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Status Updates posted by BULiK

  1. So much to do, so much to see, so what's wrong with taking the backstreets?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. BULiK


      Do you know me from somewhere?

    3. Zacian


      Well, I've seen you around the BZPRPG. Other than that uhh...Soran's comics? *nervous laughter*


      Also, super sorry for the late reply ^^'

    4. BULiK


      Ah, cool! Man, I haven't checked out Soran's comics in ages. I wonder how well they have aged now...

  2. so much yes. brilliant name

  3. *Blows off dust, cracks knuckles*

  4. Clever name you have there...

    1. Ghosthands


      Why thank you ;D

    2. Underscore


      Yes, quite creative

  5. Final exams tomorrow.

    1. Underscore


      Already finished my math final :D. Aced it

    2. BULiK


      I think I did well on my geometry one. Not sure yet.

  6. Summer is almost over...

    1. Underscore


      'tis over for me

  7. Exo-Force RPG is up. Check it out!

  8. Star Wars:Battlefront III Announced? Mind Blown

  9. On vacation until the end of the week. Don't expect any art until later than that.

  10. Building another Pakari

  11. Going to get a better computer on wednesday.

    1. Van Hohenheim

      Van Hohenheim

      guess what today is? =)

    2. BULiK


      Actually, It wasn't in stock today. Maybe friday if I'm lucky.

    3. Van Hohenheim
  12. Experimenting with Vector Art soon.

  13. My brother and I rented a personal minecraft server.

  14. Check out my latest topic in general art!

  15. Expect something interesting in the next few days.

  16. Started playing the BZPRPG again.

  17. Mopping up profiles...

  18. Finished Reading all BZPRPG 2012 topics. Now I just need to catch up on the new ones.

  19. Twas playing a game whenI headshotted a sniper with a grenade launcher via it bouncing off his head.

  20. Will be ready to RP by the end of next week, at the very most. Only got to get through Ko, Ga, Ta, and wrap up topic..

  21. My best friend fell of his trampoline and broke both arms. Depressing.

  22. Drew something pretty awesome. I hope.

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