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Mata-Nui/takanuva Thing


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GUYS REMEMBER I ONLY HAD PARTS FROM MATA NUI TO USE(besides the mask) SO DON'T RAG ON THE COLOURS!Since I HATE Titan Mata-Nui I deiced to rip him apart and make this. I'm not a great MOCist and I rarely if ever MOC but I jsut thought I would do this because I hate Mata-Nui and I felt like it. LegsBodyBackcimg5532.jpg

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You have a lot of great ideas here, but also some things that could be improved. The golden waist armor both messes up the color scheme and looks tacked-on. Some other part might work better. The upper arms have alot of gaps. Some larger armor part that went over them would be great. I love the chest, though, and the wings are nice. I hope you revamp this guy sometime and continue MOCing!


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