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    Bionicle: These things are great. Most of my money goes into them.

    Reading: Mostly fantasy and science fiction, but I'm open to all kinds.

    Homestuck: Filled the void Bionicle left behind.

    Pokemon: Really cool monsters? How can you go wrong. I play the games for the most part.

    Cats: I have three and they are dearly loved.

    Video games: I play the Wii, Playstation 3, and Gamecube. Sometimes I might use my laptop for gaming. Lots of different games like: Pokemon, Jak and Daxter, most Mario games, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Gran Turismo, Assassin's Creed 2 (and Brotherhood and Revelations), Team Fortress 2, Spore, Minecraft, and many others.

    Digimon: Like Pokemon, but with a lot more thought put into its human characters. Only watch adventure and Zero Two, just so you know.

    Movies: I plan on working in the movie business in time. Going to be heading off to film school soon.

    Lego in general: I buy quite a few sets. Although, with Bionicle's death I haven't been buying them much lately. I still love them, though.

    And other various stuff.

    My favorite characters in Bionicle are...
    Pridak: A warlord, a ruler, a condemned prisoner and an awesome set. Yes I like "The Shark" quite a bit. In fact he is my favorite character in all of Bioncle. Also my Moc of his pre-Pit Form is, IMO, my flagship Moc.
    Mutran: Has the crazy humor we see in Vezon. But to me Vezon gets a little over the top at times, where as Mutran does not. Also like the fact he is a Makuta and has a cool set. R.I.P Mutran. :(
    Lots of other characters, but those two are some of my favorites.

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  1. I do very much enjoy G1's aesthetic. Most of it I chalk up to nostalgia, though. It's a disappointing answer, to be sure, but I think it's the one that best defends the awkward limbs, poor proportions, over-sized weapons, and a host of other visual issues. The colors were brighter pre-2004, and then there were a slew of muted colors that were neither appealing nor attractive. Think about 2008 and the Phantoka and Mistaka. Lots of black and grey. Long story short, no, I don't think G1s aesthetic was all that amazing or rememberable.
  2. In my mind, less is more as far as this topic is concerned. More elements just leaves more questions unanswered. In the canon they barely make sense as it is.
  3. Solid review. I have a love hate relationship with these star Wars figures. They still look a little "off" to me, but at the same time it looks like Lego did a masterful job recreating the actors' likeness. Probably won't pick up Finn, but after this review I'm a little torn.
  4. I pretty much agree. To be honest I'd forgotten the Lego magazine even exists, so I'd say that means I wouldn't care. ~B~ I'm in agreement with these fine gentlemen.
  5. No, strong no, idea. The Red Star is just another drop in a bucket overflowing with pointless, meandering story threads. Thinking about how poorly executed the idea was makes me happy the Bionicle line ended when it did. The reveal was also terrible, though that's neither here nor there.
  6. Looking forward to a revival, if that's what happens. An influx of new members can only be a good thing.
  7. ankyfdarkness


    Just want to get your guys' thoughts on college. As a man who is close to finishing his associates degree, I'd like to hear what everyones' expectations are/were and how life has treated you during/after/before college. Thanks!
  8. The community on this site is outstanding. It seems that no matter what happens, what catastrophe falls, the membership just bounces back. Couple that with the incredible staff and winning attitude of the community and you have one of the best forums on the internet.
  9. Metru Nui. Large cities have always intrigued me, but Metru Nui had some awesome locations. The archives, and Le-Metru's chute network come to mind.
  10. "For peace and the law!"

  11. Amen. There's a lot of truth in this statement. People still seem to find it weird when an "older" dude says he builds with LEGO.
  12. My lord, it's bizarre to see you without your Nidoking avatar. :P

  13. The hype is now real. While this still doesn't "really" confirm anything, it's a good indication of what is in store for the future.
  14. Reboot, no question about it. A continuation (even one set in the "far future") seems like an unbelievably bad idea to me. Bionicle's story, for lack of better words, was a mess by the ending. Plot points were unfinished, characters were effectively discarded (Piraka and Toa Marhi in that terrible Golden Being side story, and the Makuta in Karda Nui), Tahu was randomly reverted into a Toa Mata (because the set designers wanted him in that form, and a poorly conceived story reason was tacked on as to why), and the Bara Magna "reboot" just ended up complicating the story unnecessarily. Three other planets, and a bloated backstory as to how they were all once "whole", in addition to introducing three new, and unneeded, species (Skrall, Agori, and Glatorian) who were essentially the same fare as Toa, Makuta, and Matoran. It all felt clumsy. A fresh start in a "reimagined" 2001 setting is much more preferable than tacking on more garbage to the behemoth that was Bionicle's 2001-2010 ongoing story. A behemoth that was crushing itself under its own weight. Basically, I want to leave that world behind so there's no baggage from the previous years. None. At. All. Yes, I am a little bitter still at the way Bionicle ended in 2010. Yes, I love Bionicle's story dearly, but only someone oblivious would argue that there wasn't issues with the way the plot was handled. 2015 fresh start, here we come!
  15. LDD has never been a favorite of mine. LEGO is a physical toy, and just isn't as enjoyable as a digital medium to me. The feel of bricks snapping together is so awesome. It is a feeling LDD doesn't give me.
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