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  1. It's been a while since someone's posted here. Any updates?
  2. This sums it up quite nicely.It's a good game, but the repetitiveness does get boring.EDIT: On the blue side of the graph, I meant Gafna, not Gavna.
  3. This was funny. I think its great without sound, it increases the huh factor.
  4. What recording software do you guys use? Fraps?
  5. It would be fun to play survival on this map in SSP. Will you put it up for download?
  6. Words cannot describe how much I anticipate this.
  7. Hope 1.2.3 hasn't hindered you guys! That's the last thing we need, more delay.
  8. Where's Donut? He's had more screentime than Lopez. :P

  9. I believe this thouroughly proves that BIONICLE isn't dead. You are a hero to us all. I actually tried this once. Didn't work. Excellent work, dude,
  10. My problem with writing is that I'll start something that could be awesome, but I forget about it and anytime I think about picking it back up, I push it to the back of my mind. Any help?
  11. Well, I had a great house built on a mountain. 3 stories and a lookout post on the roof. A mine that went down to bedrock, and a crapload of iron. So what do I do? I go into a forest to find some spiders so I could make a bow. I get lost, and now I can't find my house. So I crafted a compass, thinking "Well, i couldn't of made my house too far away from my spawn." Once I (finally) found my spawn, I found I still couldn't find my house. I really wish you could set a point to where your compass points, or it could point to your bed. Because if you build your house a considerable distance from your spawn, compasses are kinda useless. Well, I better keep looking .
  12. "In stereotypical Russian voice" HURRRRRAAAAAHHHHHH! Master Chief approves. Can't wait till release! I'd love to work with you guys on Ignition if you decide to do it. Not as a voice actor or anything, but I can build pretty dang well.
  13. I wanted to leave it up to the reader why he killed them. I'm horrible at paragraphing stories, even if it is a simple skill, but I could improve it. I realize its short, but there are many shorter ones I've seen. It was more of a hypothesis of what happens when someone breaks the Toa Code more than anything. I did mean it to be longer, but I was rushed when I wrote it. Thanks for taking time to review it anyway. Also, it wasn't his actual trial; it was his sentencing hearing. He had already confessed to killing his teammates.
  14. Well, there was this one awesome MOC I made (took several hours). So, I left the room for a while, and when I came back, the entire thing was in pieces.
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