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  1. Yes you read it right. I don't know if this kind of topic is allowed but it's the only way I can get my message out here. I would like to apologize to all the Bronies for bashing them and such as you guys might have saw before. I realized that it makes me look bad so that's why I'm posting this. Well I don't like the show re-reading the topics on here and talking to my friend who is a Brony made me realize Bronies didn't warrant the bashing I was giving you guys. After all you didn't do anything that bad. So ya this is my apologizing to you guys and I hope you can accept my apology. I won't bash the show on here anymore.
  2. I'm not a fan of touch screen systems. It becomes too gimmicky.
  3. Granted, but then you realize people will still bash what they hate. I wish for the Exo Toa armor. E-HIGH FIVE!!!!!
  4. Honestly, I don't see your point.I'm not a fan of MLP, but I don't see why you should have a problem with people who are. Everyone's got different opinions and you should respect them.In other words: no offense, but get off their backs.I hate MLP and I like to express my opnions. I don't care if everyone disagrees with me and I don't care if everyone on here hates me(which they most likely do). I've already said why I don't like it in a previous thread. I don't hold back my opnions.
  5. Are you not sensing a bit of a contradiction there? Punishment might be 'handled well', but the fact you can be punished because your banner is a couple of pixels too big is ridiculous.- TiliusI agree. Mine was pulled before for just being a little bit too big(maybe by 5 pixels).
  6. When I saw a Sega Genesis w/ Sega CD add-on at a yardsale for $15 last year. I was excited because the Genesis was my first system and it broke many years ago so it was awesome to get it again.
  7. I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Empire Strikes Back is the greatest movie that will EVER be made....I don't think I want to go on this forum anymore.
  8. E.T. for the Atari 2600(Emulator on my Wii since I don't have the real thing). It is truly the worst vidoe game ever made.
  9. I have one. I used to use it alot even though the only games I ahd for it where that Battlefront game it came with, Twisted Metal: Head On(best one) and Sonic Rivials. My is pretty beat up though since I dropped it alot. I also once used it as my primary music player.
  10. Not me. I don't really like Starts that much. The design isn't too exciting.
  11. I vated don't care because the only Lego line I ever cared about is Bionicle.
  12. Hard. Most movies are pretty bad today. Transformers 3 was a great film though.
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