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System-Based Creations Forum Rules

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First and foremost, no spamming. Spam is defined as pointless posts or posts without any substance. Spam has no set length: a ten-word post can be just as spammy as a hundred-word post. To avoid spamming, please make sure to say something specific about the MOC(s) featured in the topic. You don't need to write up a whole essay, so just make sure you say something relevant and constructive.


Equally important is no flaming. This is attacking a MOC or a person harshly and rudely, and is not tolerated in the least. If you don't like a MOC, then provide constructive criticism. You don't need to break out the insults to make your point. If you're constantly flaming, you may soon find yourself unable to participate in SBC or BZP itself.


Do not post in topics that have been inactive for 60 days or more. This is revival, and for every old topic brought back up, a newer topic is pushed off the front page. This isn't exactly fair to the poster of the newer topic, so revival rules are in place to ensure the proper life cycle of the forum.


In a similar vein, no bumping. This is blatantly posting in a topic just to get it back up to the front page, and it's just seen as an attention grab. Plus, you're still pushing somebody else's topic off the page. Because an endless cycle of bumping isn't conducive to a healthy forum, you just plain can't do it.


Only post your MOCs. If your friend or sibling made something, then we heartily encourage you to get them signed up with an account and post their own topic for their MOC. If, however, the situation is less benign and you're posting a MOC for a banned member, you may face reprimand. Members who have been banned are no longer allowed to participate in the community, and posting their MOCs is just an attempt to circumvent this.


All MOCs need pictures, or at least an adequate description. If you're posting a topic for your MOC, please have the pictures ready to go, or at least have a link to a pending-publication Brickshelf gallery (it takes 24 hours, give or take). If you know you're not going to have pictures, though, you're welcome to post a detailed description of your MOC, or instructions for making it. It's not unheard of for people to make MOCs and take pictures for other people, but you really shouldn't count on this.


Please also remember that the best description cannot stack up to photographs, so do your best to get those pictures.


Only post one topic for your MOC. If your previous topic is past the revival date, or you didn't get as many replies as you would have liked, you still can't post a new topic for that MOC. You can include the MOC in a "compilation" topic of your MOCs, provided that the majority of MOCs in the topic are new and the emphasis is very much on the newer MOCs.


A new topic for an individual MOC is only permitted if the MOC has been altered to the point where it is a distinctly new version compared to the original. No swapping of single pieces, please.


No "preview/teaser/WIP" topics. If you've got an unfinished MOC, please hold off until it's completed before posting. Ask your friends for advice, or post something in your blog. Topics for unfinished MOCs are unnecessary.


No unofficial contest topics in SBC. You're more than welcome to run unofficial contests in your blogs, but you cannot have contest topics in SBC itself. BBC was nearly choked out in the bygone days when they were allowed, so we'd like to avoid that phase entirely with SBC.


No "post-it-here" topics. These are topics where you ask people to post their MOCs in a single topic. As that's the whole point of SBC, there's no need to have these topics.


No shops. Don't post topics just about you offering to make MOCs to people's specifications. You can put this in your sig or your blog, but shop topics are unnecessary.


If you're not getting as many posts in your topic as you'd want, don't complain about it. You are not entitled to replies. People are free to look at your MOC and leave without posting. They might not have much to say, they might be busy, they might not want to reply, or they just plain might not even be members. If a lack of posts is getting you down, channel that energy into making some good, constructive posts in your fellow members' topics. A watched pot never boils, after all.


Essentially, be kind and considerate to your fellow members, and you won't have much to worry about. We're pulling for you. We're all in this together.


-The SBC Staff



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Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!
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