forgot how that worked.
  18. IC: Ollem - Ruins of Water Something about the Toa's words piqued Ollem's interest. Though still suspicious of this strange figure called Kas, the promise of information seemed plausible enough that the Matoran was willing to go along with it. For better or worse. "Very well, then." He glanced at Mahrika for approval, and when she did not protest, he pulled his weapon from his hip. Taking aim at the chains which anchored the Ta-Toa in place, he pronounced his judgement: "Toa Kas, I hereby commute your sentence. Be wary that you do not make me regret this decision... and prepare for a rough landing." He began to fire, round after round slamming into the links at high speed. Sparks and shrapnel flew from the impact points, and the air was filled with the sound of the gunshots, echoing inside the enclosed space of the temple. OOC: In case anyone had forgotten that Ollem has a gun. @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  19. IC: Providence - Dead Forest "Myself and my companions are more than capable of defending ourselves, should the goodwill afforded with your presence run dry," Providence assured the strange Mesi. "In fact, if it makes you more comfortable, I have a fair number of specifically non-lethal tricks under my sleeve." OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Sparticus147 @Kal the Guardian @Vezok's Friend
  20. IC: Barius - Fort Nektann Carrying Stannis out of the secret garden, Barius took a moment to compose himself before he opened the door to the hallway where their companions waited. As the door abruptly swung inward, those who had been waiting outside it could catch a brief glimpse into the room, though their eyes would more likely be on Barius, who had Stannis draped over his shoulder. Eyes unfocused and rapidly dilating, and face fixed in an uncharacteristically neutral expression, the lot might have suspected that combat had occurred between the two, were it not for the fact that neither Toa nor Skakdi bore any fresh wounds. Barius had enough wits left about him to shut the door behind him, preserving his secrets from prying eyes. Though, he did not have enough to remember to lock it. OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Conway @Sparticus147 @Crimson Jester @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator
  21. IC: Barius - His Own Head / Fort Nektann I drift in and out of consciousness for a time as I converse with the woman. It is a strange conversation, made stranger by the fact that I seem to be having it without speaking aloud. Nonetheless, it is quite pleasant, though I remember being quite frustrated for parts of it. I do not remember all of it right now, but that is alright: It feels as if beneath the words I exchanged with the woman, there was also an exchange of feelings, which was far more important and more lasting than the verbal portion of our interaction. Eventually I find myself no longer in the endless void where I had been floating previously. The world spins around me, as if I am the center of the universe. Stretching my hand out in front of my face, I see it as a mere outline, which is filled with bones, blood vessels, nerve endings, ligaments and tendons. My vision power is on and out of control - at one moment the hand fills my sight, and at another I am zoomed so far out that it feels as if I am seeing from outside myself. I might normally be panicked by such a development, but in this moment I am calm. After all, why should I be concerned? The entire universe is in harmony with me; nothing could harm me in this state. The couch beneath me has transformed into a bed, one which I slowly recall as having been in my new room. I do not recall how I got here, but I do recall that there was someone in this room with me. I also recall that we left three or so other individuals waiting outside the door, and it occurs to me that we had ought to reunite with them before they have been made to wait for too long. It takes me some moments to rise from my reclined position, as I recall how to control my body-- with greater attention to the intricate details of it than ever before. When I am on my feet, I walk, like a teetering Skaklet, towards the secret chamber that we had earlier revealed. How long ago was that, I wonder? Seconds, or centuries? I find my companion, my dear, dear friend, Stannis, laying in the late Boss' garden. He seems to be having a riveting discussion with some of the foliage. I set a shaky hand on his shoulder, and prepare to scoop him up, muttering my apologies to the plant I am depriving of its conversation partner. "Hey, we shouldn't leave your, uh, friend waiting." My voice echoes inside my head, and I grin at my own eloquence. OOC: @EmperorWhenua IC: Morangad - Le-Metru Nuva Morangad seemed confused as the ritual progressed; the creation of the Kraata and subsequent infection of his mask was not what he had come to expect from a Desecration ritual. Nonetheless, he could not say that he did not feel newfound power rushing into him. He reached out and set a hand upon a dead tree limb that protruded from the swampy waters beside him-- at his touch, it shattered with an explosive crack!, blowing the log into several pieces in a shower of splinters. This would indeed help him defeat Skakdi. Turning his attention to his exhausted patron, he looked around awkwardly. She wasn't injured, so there was little he could do but to stand guard while she recovered. "I am pleased with this power," he said. It was, essentially, a 'thank you'. OOC: @Sparticus147 IC: Ollem - Ruins of Water The Onu-Matoran frowned, exasperation evident upon his face. "Where is your home, and how do you intend to get there? Moreover, what will you do when you arrive?" If you arrive, he corrected himself in his head. OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  22. IC: Morangad - Le-Metru Nuva Morangad stared silently as Apex approached him and asked him her question. He had known since he had met the Aspect that this moment would come; it was an inevitability of dealing with her kind. Whether the Aspect in question viewed the worm as a gift or a chain, anyone who committed themself to fraternizing with the darklings was bound to have a Kraata foisted upon them at some point or another. He had refused them at various times in his life. Though they came with undeniable power, the Tiokaha knew that they brought on dire penalties as well, not the least of which was a lifelong bond to the Aspect who birthed the slug in question; a bond which he felt was invariably unequal, more alike to servitude than kinship. And yet, in this moment, he could not find it within himself to refuse. With the arrival of these new legions of Toa, Matoran, and various other species that occupied the head to the north, vengeance against the Skakdi was within reach. Unlike with the abomination that had contacted him the other day, he would not hesitate in accepting Apex's offer. After all, better the devil you know than the devil you don't. "I will accept," he stated simply, meeting the Aspect's bestial eyes. OOC: Morangad is ready to get slugged. @Sparticus147
  23. IC: Ollem - Ruins of Water He scowled up at the Toa. The Administrator was making what sounded like fairly dire accusations of him - even if Ollem couldn't entirely understand them - and he didn't even really seem to be denying them, so much as attempting to deflect and distract from them. The bit about transferring power from the few to the many sounded nice, but he was being kind of vague about it. And going from the Administrator's words, it seemed like he had been part of the 'elite few' himself. "You don't seem like a good Toa to me," Ollem challenged. In his experience, the term seemed oxymoronic. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Harvali
  24. IC: Barius - His Own Head I float within an endless void, alone. My thoughts are muddled and my memories a hazy fog. I know that I am Barius. I know that Barius is a Skakdi. I know that Barius is strong. Very strong. I know many things about Barius, things which come together to form an overall sense of who this person called Barius, who I am, is. But there is also much which I fail to recall. And sitting here, dazed, I feel that there is much which I have never known, which is also a part of Barius. Of me. As I experience these thoughts, I notice that the void I swim within is no longer empty. I now rest within an oasis of existence, within this stretching expanse of nothing. Not unlike the oasis in which Fort Nektann, and with it, Barius-Who-I-Am, resides. Most notably, I am lying on a couch. It has been a long time since I have seen a couch that was not ratty. Beneath the couch there is a rug. It is made of woven fibers, rather than rahi hide. Also resting upon the rug is a good chair, which is occupied by a Skakdi woman. She is dressed like a Warskak, but she does not hold herself like one. She looks like my mother. I find this irritating. She speaks. "It looks like you're undergoing substance-enhanced introspection. Would you like help?" Her voice is calm and warm. She sounds like my mother. I find this irritating. I would like help. I try to sit up to glance at my surroundings. My abdomen pains me. "You don't have to worry. It's just us in this space. No one will see you being vulnerable." I frown, and remain silent. I cease my attempts to sit up. "Good," the woman says. "Just relax. You don't need to be tough right now." I am tough, I want to say. Before I can, she is already replying: "Toughness is not an inherent quality of one's physical being, but a social role which is sometimes performed. You have no one here to impress, and therefore you have no need to be tough right now." I am silent for a time. I allow myself to sink into the couch, muscles relaxing. The void above me is now filled with tiny pinpoints of light, which twinkle in rhythm with the universe. OOC: Barius' therapy session, part 1.
  25. IC: Morangad - Le-Metru Nuva Morangad accepted the disk graciously, nodding to the Matoran that had offered it to him in silent appreciation. As the group left him, injured Matoran in tow, he stowed the Kanoka on his back, before turning and trudging through the muck for one final task. The other presence still pulsed weakly in the darkness, its calm acceptance now indistinguishable from barely-conscious delirium. Reaching the presence, he saw now that he had been correct. This one was another Matoran, impaled upon a branch that the storm - or the Tahtorak that brought it - had thrown to the swamp floor. Their entire torso was pierced through; there was no way even a group of the most talented and well-equipped healers could save this one, and they had come to terms with that fact many minutes ago. Walking up beside them, he grabbed their hand and squeezed tightly, so that their fading consciousness could actually register the sensation. I'm sorry this happened to you, he communicated wordlessly. The Matoran's thoughts didn't change much. Their response was nothing more than a weak uh-huh. They couldn't seem to formulate actual words, even in their thoughts. Their breathing was shallow, but fairly steady. Their heartlight beat weakly and with ever-increasing slowness. Your friends are going to be alright. There was a delay as the dying being processed the words, and then a spreading sense of relief and comfort. They sighed softly, and Morangad thought they might have breathed their last right then, before they inhaled another small gulp of air. Face expressionless, the Tiokaha stayed there by their side, holding their hand until they passed. OOC: @Kal the Guardian
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