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  1. Haven't logged on here in over 10 years. What's new for this site, since, and for the BIONICLE Universe at large?
  2. Alright, I'll believe. Though you're probably a trap :|

  3. Haha, that old MoC is kaput. It was an 18" tall Element Lord of Ice, but I got Builders' Block and gave up. Working on a Tahu revamp now, might actually materialize here on BZP, who knows. Also, please tell me you're not really a 14-year-old girl.

  4. IRL stuff has taken priority over Bionicle recently; parties, general outings, etc.,. BUT I DO still have something magnificent up my sleeve, if I can ever get around to finishing it. :)

  5. SNOW, it's not Mr. Freeze.

  6. Oh... oh man...


  7. Your MoCs are really great too. Hey, listen, I'm working on something now that will REALLY blow your mind. Believe me, it'll be great. Should be done soon... though I've been working on the torso alone for three days. :P

  8. Happy birthday man!


  10. Yeah, I dunno what happened to my OPBZP status. Guess I have to cough up some more dough. :/

  11. Oh, you haven't seen anything, Awesome, until you've seen a can of Mountain Dew x a bologna sandwich... >.>

  12. Is there a rule 34 of... rule 34? Let's see that happen. I know, lurk moar, etc.,. etc.,. ;)

  13. Saw your profile, thought you looked like a pretty cool person. :)

  14. Just wanted to let you know, I think that your artwork is the cream of the crop as far as BIONICLE art goes. Everything about your art-- the style, the atmosphere, the polish and attention to detail-- makes it the most representative of BIONICLE art in general.

  15. I just kinda felt like it.

  16. Embedded in the .jpg.

    1) Open in Winrar.

    2) ????

    3) PROFIT!

  17. lol. And to think that at first I thought otherwise. You got the best of me, Exo.

  18. Randos

    Moc Of The Week 6

    Thanks! It's an honor to be ranked among the likes of Seranikai, Mikerahk, and ToM!
  19. So bad it's good. ®Amen.

  20. "What does my tattoo say?"

    "Dude! What does mine say?"

    "SWEET, what does MINE say!?"

  21. It's a trap?!

  22. If that is what you choose to call Chuck Norris, then so be it.

  23. Oh god

    ...I don't think that I can take it, it's so awesome.

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