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  1. There were story contests that had winners declared but Greg never was able to canonize them, so they're not on BS01. Where can they be found?
  2. aah i hate that fad of r-rated kid's show reboots it's so trashy I don't know what Bionicle would stand to gain from that, it was aimed at kids but it never felt censored or anything, it had moments that were as dark and mature as it could ever need to be.
  3. I loved Voyage of Fear as a kid, I thought it was underrated. I thought Mavrah was misunderstood, and I was sad when he died, and then I was super happy when he got brought back in Bionicle's unresolved cliffhanger. I haven't read it in a long time though. Tales of the Masks, Maze of Shadows, Time Trap, Legacy of Evil, Inferno, and City of the Lost are some other ones I remember really liking. I haven't read any Bionicle books in a really long time, I should go back and refresh my memory.
  4. Later down on that page he does say that Matoran are predestined to become Toa via predetermined programming, and since Velika's conciousness isnt a true Matoran AI he couldnt have that destiny.
  5. I've thought about this too, but I had no idea Greg said Velika couldn't become a Toa. maybe Velika being a different person in the Kingdom universe than he was in the main one somehow affected the 2006-07 arc and caused Matoro to hesitate?
  6. The thing about the Vahi (in G1) is that the other two Legendary Masks, the Mask of Life and the Mask of Creation, were created by the Great Beings at the dawn of the Matoran Universe, but the Mask of Time was created 99,000 years after the fact. The Legendary Masks are tied to fundemental aspects of reality, so what I had always figured is that part of the nature of the Vahi, as part of the Great Beings' design, was that it didn't exist yet, but it would one day be created in the future, because it's the Mask of Time. Exactly. Or more specifically that he created the planet that Okoto is on, and sent the Toa to it, which would be why the G2 Toa fall from the stars and return to them at the end of Journey to One.
  7. Yeah, I mean obviously that's what the creators of G2 were doing. I'm just saying, if you wanted to connect them, these ways make the most sense to me.
  8. I thought the Toa Mata put the masks they collected on their Suvas and that they kept teleporting their masks back and forth to and from the Suvas, but regular Toa in the Matoran Universe didn't have Suvas and stuck to one mask. Could be wrong though.
  9. Not necessarily that he is Velika, just that his Mask of Control is Velika's Komau, transformed somehow. It's just an idea, like, if the story were to ever be continued whoever was writing it could link those two plot points, if they were concerned with that. And having G2 be an alternate universe, thats also an idea a lot of people say, but the thing is alternate universes were always timelines that branched off of the main continuity, where different decisions were made that led to different outcomes, not just other realities where the whole thing was different for no reason, so I personally never liked that idea
  10. That question was already answered, in the worst possible way. To quote Greg, they were "a glitch." I remember. But why were they prophetic visions and not random nonsense?My theory would be that it had something to do with the fact that he was destined to create the Mask of Time.I guess that makes sense considering destinies are “pre-programmed” into a being’s mind. So they were less “Vakama is literally seeing the future” and more “Vakama is receiving hints as to what is supposed to happen. ...but why did he keep having visions after becoming a Turaga? On that note, were his visions made up by the screenwriters rather than the proper story team? That’s the same way we got the Mask of Illusion=literal shapeshifting nonsense. I guess the condition is permanent.
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