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Transformers: Regeneration

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Transformers: Regeneration

Cybertron. For countless Metacycles, our home has been a place of peace. The High council kept the peace, while researchers pondered the secrets of the universe. Workers built magnificent structures across the entirety of our home, and the ways of war was unknown to us. The scars of the First Great War were gone, replaced by that of the Golden Age. An age of science, progress, culture, and exploration. Times were good. The Primes, our leaders, watched over us, helped us, pushed us to reach for the stars.

And we did. Yet, after enough time, the Senate, the ruling body of Cybertron, becamee corrupt. As a result, the Decepticons began to appear. Organized by a former miner, now gladiator from Tarn, the Decepticons demanded the abolishment of the caste system put into order by Nominus Prime, and the removal of the Senate. The Decepticons, who were rapidly gaining traction as an Anti-Senate group, declared war upon the Senate and all their supporters, and attacked the Autobots, prompting Sentinel Prime to engage the Decepticon leader, the Kaon Gladiator Megatron, in combat. Sentinel died, and the Senate knew their time was drawing near. The Golden Age was over. The Second Great War had begun between the Autobots, and the Decepticons. In desperation, they ordered the next Prime, Zeta Prime, to use any means necessary to destroy Megatron and his Decepticons. Zeta Prime's continuous crimes in attempt to destroy the Decepticons led to the Autobots betraying him, and aiding the Decepticons to kill Zeta Prime, and dismantle the Senate. To the Autobots, this victory seemed to mark the end of the war, and were anxious to return to peace.

Megatron had other ideas. He quickly ordered his forces to take control of Cybertron, forcing the Autobots back to their bastion in Iacon. Eventually, the war resulted in one outcome. The shutdown of Cybertron. An Exodus was ordered, and the beginnings of a final battle between the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, the last Prime, and Megatron. In space, heading towards a portal through space and time, the duo engaged in one final battle, resulting in a stalemate in which neither could prevail.

Their ships, The Ark and The Nemesis were lost to the stars. But other ships looked for them. The Distant Light, a repurposed Autobot freighter was one such group of Autobot survivors that hunted for the Ark, hoping to find Optimus Prime, their leader. Arriving over a planet in the system Sol. It was thereThe Distant Light was attacked by a Decepticon raiding ship called The Corsair. The two ships battled each other in the orbit of this planet. Through the course of the battle, the two ships disabled the other's shields, and dealt enough damage to each other to cause the ships to lose orbit, falling to the planet below.

The survivors of the crash, when re-activated from the emergency landing, found themselves on a new alien world, uncharted, unexplored, and filled with organic lifeforms. As the Autobots and Decepticons start to repair themselves and become acquainted with this new world, their war begins anew.

-An observation of 'Earth'.

Earth. While the 'humans' call it home, it is different than those seen before. This Earth is rich in Energon, with only a faction of it being uncovered by humanity. Humans originally fought a war among themselves as they thought their Energon stockpiles were near-gone, over a vein of Energon in a territory called 'Serbia'. This sparked a massive war between two sides, which culminated in an armistice and treaty that would (hopefully) prevent such a war from happening again. This treaty also outlined an organization which later became known as the 'United Nations', hoping to smooth world-wide energon trade. Much to Human-kind's relief, more Energon deposits were found soon after, and more nations entered into this UN. While most Nation's qualms and fights had died down as negotiations were made to achieve more than economic goals, much cooler relations were maintained by several of the 'superpower' nations such as the USA and USSR, both of which are constantly trying to secure power over the other.

With enough time to work on research without the threat of war or nuclear armageddon, the technological advances have been significant. In other times, humanity would've been capable of electrical-powered cars, mobiles phones, and the 'internet' by the start of the 21st century. However, in this case humanity was capable of accomplishing these feats before the end of the 8th decade of the 20th century.

The current date in human-time is 1989, Humanity has gone to it's twin moons, Selene and Luna and found nothing but dust and rocks. Humanity has launched satellites and space stations, all in the name of 'Peace and Brotherhood'. Humans are able to constantly trade both Energon, and their 'fossil fuels' without risk of war. The last decline in the world economy was a brief dip in the charts at the end of the 1920s, and the few wars that occur are only brief revolutions in developing nations. While those who's vision is captured in the now see no problems, those who see into tomorrow fear for what they have built, and what might cause the scales of balance to tip...


Welcome all, I'm Varren Rehn, and this is Transformers: Regeneration. This RPG is an alternate timeline of the Generation 1 timeline, which for all OOC references, is dubbed 'Primax 013.0 Kappa'. It raises the questions of what would've happened if Optimus and Megatron never arrived at earth? Did other Autobots and Decepticons look for them? And if these other Autobots and Decepticons ever get as far as earth, what sort of adventures would they have?


The rules of the game, which should be followed at all times.

  • All BZPower forum rules, OTC forum rules, RPG forum rules, and this RPG's rules should be followed at all times.
  • There shouldn't be a reason to use overly-obscene language in this game. Transformers have their own words, such as 'scrap, slug, or rust'. Use those as needed please.
  • No God-Modding.
  • No Flaming.
  • You are not allowed to kill another person's character without their permission.
  • Avoid making OOC posts at all costs. You shouldn't make a post that only includes an OOC post, as that usually leads to discussion in the gaming thread.
  • You are allowed a current maximum of ten characters.
  • You are not allowed to make characters who appeared in the G1 cartoon.
  • All characters must be staff-approved before you are allowed to use them in-game.
  • All characters require a staff-approvals to be approved for playing.
  • All Canon characters must be approved by two staff members.
  • All characters may carry one weapon.
  • All characters may have one ability.


Head GM: Varren Rehn

GMs: Krayzikk


While the Transformers universe is quite large, this is a list of the current locations available for play.

  • Earth: Earth is in a time period known as '1981', or 'The Twentieth Century'. This version of the earth has two moons, Selene and Luna. These moons have changed the way time is measured, make the lunar tides much stronger and often, as well as making the nights significantly brighter. Although, humans have advanced their technology a long way, and the results of their efforts have produced faster vehicles, better weapons, and a data-net that could one day spawn robotic-based life similar to that of Cybertron's. In the meantime, humanity is woefully unaware of the Cybertronian's and their war, allowing a golden opportunity for the Autobots or Decepticons to gain the organic humans as allies.
  • Autobot Base: The crash zone of The Distant Light, modified to accommodate the Autobots living there. The Autobot base is located on the northeastern slope of Treasure Mountain in Gunnison County, Colorado. The base is equipped with a groundbridge, medical bay, armory, and other amenities that existed upon the ship, or were constructed upon it’s crash.
  • Decepticon Base: The crash zone of The Corsair, somewhat modified to accommodate the Decepticons living there. The Decepticon base is located at the coordinates of 6°10'51.07"S, 69°57'4.68"W, or the middle of the amazon jungle. The base is equipped with a groundbridge, medical bay, armory, and other amenities that existed upon the ship, or were constructed upon it’s crash.


The multiple factions that have been formed in-game.

  • Autobot: The Autobots are one of the primary factions in the Transformers mythos. They usually find themselves defending both their own race and other species against the Decepticons and upholding justice and freedom throughout the galaxy.
  • Decepticon: The Decepticons are one of the primary factions in the Transformers mythos. They are typically concerned with such things as conquering Cybertron, defeating the Autobots, amassing large quantities of energon, developing powerful weaponry, and beating people up. Not necessarily in that order.
  • Governments of Earth: The Varous governing bodies of Earth. Differences in culture, religion, or state of mind have resulted in humans creating separate nations for themselves. They are unified through the United Nations, a group formed after World War II to help with foreign relations, as well as regulate Energon trade.

-Signup sheet: (Post in the Discussion Topic for approval please)

Name: (Character name)

Species: (Cybertronian or Homo Sapien. For now.)

Gender: (Robots are people too. It's just that they don't reproduce. However, human genders are much more distinct than Cybertronian genders.)

Faction: (Autobots, Decepticons, etc.)

Appearance: (A detailed description or image of how your character looks.)

Alternate Mode: (Cybertronians can shapeshift into an alternate form that can be used for transportation, combat, or other functions.)

Weapons: (Keep it realistic and not overpowered; no character is going to wield the Star Saber.)

Personality: (How your character thinks, feels, and acts)

Skills/Special Abilities: (Realism please, no single character can be good at everything.)

Weakness: (Nobody's invincible)

Bio: (Where is your character from? How did they get here? Any notable events in their life?)

Edited by Varren Rehn
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Impact was rough. Not to say that it wasn't expected, but it was painful. Probably doubly so for those who had been crushed by the folding metal of the ship, or had the misfortune of being sucked through breaches in the hull. The Corsair's crash was remarkably controlled for falling from beyond planetary orbit, as the ship landed partly nose-down, sliding across the forest until it reached a halt.


Tarn quickly got back upon his feet, ready to inspect the damage. He didn't survived unscathed, his mechanical frame had suffered a good deal of knocking about, and he'd bee quite surprised when part of his control panel snapped off and impaled itself in his shoulder. Other than that, Tarn was intact.


"Computer, determine ship status," Tarn ordered the sparking metal before him. Unsurprisingly, there was no reply. Tarn quickly exited what remained of the bridge, which had formerly been located where the nose connected with the rest of the ship. The bridge was partly underground, as it was what remained of the front of the ship, and had obviously carved the ground as the ship was still grinding to a halt. Tarn passed several of his fellow Decepticons, either off-lined from the crash, hurt, or had merely been fazed and were just now returning to operating status. Tarn would inspect the numbers of his crew later, as for now he had to re-boot the ship computers. Luckily for Tarn, he wasn't the only one who came to the conclusion of needing to re-activate the ship computer, as the ship Medic was there with him.


"Captain, a pleasure to see that you still function," The Decepticon said, although the manner in which he said theses words could be held to question of intent. Tarn was always distrustful of the Medic, who referred to himself as 'Heatsync'. He was a flier, not a member of the Seekers, but a flier none-the-less. As his current doctor, Tarn trusted a good deal of information to Heatsync, who he then in turn trusted not to reveal this information to the crew. Unfortunately, Heatsync was known to be one of the most flighty and non-confrontational Decepticons Tarn had ever had the unpleasure of meeting. He would probably betray Tarn to what he thought was a more powerful Decepticon, or to the Autobots, if he thought it would keep him out of a fight.


"I want you to see what you can do about my shoulder while I restart the ship computer. I want to know the ship status and scan of our surroundings before you can gather the mechanics can begin repairs on the ship and crew," Tarn said, already moving to reactivate the ship while Heatsync sighed and walked towards Tarn, beginning to analyze the wound.


"The ship power is still online. We were lucky enough to have it avoid detonation upon impact."


"I'm aware. If it did detonate, we wouldn't be standing here having this conversation."


Heatsync fell quiet as Tarn finished inputting the base codes for ship reactivation, and waited as the ship computer started back up. Heatsync finished his analysis and stepped back, muttering to himself about the materials required to fix Tarn, the crew, and the ship. A notification on the console before Tarn made him aware of the ship's reactivation, and he left Heatsync to head towards the briefing room, intending upon addressing the ship.


"Computer, what is the current status of The Corsair and its systems?" Tarn asked after he entered the room, not bothering to take a seat.


"Main bridge is partially damaged, power circuits are ruptured. Engines are off-line, Life support is functional, Med-bay is functional..."


Tarn waited quietly was the ship continued to inform him of the status of the rooms aboard the ship, and it's various subsystems. The picture that the computer painted was quite frustrated, as it seemed that until repairs were completed, the ship would be grounded. Luckily, the weapon systems seemed to have been mostly spared, and the shield generator was only partly damaged, leaving the Decepticon ship not entirely defenseless...


"A shame that the pilot didn't survive, for he would have to have been commended for only grounding the ship and destroying only a few sections of the ship," Tarn mused, before asking the ship, "Computer, scan the ship's surroundings, and determine what planet the ship is on."


It was a good thirty Cycles before the Computer reported back to him with it's findings, at which point Tarn had been informed by Heatsync that crew repairs were already underway.


"The Corsair appears to have landed in an organic area, full of immobile multicellular carbon-based organic life that appear to harvest solar energy to feed themselves. Other significant life-forms upon the planet are apparently sentient Organic-based life, who dominate the planet and exist in cities technologically capable of a hundredth of prehistoric cybertronian's technological capabilities," The Computer droned, to which Tarn began to consider his options, when the computer made another announcement, "The planet is also plentiful in Energon, which the Organic lifeforms appear to harvest for fuel."


Intruiging, Tarn thought to himself, An inhabited planet. Perhaps there was a way to complete repairs, and report back to Cybertron with news of a new world for Decepticon colonization. But why bother, if I have the numbers, and if there's a way to hide upon this rock...


"Computer, do these Organics use any sort of machinery to transport Energon?" Tarn asked, only hoping that the computer would answer back in his favor.


"Yes, the Organic life-forms use 'Vehicles' that can be scanned and used as a replacement for Cybertronian Alt-modes."


"Excellent. Computer, compile data on 'vehicles' so that the crew may scan them for their new Alt-modes, and inform the crew to scan them, afterwards have them meet in the crew hall for an announcement by their captain. Then, activate the shields and prep the ship defense systems. The mission has changed, prepare to set Infiltration Protocol at phase one," Tarn ordered, watching the computer carry out his orders. Interested in these vehicles, Tarn pulled up his own data for him to view, of a vehicle with a box-like body, treads, and an obvious barrel to a gun mounted atop it all...

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