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  1. I think it's worth noting that Malum living in the desert is a fairly recent turn of events. For most of the time he would have been Velika's contact, he would have been a respected, if hot-headed, Glatorian. He also seems like someone who would help out Velika out of his own ambition. I feel like, at some point, Greg said that Malum was his favorite Glatorian set. I could be imagining it, though.
  2. I would expect that, if it's a reboot rather than a continuation, some stuff is going to be changed for the plot. Otherwise, new fans could very easily have it spoiled for them. I don't even mean being told spoilers by a veteran, but just by looking up, say, "Tahu", they will find later story details.
  3. It is known that Teridax kept some Makuta alive and forced them to mass produce Kraata, before he then killed them. This. If you want to know specifically how he killed that group, I would guess crushing their armor with gravity, since that power was shown to be used the most by the Matoran Universe robot. We never saw a conflict between Makuta where Rahkshi were involved, so we don't really know who they would obey- the one with the strongest will, or their creator. This makes me lean away from Teridax having those Makuta be killed by any minions.
  4. Sorry, I somehow wasn't aware of that. I'm probably just over-anxious.
  5. Is this still going on? It's been over two years now.
  6. Krika did have a sincere change of heart, while Icarax just wanted to wreck Teridax's plan so he could conquer the universe himself. In fact, Icarax's direct approach to conquest would have resulted in more destruction that Teridax ever would cause.
  7. It isn't necessarily that the Metru bore prejudices because of the war. Each element tends to go along with certain personality traits, and each Metru has its own traits as well. Some of these go together better than others. A prime example would be Ko- and Onu- Metrus. They did not get along because each saw the future/past as more important. This definitely affected Nuju and Whenua's initial disagreements, and it probably factored into why Ko- and Onu- Metru took different sides during the war.
  8. I think it was stated that the process completely wiped Sentrahk's memory, and that the process wasn't replicated because of the difficulty in completely re-educating a being.
  9. Edited for formatting. It's possible that there are some issues that I missed, however.
  10. I now want a whole movie of this. But I think the Morbuzakh was shown when Vakama got his disk. As it wasn't a set, it makes sense to downplay its importance.
  11. How come all Makuta are confirmed as unable to be revived? Has it been confirmed that no Makuta died before their transformation to a gaseous state?
  12. Without its leaders, the strike probably fell apart on its own. Anyways, the "work" was to rebuild Metru Nui. There's only so long you can sit on a pile of rubble.
  13. So while it is possible that Teridax could not control Keetongu, I find it more likely he did not want it to be over so easily, and so used his other powers instead. Same goes for him controlling the Manas. Maybe he couldn't control all of them, but he is also so sadistic that he probably turned them on each other just for the laughs. Now that that is out of the way, your theory does make some sense, but there is a hole. Kraata and Krana do not form civilizations, yet they are not Rahi, and thus I would not think Rahi Control would work on them, although I do not believe this has been proven. Also, BS01 says that most Rahi do not have the willpower to resist the Mask of Rahi Control power, with possible exceptions of Krahka and Keetongu. So I'd say the answer might be in there, that the deciding factor is willpower and not intelligence. For example, gorillas are intelligent, but they don't really have the same willpower that we do in being able to push their bodies through pain to do things, resist a sort of mental invasion, etc. And it seems like possibly even Krahka and Keetongu wouldn't be able to resist it. I hope that all made sense VMN With Teridax and Keetongu, Teridax was trying to deal with TSO, Voporak, and Sentrahk. He was desperate to regain the Vahi, or at least keep it out of TSO's hands. As such, I don't think he would play around or take his time in dealing with Keetongu. Also, Kraata are like Krana in that they do not have individual minds/wills. They act for the good of the Makuta (which theoretically could order them to build a city). I consider them automatons rather than beings, and as such they would be outside the qualifications for Rahi. I should have made it more clear that I considered a species not to be Rahi if it was shown that members of the species (not necessarily the whole species) exist within civilization. Thus, a Matoran could live as a hermit in the jungle, but he would not be a Rahi, since members of his species do build civilizations. Of course, this would not include exceptional members of a species. For example, there could be a group of mutated Ussal Crabs which spoke and built a city, and were therefore sapient beings rather than Rahi. All Ussal would not then cease to be considered Rahi as a result. Finally, would Krahka be able to resist mental invasion if she shifted into something with telepathy or mental shields?
  14. With the Onewa example, it could be because his mask was not specified for Rahi. I think an actual Mask of Rahi Control or the Kraata power is more effective when dealing specifically with unintelligent Rahi.
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