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  1. I apologize for any spurts of inactivity I might have- been quite busy lately!

  2. IC: Kadon - Somewhere near Po-Koro I smiled back and shook Cadmus' hand eagerly. I could already tell that he and I would get along famously! Well, for a while, at least. I didn't mix well with others- that was how I ended up with someone like Drome, stuck in an endless desert. But that's fine: I don't need others anyway! I mean, sure, I had been lost in the middle of the desert, but lost is a strong word. More of... sidetracked, really. I had known that we would be fine all along. Drome's panicking about the end had just gotten to me, that's all. And I'd had a feeling that Po-Koro was nearby; after all, I have killer instincts. Regardless, Cadmus had been kind enough to give me some water, and that's something I probably wouldn't have been able to manage by myself. If I had any money, I would have bought the man a drink in town as thanks. Oh well. It's the thought that counts, right? "Good to meet you, Cadmus. Should we head into the Koro, then? It's been a long day and I am starving." Realizing that I was forgetting something, I glanced at Drome and the other Toa. "Oh, I suppose we should bring them along as well."
  3. IC: Kadon - Somewhere Not as Far Away From Po-Koro as I Had Previously Thought I let Drome deal with the questions about our water supply. It wasn't my fault anyway. He'd drank it all before we even got here, practically, and how are you even supposed to know where you're going in a desert? The sand all looks the same. It could have happened to anyone, really. Besides, we ended up near to Po-Koro anyway! Then, the one that Drome had nearly started a fight with spoke up. Finally, someone helpful- and someone who had water! I caught the canteen he had tossed to me, already grinning with anticipation as the sweet, sweet sound of water sloshing around filled the dry desert air. Eagerly, I unscrewed the top; as I removed it, a perfect, beautiful drop of water fell from the cap, sparkling for a brief moment before it was lost to those accursed sands. Without further ado, I tilted my head back and drank for the first time in forever. The water was warm, but I couldn't have cared less. It felt like life itself was flowing back into me, rejuvenating me, pulling me back from that terrible fate I had come so close to. That horrible, dry feeling in my throat disappeared instantly, and I swear, I've never had water that was quite as good as the stuff in that canteen. Sadly, I had to practice some restraint. The witty one clearly wasn't going to be much help, and, knowing Drome, the lump had even less of a clue of where we were than I did. That meant that Canteen Guy was pretty much my only guarantee of not managing to somehow get lost between here and Po-Koro (not like I would be one to get lost or anything), and he had been kind enough to share his water, so I figured that I shouldn't drink it all. Then, I remembered something: Drome hadn't had anything to drink either. And as much as I hated handing Drome the last of the water, well, I figured I should probably make sure he made it. I'd get bored otherwise. So, I wordlessly tossed him the canteen and then turned to Canteen Guy. "Thank you! Good to see that some people are still generous," I said, shooting a look at the one who had been talking to Drome. "I'm Kadon and that spiky orange thing is Drome. We, ah, got a bit turned around. Must happen a lot around here."
  4. OOC: Grochi!! It's been too long. =) IC: Kadon - Somewhere in Po-Wahi If I had realized that the desert was so full of people, I wouldn't have had my meltdown about dying a premature death earlier. Not that I was upset, of course; after all, the two newcomers were by far my best chance to get out of this Mata-Nui-forsaken desert. Drome certainly wasn't going to be any help, anyway. Still, I was confused. All of a sudden, some new new guy -newest guy?- had shown up, Drome had taken a tumble down a dune, and the newest guy had effortlessly quipped about it. I think. It could have been an observation, I guess. Regardless, he had said something witty about Drome's latest comical mistake, and I wasn't sure if I should like him or feel like my position in the world was being threatened. As for old new guy, the first one we had come across, he was still entirely a mystery to me. "Alright," I said, addressing the two strangers, "before we start any major fights, who are you two? And more importantly, do either of you have water? Because I am dying."
  5. IC: Kadon - Somewhere in Po-Wahi Oh, boy. Here we go. The stranger had flung himself out of the way of Drome before the lump had reached him, which was probably a good thing. Maybe there could still be a peaceful solution. Oh, wait, that's right. Drome was involved. Of course there wasn't going to be a peaceful resolution to all of this. Still, I figured, trying to communicate with the guy that we just wanted water was worth a shot. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, I didn't really put it very well. "Hand it over and nobody gets hurt!'
  6. IC: Kadon - Somewhere in Po-Wahi I sighed a little as Drome charged up the dune, intent on stealing the newcomer's water. Taking someone's water in the middle of the desert didn't sit entirely well with me, but I'd had a long day. Up till recently, I was pretty sure that I was going to die. I was admittedly desperate. And when you're desperate, and it's you or them, you do things that don't sit entirely well with you. I followed Drome, walking quickly. I wasn't entirely sure we needed to rob whoever that was- I mean, for all I knew, Po-Koro could be just over the next dune. But if Drome was bent on getting himself into a fight, I'd probably have to back him up. Someone had to save the poor fool every now and again.
  7. OOC: Hey Requiem! Thanks for the interaction! =) IC: Kadon - Currently not dying somewhere in Po-Wahi When Drome threw his arm over my shoulders and threatened to kill me, it was more unsettling than the empty desert had been a moment earlier. He said it without any barb or taunt embedded in it, with this look on his face that I had rarely, if ever, seen before: Absolute, dead seriousness. Suddenly, dying in the baking sun seemed a lot less frightening than it had just a few seconds ago- which was the point, I suppose. Drome, evidently, didn't have much patience for my pessimism. Of course, why would he care if I died? Hadn't he tried to end my earthly existence before? Although.... if I died, what would Drome do? More importantly, if Drome died, what would I do? Fortuitously, my thoughts were interrupted by Drome, who had (for once) made a halfway decent observation: Someone was approaching, and they might have life-saving water. As I smiled and waved at the stranger, hope welled up inside me. We were saved! The desert wouldn't claim us after all! Then, I realized something, something that swiftly crushed my dreams. "... You think he just so happens to have enough water for three?"
  8. IC: Kadon- Somewhere in Po-Wahi At first, I ignored Drome. Who did he think he was, some sort of philosopher? The last thing I wanted to hear was Drome droning on about how I should die my death. I even managed to hold back my temper when he threw in his little insult- If it was the last thing I ever did, which was seeming more and more possible, I wasn't going to let Drome win. Then, it dawned on me. If, just if, Drome beat the odds and survived, and I died... then he would win. He would be right and I would be wrong; my last action on this island would be allowing the great lump of a Toa to claim the last victory. And that was the one thing I could not do. I stood up. "Fine," I muttered, "'more weight' or whatever. Besides, I'm not going to die with you."
  9. Anyone up for interacting with Drome and Kadon, a couple of crazies currently lost in Po-Wahi?
  10. IC: Kadon - Somewhere in Po-Wahi I sighed with relief as Drome lowered me to the relative safety of the desert sands, then screamed as the buffon put me down face-first. The sand, which had already doomed me to a grim fate of death by dehydration, was now in my eyes. I leapt up, trembling with outrage as tears streamed down my cheeks. Sparks popped into and out of being in the air around me as my temper flared and I furiously rubbed at my eyes. "For Mata-Nui's sake, Drome!" I yelled. "What is wrong with you?! It isn't bad enough that I'm going to die, is it? No, you just have to go and rub it in- LITERALLY!" Out of sheer frustration, I kicked some sand in his direction; it was a futile gesture, given that my vision had become a smear of tan and blue with an annoying orange-and-teal smudge in the middle, but it made me feel better somehow. Then, I turned to my other major grievance. "Give up, Drome! It's over! We're done! We are going to DIE in th accursed desert! It's inevitable! So just quit and let me die in peace!" That said, I flung myself down upon the sand. Not my proudest moment, to be sure. But, in my defense, I was having a very bad day.
  11. IC: Kadon- Somewhere in Po-Wahi, slung over Drome's shoulder As I knelt in the sand, it felt as though the fragments of my shattering dreams were cascading down around me, like a taunting, cold rain in the burning desert. I was doing my best to ignore Drome's incoherent shouting- unlike him, I would face the end with dignity! I could feel death closing in already, rushing across the sands like some dark tide, intent on sweeping me away. It was as if I could hear it thundering across the sands- which was a considerable feat, considering the sheer volume of Drome's yelling and failing to accept the inevitable. My head sunk lower into my hands. Slowly, I was accepting my fate. Right about then, Drome picked me up and slung me over his shoulder, charging across the desert. My first reaction was shock. A confused expression flashed across my face, followed by one of outrage. I had accepted my fate! I had resigned to Death's cold grip! I had been noble and poetic and calm, and then Drome had ruined it all! My second reaction was fear: As Drome stormed through the otherwise serene desert, I was bouncing up and down perilously close to his shoulder spikes. Though I doubted it would register with the great lump, who was careening through the dunes like a boulder smashing down a mountainside, I decided to voice my concerns over being impaled on Drome's shoulder: "DROME YOU MORON PUT ME DOWN BEFORE YOU KILL ME!"
  12. IC: Kadon - Somewhere in Po-Wahi "Of course I know the way back! We just have to follow our footprints!" I said, confidently turning around. Then, I noticed what Drome had already seen: The desert winds had swept them away, leaving the desert terrifyingly blank. I fell to my knees, burying my face in my hands. So, this was it. My saga would end here. I would be buried by the dunes, my body picked clean by vultures, my bones bleached by the merciless sun! I would simply be gone, forever forgotten, with no legacy to leave behind but a crushing debt and annoyed hospital officials. How cruel could this world be, taking me before my time? Oh, yeah, and Drome would die too. I supposed that I would have to inform him of our inevitable demises, seeing as how I had doubtlessly come to the realization before him. "We are going to DIE!"
  13. OOC: From Ga-Wahi. IC: Kadon - Somewhere in the Po-Wahi Desert I had made a mistake. The heat was oppressive and it felt as if the sun was beating down on my head, making me regret that I had ever given up that coastal shade tree I had stolen from Drome. Distant objects shimmered, making the horizon ceaselessly dance as I trudged through the sand. The sand. It was everywhere. It was under my armor constantly, and I could feel the cursed stuff gritting in my teeth. Back in Ga-Wahi, the sand had been warm and soft and inviting; here, it was torturous. How an entire village survived here was beyond me. I turned to Drome. "Alright, new plan. We go back to Ga-Wahi, live in debt for the rest of our lives, and never, EVER come back to this Mata-Nui-forsaken pile of sand again."
  14. IC: Kadon On the one hand, I hated that I couldn't get back at Drome. On the other, my headache was really killing me. I stood up unsteadily. "Fine, then. Let's get going to Po-Wahi- if we don't get there soon, we're going to kill each other." Confidently, I started off in the direction that I thought Po-Koro maybe was. I didn't bother to check if Drome was following. Drome might be dumb, but I figured he had enough brains to follow my lead. After all, how hard could it be to find Po-Koro? OOC: Kadon to Po-Koro
  15. IC: Kadon - Ga-Wahi Coast As Drome fell, electricity coursing through his body, a triumphant laugh rose to my lips. Then, I noticed Drome's mace hurtling toward my face. I dove to the side, but it was too late. The mace struck a glancing blow off of the side of my head, but that was more than enough. I fell into the sand beside Drome, with a killer headache already beginning to make its presence felt. I groaned and clutched my head. There was a moment of silence before I choked out the hated word. "Truce?"
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