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  1. I don't believe Greg has ever stated for what purpose Artakha made the symbols, but I quite like your idea - that he was trying to ensure the Bahrag could eventually be freed. Perhaps he never foresaw that the theft of the symbols would cause the Nuva to lose their powers entirely.
  2. I'm not sure where you heard this, but he was never planning to introduce Void. That was a fan-proposed element popular with some fans on BZP, but it never made it to Greg. Psionics was the first, last, and only element he canonized, and he's stated many times since then that he has no interest in introducing more elements.
  3. Not quite true. IIRC, the Void element was a theory proposed by a well-known BZPer (I can't for the life of me remember who). It was inspired by Makuta's famous "I am nothing" monologue in the MNOG. The theory was that Makuta was that, since shadow doesn't technically exist - it's just the absence of light - Makuta was originally intended to have powers over nothingness, or Void. A variation on the concept proposed Void as a True Neutral element, to balance out Light and Shadow. However, the Void element was never brought to Greg, or if it was, he didn't approve it. I'm not confident in my recollection of the details here, but what I do know is that Void was not Greg's idea. It originated on BZP. Oh, and I guess I'd better provide my fair share of trivia. Here goes: The three winners of the 2015 Mask Maker Challenge were drawn into an illustration of Ekimu in his forge. What you might not have noticed is that two of them also have a cameo in Episode 3 of The Journey to One: hanging above the door to the Temple of Light. Their creators must be very proud.
  4. We'll never know exactly what it is, but we know it's not that. The graphic novels show that the Mask of Time existed long before Makuta made the Mask of Ultimate Power. We also know from other story sources that the Mask of Time remained intact for 1000 years after Makuta's betrayal, as the Protectors used it to summon the Toa. This means it can't be the Mask of Ultimate Power, because So, while we don't know the exact origins of the Mask of Time, that option at least is ruled out.
  5. But Kraata-Kal and the Bohrok-Kal were both mutated by the same substance, as stated in BIONICLE: Dark Hunters. It makes sense for them to both be referred to as "Kal". "Hordika" is a better term for mutants affected by the venom, a substance distinct from whatever the Kal substance was. Let's not overcomplicate things.
  6. Put me down for Umarak. Guy's got style.
  7. Nah, this is Bionicle. Everything gets explained eventually. Nah, this is G2 Bionicle. There's no reason to believe it will abide by its predecessor's rules and principles.
  8. Someone get Alvis up in this. Xenoblade Chronicles, anyone? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You called?
  9. A recent quote from Greg on the "Chat with Greg Farshtey" thread has caused something of a stir. In the quote, Greg says, "I don't really believe in redeeming characters, Orion. I believe a good villain is a villain for a reason, and they are not just going to suddenly turn good. They may do good things, but it will be out of their own self-interest, not because they have suddenly become virtuous." This discussion is already starting to fill up the Official Greg Compendium, but there are a lot of interesting things to say about it, so I think we should move it over here into its own topic. The most obvious point of discussion would be, is Greg right? Are redemption stories inherently "unrealistic", or do people have the potential for drastic change? I disagree. I don't think anyone is too far gone for a moral epiphany. It takes a serious push to change a person's outlook, even by a small degree, but it's still possible. I know this just from my (comparatively short) experience. I've made slow but steady progress over the past four years, but it took a near-fatal tragedy to spur my development of empathy and emotional bonds with my friends. Enough about me. The point I'm interested in discussing is one raised by the person who asked Greg this ill-fated question: what would it take to redeem some of BIONICLE's villains? The OP cited the Barraki and Makuta Miserix as potential candidates for redemption, but I'm interested in hearing about any and all villains' possibilities. What would it take to redeem Ahkmou? Vezok? And if anyone's really ambitious: what would it take to redeem Makuta Teridax? Both of the above discussion points, and any additional ones related to the subject, are welcome here. I think this is a very interesting discussion to have.
  10. First off, toa kopaka4372 and Rahkshi Lalonde are correct -- this isn't going to happen. We have no governing body that could enforce a blanket ban on canonization. The only way it'll stop is if Greg stops taking questions himself, and that's up to him. But in a hypothetical scenario in which we could do this, should we ban G1 canonization? I haven't voted yet, because my opinion on the subject has recently changed, and I want to wait a bit and see if it sticks. But at the moment, I would say yes. A few weeks ago, I would have stated that canonization is a great avenue for tying up loose ends and clarifying details of G1. But since then, I've only seen minor and trivial canonizations proposed, nothing really brilliant. I've realized that, like SPIRIT said, all of this can be accomplished more easily and more elegantly in fan works: short stories, animations, roleplaying blogs (shameless plug: dark-hunters-inc.tumblr.com), you name it. As we get further into G2, canonizing minor details of G1 becomes less and less important. It's not that G1 is dead, or that it was perfect and untouchable. It's just no longer being told by LEGO. It's being told by the fans.
  11. I always saw Hakann/Vezok as a one-way, extremely unhealthy ship, in which all of Hakann's backstabbings were just terrible attempts at flirting with Vezok. Pairings I don't ship: Jaller/Hahli ended in 2006. They were cute in 2003, but the spark was gone by the time they left Metru Nui.Any of the Toa Nuva ships. I'm sorry, but their relationships are much more meaningful as platonic brother/sister bonds.Other than that, I shipped all the normal ones. Macku/Hewkii, Kiina/Mata Nui, Sahmad/unnamed love interest, Teridax/himself, etc.
  12. Way back in 2001, when I was a wee little one, my first thought upon learning that Gali was the only girl was "That's not fair". For a few years after that, I just ruled that Lewa and Kopaka (and Wairuha, by extension) were also female. Unfortunately, after getting more invested in official storyline, I couldn't maintain that head canon. But if I had the chance to change things for a new story, I'd go with my gut and switch those two.
  13. Perhaps, then, BS01 will just exercise its editor's discretion and not mention this answer.
  14. Greg seems a lot more open to the idea of biomechanical romance nowadays... That kind of a behavioral shift is not going to happen in weeks or months. What I am saying is that they are going to have a new emotion and new relationships to observe. It might just be something they find interesting, or it might be something someone down the line tries to emulate. If you assume their AI allows them to learn behavior, will they learn this one? I don't know. But it is not something that is going to happen right away. Full steam ahead, shippers. Also, some wise guy pointed out that Pahrak-Kal's fate doesn't make sense: 1) Not sure. I tend to think not in all cases, maybe in some. 2) If there is no core, then he went out the other side and quite possibly died in space. 3) If he had the raw materials, one would assume so. But from a story perspective, I would never have added more than one Vahi, it unbalances the story. 4) Can they? Maybe. Would they? No.
  15. Obligatory nitpick: spiders are arachnids, not insects. It's a separate class of arthropod. Of course, given that the LoSS and the Skull Spiders have the wrong number of legs, and that it's BIONICLE, Earth taxonomy really has no bearing here.
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